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i totally made that. i am so impressed. ahaha.

ANYWAYS; I went to the Harry Potter 6 midnight release last night. I waited outside for three hours, sat down, waited for another hour, the movie finally started, it ended and it was about 4am O__O THE MOVIE WAS GREAT.

Ron Weasley *swooooooon*


I'm not impressed with your perverted mouth breathing.

I've officially seen Transformers four times. :D

I do it for three main things: total epic action, CORVETTE STINGRAY, Shia labeouf! :]

He is utterly adorable.

I'm gauging my ears at the moment. I have in 6gs and I've had them in for a few days. I just attempted to put in 4gs. O__O don't do that. bad things will happen to good people. Anyways, I'm out. :P


Its 4:20. haha.
I'm watching Dazed and Confused with my main squeeze, breeett.

Prototype is amazing. Gore filled. I just wish it was more RPGish.
I've gosta drank a reed bull.

i'll post a more coherent blog laterrs.

3 2 1 zero.

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sorreh, i'm so pissed off. penguins won the stanely cup. yay. -_- now i'm never gonna hear the end of it.

one thing i wanna know is: how in the hell did fleury see that shot coming?

also, i reeeally hoped crosby broke something, but NOOOO.


I haven't cursed your eyes with a picture of me in quite a while, so here goes:)

Hrmmm...tell your eyes I'm sorreh. Well, It's 5:05 in the AM and I have nothing else to do, so I'm gonna give you a full on update of my typical teenage life. MAJOR DRAMA is going down right now. I have about 3 full days and 2 half days of school left before SUMMER:D Thank goodness. I was beginning to go crazy. Yay for not being a fish anymore, though it wasn't that bad. I've gotten into a lot of....."debates" with people lately, got a lot of detention for them. Sorreh if none of this is on topic, i'm reeaally tired, but I don't wanna go to beedd. My birthday is in like a month, June 30. Fifteen. Wooo. Drivers Ed. Wooo. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! PROTOTYPE IN LIKE A WEEEK!! *fangirl squeel* XD I cannot wait; Bioshock 2, COD: Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy XIII: 2009 is a great year for games. :] I may possibly be getting Blink tickets for my bday.......O_O I know right? My mom said that and I ran around screaming for about two hours. :lol: OOOOOH, like a few hours ago I was playing Gears online and I got this headshot that just made you wanna go "holy shhhiiittt, that was awesome" XD It was great. I was proud. Snipe is muh thaaang:) Oh yeah, if you guys didn't know, my hair is red, purple, black, brown, orange :] great eh?

Anyhooser, I think I may go play some more live.

ALMOST FORGOT!!! Stanely Cup Finals, Detroit & Pittsburgh two years in a row, hopefully history repeats itself.

add me? HillVonD (I may change it soon though..possibly KillHil69 :P)