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Mine is 3995 - 7574 - 3529

I have pokemon Y, Mario Kart 7 and Resident Evil Revelations (right now I dont have it though)

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Mine is: 3496-9244-9640

I have Pokemon X and Mario kart 7

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Jules FC:4699-6428-3815 I have Animal Crossing NL & Pokemon X

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My Friend Code Is: 4314-0996-8991

Kind of new to Pokemon X .

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I'm loving this game. It is so beautiful and the transition to 3D was good. Since I hardly play with the 3D screen the framerate issue doesn't affect me.

Here is my friend code: 3995-7574-3529

You can add me if ya want. We can trade or battle anytime.

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Anyone else disappointed there's only 69 new pokemon in the game?

Not really. Actually, I prefer what they did: less new pokemon, more old pokemon to catch.

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Frogadier - 20

Charmeleon -21

Pikachu -19

Ralts -18

Combusken - 24

Furfrou - 20

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Nice, got it now. Played for a hour, I am really loving this game. It looks beautiful.

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Gonna pick my copy of Pokemon Y in like 2 hours. Cant wait to play the game.

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Still have to wait like 3 hours before I can grab my copy.

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Lol at LoL. Terrible game, too casual.

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Well, according to what I read in GoG forums, you get a free copy each time you make a purchase. Dunno if there is a limit though.

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Kind of. You get a free copy of Witcher 1 as long as you buy any game from their website. Even if you have the game on your GoG library they will give you a copy so you can gift it to someone.

Personally I think this is a superb deal, considering that right now there is a sale with many EA games, some of them $2.39.