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My Top 10 games of 2011!

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Not going to give an essay for these they are just here:

10: Driver San Francisco

9: Killzone 3

8: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

7: F1 2011

6: L.A Noire

5: Mortal Kombat

4: Portal 2

3: Uncharted 3

2: Batman Arkham City

1: Skyrim

You knew it would be Skyrim lol.

Games of 2012! (Part 5)

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Metal Gear Rising (or Revengence)

As a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series I have been anticipating MG Rising for ages. Having recently seen the gameplay trailer I was slightly concerned that due to the effort being put into the super accurate sword cutting system MG Rising may have become a hack n' slash instead of the stealth game it once was. However, my friend pointed out that they were probably just trying to showcase the swordplay having taken so long to develop it and the stealth element may still be there as we expect. Nevertheless I trust Konami and every Metal Gear Solid game has been top notch so far so I expect brilliance again.

Games of 2012! (Part 4)

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New from Insomniac, who created Ratchet and Clank, 2 of my favourites games on the PS3, comes Overstrike. It looks to be a funny, 3rd person shooter. Overstrike 9 is a team of 4 agents who go around the world stopping bad guys, we have heard that 2,3 or 4 player co-op will be in the game but I hope it is available as local co-op not just online as I think thats what this game needs. I think that this game may suffer from bad reviews from those hardcore shooter lovers but as long as this game is as funny as it looks and all 4 characters have a good well established dynamic with each other this game could be a potential winner. I am thinking it's a bit like if Team Fortress was a game with a really good story. I think this is one where things could go wrong for them if the story and co-op is not well utilised as a 3rd person shooter is not enough by itself.

Games of 2012! (Part 3)

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Journey has a certain ICO/Shadow feel about it and I think it will make a very interesting arty/story game. It has cartoony-like graphics but they look good as they create a massive desert backdrop for this 'Journey' to take place. As long as the story is interesting and compelling and the gameplay isn't too repetitive this game should do well.

Games of 2012! (Part 2)

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Not a lot needs to be said as this will most likely be the biggest game of 2012. I am very much looking forward to it and I image the city and country will be ridiculously huge and detailed and amazing. I was a little disappointed to know we are returning to the GTA San Andreas land, because spent so many hours on that I feel like I know it all already. However I'm sure they looked at alternatives and decided that this was a good option and there could be a lot of continuity fun to be had here. They are being very tight-lipped about it as you would expect but I think they will do something to try and make this a bit different from before, seeming we are getting GTA V instead of GTA IV: Los Santos. I am hoping that there is more focus on a great story and amazing cinematic cut scenes. Also hoping it will come from a new angle than gangster starts out low and takes over the whole city. Also... we need PLANES!!!

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