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Hmmmm... I would say the only example I could think of are games that are designed to make the user spend more money through micro-transactions to progress. This idea of designing your game to generate revenue after release has been around since arcades; however, I think arcades games impede progress and generate revenue through difficulty which is inherently different from impeding progress through temporally creating such a long grind that the only feasible way to progress is spending money.

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I'm not into PC gaming yet...But when I do get into it, I assume that this will happen.

I bought about 30 games for $40 last steam sale. It's not that bad.

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Don't buy games day one for $60? I'm sure there has to be something that interests you that isn't a newly released title.

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Occasionally Sony does $1 flash sales.

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I unforgettably have one already.

Glad to know it's an unforgettable console.

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Digital Copies? or Physical?

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Do peopler who watch Movies consider themselves Movers ?

Do people who listen to music who consider themselves Musers ?

The "Gamer" is Dead !

There are terms to describe those with a passion for music, literature, and film--audiophiles,bibliophile, and cinephiles.

Would I use the term gamer in public interpersonal conversation? No, I avoid the term and for the most part my interests, unless I'm close to the person or it's been established that we share similar interests and they initiate the conversation. I have a certain association of the word with caustic persons through personal experience, and I rather not be lump myself into a group that is often perceived as caustic, bombastic, and uninhibited.

I don't get why you would shy away from talking about something you love, I don't care who I am talking to, I am very forthright and enthusiastic about my hobby. I am a teacher, all my students know I'm a gamer, their parents know, the principal knows, the other teachers know, and when I asked how my vacations were I frequently respond with an enthusiastic, "great, I got to play a ton of games over the vacation!"

Nobody in my life has ever judged me negatively for being a gamer, and I think that there are very few people who would actually look down on someone for being a gamer. regardless of what a vocal minority in the media might say.

If people want to know about my hobbies they will get to know me and ask; if they have no interest in video games why should I bother them with bringing up a discussion about video games.

Unfortunately, I've received off-hand pejoratives from a classmate about playing my 3DS in an internet cafe between classes (it should be noted that the remarks didn't stop me from playing the game). I understand that video games are entering popular culture, but there are still quite a few people who disregard them as children toys.

I have a few other reasons why I don't willingly talk to others about video games unless I know them and their interests personally. For example, random conversations stricken up in the past end with disappointment from both parties due to differences in taste. This isn't to say that I don't talk about video games with friends, but I keep the discussion mostly exclusive to friends who understand my tastes.

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@jimmy_russell: If you're interacting with other human beings online, it's social media. Forums are one part of social media, so you're using it no matter how you try to justify it.

It's easy to understand why you're so confused, you obviusly use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinerest, etc. You're brainwashed.

Take some time off from GameSpot. It's rotting your mind.