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Because it's listed in the appendix of the DSM-V as a disorder that needs further research; therefore, discussion about video game addiction is very much still active and not disproven.

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I don't see the problem other than using a vague term that is usually only used to defend a person's ego. I don't really care if the forum community dies off--I think the articles are talking about video game forum culture more than anything else--because there's nothing inherently valuable in arguing over financial reports that hide information, pixel and polygon counts, shallow arguments over what product is better, groupthink, and repetitively shouting the same words/opinion into the void of anonymity. The majority of forum critique is superficial with no real knowledge of how the development process works and no real knowledge gained from the discussion--I'm not excluding myself in this critique; I'm part of the complex, mostly out of habit at this point.

So if it's the death of gamers, then I'm okay with it. If an article wants to tell me a demographic that was pandered to in the past is gone, then I'm okay with it. It doesn't affect me. I'm still going to enjoy what I enjoy.

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I don't remember the last time I read a review. I do enjoy the more personal developer coverage/stories about the development thought process and ideas that go into making a game. I think more emphasis needs to go into that area and less into the scoring, financial reports that don't release all information, and PR hype aspects that most sites enjoy covering.

I enjoy knowing and reading that Lucas Pope use to design User Interface for Naughty Dog. I enjoyed the more personal developer interview that GameSpot did with Sean Murray from Hello Games during E3. I'm looking for a site to notify me on interesting ideas and unique experiences.

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I don't tend to think of games such as beyond 2 souls or TOU as remakes but more as timed launches. Everyone complained that these games were being wasted on old hardware and now that they're being released for new hardware people are complaining again.

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What is this shift going to be? Are they going to drop games like Brain Age and Wii Sports/Fit? Because those are enjoyable games, I don't understand what casual games they're going to move away from in order to focus more on "core" games.

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@harry_james_pot: Thank you for the information. Privacy features like this should have never been deleted. I've deleted all 536 blog posts that span the course of 7 years because of this issue.

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The Opening sentence talks about how inclusive the gaming community is while the rest of the topic talks about excluding others who aren't seen as being part of our community: "they're outsiders and they just don't get it."

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it doesn't period.

this is a video game and it only consists of UI's and right now its player count is at 17k, regularly peaking at 60k everyday. No graphics king will have this many players ever.

Work still went into the UI to make it aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetic pleasure is extremely important in video games, even in UI.

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I'm having a hard time setting my profile and blogs to private. I don't want anyone to see them.... was this feature removed? If I have my account banned will my blogs still appear or will they be erased?

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His statement implicates he did not want to make a lot of the games that he made, wasting the past decade trying to make something he didn't believe in.