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Vexing over Vexx (PS2)

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Vexx Cover.png

I've had the pleasure of owning Vexx (PS2) for about 10 or more years now. I remember buying it because the boxart looked cool. I bought it along with Final Fantasy X. Each was $20 at toys r us at the time. I'm not sure why I remember this; I might just have a really good memory. I really really like Final Fantasy X, the same can not be said for Vexx. It had a cool atmosphere it had a cool protagonist. It was in the reign of platformers. But the controls, damage sensors, and camera were so clunky and sometimes don't even work that it led to numerous frustrating deaths. Over the years I managed to make it to the final boss, and then all progress halted.


The final boss is a  3 stage fight. The first stage is fairly easy has the boss just summons minions for you to defeat as he throws fireballs at you although sometimes you'll lose health at time when you've clearly jumped and dodged. In thhe second form the boss turns into a giant spider which is the bane of my exsistance. Every attack takes 2 health circles (there is only have 6), meaning you cannot get hit more than 2 times. This is really difficult has you have to go through this long process of waiting form him to do one specific attack, hit him to make him dizzy, uppercut him to flip him over, and then ground pound him, repeat 6 times. I've died an inummerable amount of times because of the shit controls and cheap attacks. Everytime you die you restart the level at the first form.


Tonight I finally manged for the first time to make it to the third form which was a push over compared to the other 2. It's a Ganon style fight where you play volleyball with orbs he throws at you. I beat him, and now I can take this game off my backloggery list and throw it away.

I gave it a 4.5.