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The Mass Exodus of GameSpot.

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Ever since the change to the "new" site GameSpot has had less activity on the forums and blog front. I don't even know how to check my friends blogs, or if there is a quick way to check if new posts in a thread occurred, basically the site is pointless now. I guess they thought the new site would be a great way to attract people, but it just seems to have caused an exodus in there already existing community.

I rarely post anymore because no one is there to respond, so although I'm hanging around what seems like a dying community, you probably won't hear much from me.



Yeah, how do I find people's blogs nowadays??? I like the new fonts, but what good are they if I can't read what people have written with them?


Well I think people are just being too impatient and pessimistic.

I know it isn't perfect, I wish they would have done some things differently, but have I really lost anything? I don't think so.