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A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee.

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School is killing me at the moment, specifically Organic Chemistry Lab. I'm having to write 6 reports a week for the class, and because of that, I'm neglecting my other classes...

When I do have some spare time, usually at 3 A.M. I've been making my way through the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. Before the semester started, I managed to beat MGS1. I managed to beat MGS2 a week or two ago, and I'm not currently about halfway through 3. So far 3 is my favorite.

The games are certainly a good cup of tea, but these are not the cup of coffee I'm referring to in my blog title. No that honor goes to Deadly Premonitions, a gift my girlfriend surprised me with today.

We recently finished twins peaks -- my first time with the series her 3rd or 4th time. About a year before, I showed her a Let's Play that Giant Bomb was doing; she immediately pointed out the similarity to Twin Peaks. Fastforward to today when I was handed an Amazon package and found Deadly Premonitions inside. After playing for an hour, my only reaction is this: A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

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