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Poker Face

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I got home Friday night. After seeing some friends and hanging out for a day or two, I started in on my large backlog. Oh I also got Mass Effect 3 in the mail. I have yet to playing it, but here's what I've been playing.

I finished Batman Arkham Asylum, fun game. It was over fairly quickly, and there were a couple moments of extreme frustration later in the game during combat (waves of enemies (at least 20) riding down on elevators while fighting off a titan mutant. This was probably due to me playing on Hard mode. With that being said it is still probably the best adaptation of Batman out there besides the comics.

I finished Eternal Sonata also. Really fun game; I was a little over halfway through it at the end of Spring Break, so I wanted to finish it up before I forgot too much of the story. The story seemed to take quite a turn at Chapter 7. I was going to Forte to negotiate with the King, and then all of a sudden I get whisked away to a parallel dimension where the game's fnale takes place. The ending came up kind fast I was expecting to there to be a little more politics in the end. Some plot points that seemed key were left at a stand still, and then a character completely changes in a matter of 2 minutes. Although the ending felt a little rushed, I still really enjoy the game. Heck I even sat through the hour long cutscene after the final boss.

Currently I'm playing through L.A. Noire. I really love the setting, and the atmosphere. I love how they brought back the adventure genre, and I like searching for the clues and doing the case and talking to people; however, the game has a huge flaw which has left me rather frustrated, interrogations. Throughout the game you have to interrogate people. After listening to their response you have 3 options to choose from. "Truth" if you think they're telling the truth. "Doubt" if you think they're lying, but have no evidence. And "Lie" if you know they're lying and have evidence to back it up. If you pick the wrong one. You get a big X next to the question denoting you were wrong.

Here are the problems with this option. It's hard to know whether your answer should be based on the line of questioning found in your notebook, or the dialogue that pursues after you pick that question in your notebook. Sometimes the dialogue that pursues from picking an option is different from what the option picks.

Other times you know the witness is lying, and you have evidence that logically shows this; however, the game doesn't recognize this evidence as correct and you get the question wrong.

Another problem is with the truth option. This is the worst one of the three in my opinion. For the fact that even if the witness is telling the truth you can get marked wrong for picking truth. One instance of this made yell WTF!? I was interviewing a little girl who said that she had went to a dance the night of her mothers murder, and that after she waited for her dad to pick her up. This was of course the truth, so I picked truth! WRONG! Apparently it wasn't the full truth so the girl was lying; she forgot to say that she tried calling her father a couple times before he could pick her up. This is just one of many times this has happened to me.

One last complaint I have. That same case with the little girl. You have to interrogate a pedophile and the father and convict one of being the murderer. I chose the father because there was a ton of evidence in his favor. I got pennalized for this. Why? Because the police chief wanted to see the pedophile locked away, so because I didn't do the corrupt thing and pinned a guy for a murder he didn't commit (even if he does morally wrong things; he didn't murder the victim), I was demoted from a 5 star ranking to a 3 star ranking for that case. Not cool man.

The game obviously has it's flaws. I'm about halfway through right now, and it's a good thing I love the setting and atmosphere. It's just such a shame it's ruined by a core mechanic.

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"Bad Days" by The Flaming Lips

The Never Ending Story

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Let's face it the market is saturated with sequels. Many games are planned out to be part of a future trilogy/series even before the first game is released (Mirror's Edge, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Too Human, etc.), but there are also those games that have a self contained story that after becoming a success turn into a never ending story too. Here is an examination of some of these games. This contains spoilers.

1. God of War 2 (and onward)

Although I will say that the second God of War improved on the first in many ways. From the point of a story, the game shouldn't have existed. The second, third and PSP titles retconned many things in the original game. The original endingshows Kratos on his throne throughout the rest of time... we all know that worked out well. Also a lot of the gods' designs were reworked in the sequels. Hades being the most drastic.

2. BioShock2

BioShock 2 was another unnecessary sequel to a game that had already accomplished what it had set out to do. Once again the gameplay was improved upon and tweaked; however, the rest of the game wasn't as good. Exploring the same dilapitated underwater world wasn't as much fun the second time. Not to mention the game's storywas fundametally flawed.

I find the best argument for why the game has such a flawed story can be heard in the first 15 minutes on the 09/02/10 episode of the HotSpot (look it up on itunes). I forget who is talking, but their argument was that the first game was made based on Andrew Ryan's objectivist philosophy and examines how his philosophy is too extreme and is inheriently flawed and causes his society to crumble. The second game is trying to set up the counterexample and show how a collectivist society (a philosophy on the opposite side of the spectrum) is just as likely to fail, but because it still takes place in Rapture this thesis cannot be demonstrated properly.

I find the premise to be fairly good for a second game. I think it would be fun to explore the other side of the political spectrum and its failings; however, the promblem that arises is the setting they chose to use. The second game once again takes place in Rapture, a society that is built around a man's dream for objectivism not collectivism. This society has already gone to ruin there is no chance of rebuilding it that was the whole premise of the first game, so when the second game comes around touting look how bad collectivism has messed up society, it doesn't work when the society never fell because of collectivism: it fell because of objectivism.

3. Okamiden

Okamiden was yet another game that didn't need a sequel. Okami ends well. Clover ended the story; however, once Clover was closed down and Capcom decided they wanted to use Amaterasu and other Clover characters in all of their games. They decided to start up the series again by turning out Okamiden, and then ending Okamiden with a cliff hanger which means they can now continue the series if they choose to do so.

4. No More Heroes 2

Because the first game sold better than expected in America, a second one was decided to be made. But yet again the general theme of the blog is that the story set out to be told was finished in the first. It had a weird meta-ending and that was that. Then the second game comes along touting a plot of revenge, defending the title, and an antagonist who was such a small character in NMH that no one cared about him. Not to mention the game boasted 50 assassin's and you killed about 25 of them in one battle. The assassin's lacked character and just made the game worse. Even if thye improved on minigames and you were able to dual weild.

5. New Little King's Story (PSV)

Little King's Story was all about a little boy fleeing his life full of oppressing adults and using his play sets and imagination to become king. It was a beautiful story and a wonderful game. I was excited about the announcement of the second one for the playstation Vita; however, the more I think about it the more I realized it was unnecessary. Corobo is now a teenager and is back in his kingdom. The story of Little King's Story was about a little boy interpreting the world around him which was reflected in his imaginary kingdom. It ended with the toy Corobo and the boy Corobo meeting at the end. It had a good ending! I don't really see how an angsty teen would make this any better; the revelation that you're a character in a shoe box will not be there. I'm sure the game is fun, but I think it loses some of it magic with a second story.

I saw The Artist last night. What an amazing movie. I'm glad it one best picture. I also got a 100% on my Chemistry test.

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"End of the Movie" by Cake

Any man whose errors take ten years to correct is quite a man.

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I'm getting kinda tired of Gamespot. I've spent over an hour trying to write this dumb blog post to tell everyone what's happening, but the format looks ugly, and the gamespot blog editor is being a fickle program that won't let me change fonts or lay things out the way I want to. There's a reason I haven't bothered posting blogs as often as I use to. :evil:I've been thinking about moving my blogs else where recently.

Anyway... I have a crap ton of stuff to talk about although I'm kinda tired of trying to type this stupid thing.

Gaming News

Okamiden -I beat Okamiden since the last time you've heard from me. The game was fairly fun although towards the end it just became tedious. You have to do the exact same thing which takes about 15 minutes each to rescue each of your companions you've met along the way, so I spent 45 minutes doing the exact same thing over and over again. Also towards the end the cut scenes kept getting ridiculously long. There were a couple of time where I had to quit the game in the middle of a cut scene because I had been sitting there for 10 minutes, and I needed to get some dinner. Another complaint about the game is the horrible localization; there were so many grammatical and spelling errors that sometimes you'll do a head turn and have to try to make sense of the sentence before it disappears in the 3 seconds they expect you to read it. It was a decent enough game. I still stand by the fact that Okami did not need a sequel though. I gave the game a 7.0.

Xenoblades -I haven't played it yet since I don't have my Wii with me, but I'm very excited to start over Summer. I have so many games to play this Summer :/

I got a steam account the other day. I've never played games on the PC. One because my PC at home sucks, and my laptop I never really thought was built for games, and two because my Internet connection at home is horrible and that inhibits me from downloading any games onto my PC/Laptop/PS3/Xbox/Wii. However, Liz got Fallout and Fallout 2 the other week, and I kind of like the idea of playing things on that platform. So I went and got an account: Minishdriveby, and I've been downloading a couple ****c and indie gems thanks to the dorms fast Internet access!

Braid -Braid is amazing. That is the only thing I can say about it. The puzzles are ingenious. The story is ingenious. And the art is ingenious. It's one of those games where critical analysis can give you deeper meanings of the game. It's also has a couple surprising turn of events in the end. The one flaw is that the first run took 2 hours to beat; however, I'll be coming back to this game again and again. I gave it a 10.

LIMBO -I've been wanting to play this game since 2006 when the concept trailer was shown. I finally got the chance and it's not disappointing me at all. I'm not sure how to describe my feelings while playing it. It's soothing. It's frustrating. It's gruesome. It's a weird combination. The game's puzzles are not the frustrating part. It's the platforming that can be annoying at times. The jumping can be a little weird and cause you to die which is frustrating when you know the puzzle solution and you can't get it because you keep jumping and dying by accident. The atmosphere is soothing the lack of a lot of noise and color really relaxes me for some reason, yet at the same time there is peril at every step. I think the most gruesome death I've seen so far is when you get electrocuted and you're lifeless body is convulsing because of the electric current.

Half-Life -I've beaten HL2, HLe1, and HLe2, but I've never played the original, and since I've started playing games on the PC, I figured this was a must to get; however, I have not gotten far in the game (I just got to the part where the reactor blows and opens the portal) because I have gotten pretty queasy playing the game. I think it's how fast you move.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Cave Story+



Saving Private Ryan

I saw Saving Private Ryan on Wednesday. Amazing war movie. I thought the whole plot to save Private Ryan was a little sappy and unrealistic, but the company adresses how this is a dumb mission and such and the movie manages to get away with it. I kept thinking throughout the movie how crazy the sets must have been. This was one expensive movie.

Also I had an idea for a war videogame from the movies opening scene. It probably wouldn't work this generation, but in the future I think it would be a cool idea. It would start out on Normady and you start as a soldier in the U-boats. When the door opens up and you're charging every time you get shot, you die; however, instead of respawning, you start somewhere else on the beach as a new soldier. I think that would be a somewhat effective an jarring way to portray the scene.

The Adventures of TinTin

This movie was silly. It was a nice children's movie that had some amazing set pieces. It was a little weird seeing TinTin firing a gun although no one was actually killed... It was just a cute fun title to watch.

Also the plot was basically synonymous with Uncharted. Half the time I could guess what was going to happen having played the Unacharted series.


It's the last two weeks of school. I have all A's so far; now I just have to get through finals, and I can enjoy the 4 month Summer.

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"Lips" by Micachu & The Shapes

The boobtube.

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Batman Arkham Asylum and L.A. Noire came in the mail today. My backlog just keeps piling up -_-.

I don't do much in college. I go to my cIasses then come back to my room and watch a sh*t ton of TV on the internet. I got 4 weeks until finals are over and I'm on Summer break. I got a couple tests coming up in a few days, but it'll be fine. It'll be nice to have such an extremely long break. Anyway, I'll just post the crap I've been watching.

Boardwalk Empire

Probably my favorite show at the moment. This is the craziest show in awhile. I love the sets, the time period, the actors, the props, the characters. Everything is so amazing well done. The 1920's sure seems grand.

My blog title is funny because of the amount of nudity on screen :lol:.

The Walking Dead

The season ended a week or two ago, and I'm very glad how the second half of season 2 picked up. I cannot wait for the prision story arc to come. The last few episodes got down to business.


It's a new show on NBC. Very cool concept. A family gets into a car wreck and then the husband/father, who is also a detective wakes up, but he now as a split reality. In one his son survived and in the other his wife. Everytime he goes to sleep he wakes up in the other. He goes back and forth betweent he two to solve mysteries and such. Pretty neat. It's only on the first episode right now.

Skins UK

Not actually sure why I've been watching this. I went through about 3 seasons in a week. It's just a bunch of british kids getting f*cked out of their minds (literally and metaphorically). It's rather absurd and dumb, but it's got good music and a couple cool characters at times.

Franky is a lovely lady in series 5 & 6, so that helps.

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"Antichrist" by Owl Vision

Fire Emblem Fiasco

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Liz's favorite series is probably Fire Emblem. I think she's played through all of the ones released in NA. She had the one for the DS, but beat it a couple times and wanted to go back to the GBA games. She recently bought Fire Emblem for the GBA on Amazon to replay. She came over tonight to play videogames with me, and when she booted up the game, she found out the game wouldn't save!

Man that was a bummer. She's shipping it back for a refund, but she will be going Fire Emblem-less for awhile. To top it off, the internal clock battery in her Pokemon Sapphire was dead too. The game still saves, but certain events can't be accessed without the internal clock. She's not sure if she'll return that too.

At least she got a good copy of Golden Sun Dark Dawn to play. After I consoled her about those Bust GBA games, she started up GS:DD.

These are the fiascos of dating someone who shares your hobby.

Meanwhile, I'm about 10 hours into Okamiden.

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"Banana Slugs" by High Places


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Hello everyone. I got a couple things to mention today.

I booted up Okamiden, and I am finally getting through the game. It's actually quite fun and a nice DS game to add to the collection. So far the story is good and I like the idea of having different companions throughout the game, each with their own powers. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to playing it. I've had it just sitting around for about a year. I bought when it came out in March 2011. Anyway I'm about 1/2 way through it at the moment.

Today I bought .Dot//Hack G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth to add to my growing backlog collection. I played 3 of the original .Dot//Hack games, but I never managed to finish the series. It grew repetitive during the 3rd go around. However, I've been in the mood for this series and instead of getting the rare 4th game that would cost about $60. I decided to start the follow-up series. I got G.U. for $15 at Gamestop today.

While at Gamestop I also pre-ordered Xenoblade Chronicles. It's a gamestop exclusive, so I wanted to make sure I grabbed it in case it had a short run.

That's it for now.

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"Talk Shop" by Duologue

Watched The Descendants

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The school is playing all the Oscar nominees over the months of March and April. Tonight they showed the Descendants.

What was the best part of the movie you ask? Morgan Freeman talking about Emperor Penguins.

What was the worst part of the movie? Everything else.

I'm not really sure how it got nominated for an Oscar. The dialogue was horrible, the acting was bad, and the story was fairly bland. None of the characters were likeable or endearing.

It was just a crappy movie. I guess the 2 hours was worth it to hear Morgan Freeman as the credits rolled.

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"Xtatic Truth" by Crystal Fighters (remixed by Last Japan)

Signed a lease

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I signed a lease for an apartment with Liz and our friend Jessica. I'm pretty excited for next year. I hope everything works out well with the apartment complex. I also made my schedule for Fall 2012, and although I have early cIasses, I will be done with my CIasses by 10 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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"To You Alone" by The Beta Band

Half Way to Eternity.

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I've been playing Eternal Sonata the past two days. I just hit the beginning of Chapter 5 which is about halfway through the game. My time at the moment is11:32:17.

The game has some awesome locals, and it's got an amazingly imaginative concept. The whole game takes place in a dream world of the dying Frederic Chopin. The game is accompanied by historical segments that play a piece by Chopin and explains what was happening at the time to cause him to write the music.

It's a pretty easy game, but the combat is really fun, and I cannot get over the fact about how cool and inventive the concept was for this game. The dialogue can be somewhat dumb between the younger characters, but it's the basic JRPG tropes.

My Favorite character is definitely Falsetto. She just appeals to me for some reason.


Song of The Blog #91
"Grand Valse Brillante" by Fréderic Chopin

The link button isn't working at the moment. I'll go back and fix it when I can. I hate the internet at my house... we need a new internet provider.

Resistance 3 Platinum

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I'm on Spring break. Haven't been doing much just hanging out with some friends and finishing up Resistance 3. Tonight I got the Resistance 3 platinum. This is my 10th platinum.

First Platinum since the beginning of last Summer. I have a few more games I'm looking to platinum, but those will probably wait till the Summer months.

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"Stylo" by Gorillaz