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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2013

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Well it's 2013 people! I've miss the submission of this blog by a couple hours, but here are my top 10 most anticipated games of 2013.


10.Bravely Default: FlyingFairy

I need a good RPG on my 3DS and this looks like it could fit the bill. Hopefully it's localized. It would have been higher on the list if it was confirmed.


9. God of War: Ascension

I'm hoping this game mixes things up a bit. I was kinda finished with the series after III and Ghost of Sparta, but seeing the time rewind feature and the Elephant boss fight gave me some hope. It looks beautiful too. I'll probably get it when the price plummets. I'm not too keen on the multiplayer.


8. South Park: Stick of Truth

Sometimes it's just fun to be crude and silly. I'm not too big a fan of South Park, but when I do watch it you have to give them credit for creativity. I'm sure the creativity will leak over into this RPG. It's cool to see how many cameos from the show their are, and I can see the cleverness in this game.


7. Sly Cooper 4: Theives in Time

I was a really big fan of Sly back on the PS2. There were fun platformers. The series seems to be in good hands with this new title. It'll be cool to use different suits, travel in time, and meet Sly's ancestors.


6. The Last of Us

It looks beautiful. I like Naughty Dog games; however, lately, I find that the cinematics are getting a little in the way of the actual game. Uncharted 3 was great the first time, but the second time I just wanted to go straight to the fire fights not do all the unnecessary walking while listening to characters talk and sitting through cutscenes. I know this will be a more cinematic adventure, and I guess I have to settle for it. It'll be refreshing to get a new story at least, and it should be amazing the first time around though.


5. Fire Emblem Awakening

This will actually be my first Fire Emblem. I was never a big fan of the series, but my girlfriend convinced me to get this game, mostly so she could play it. I went through a phase of playing Advance Wars last Summer. and seeing how that was a modern day off shoot of this series, I'm hoping I will be pleasently surprised by this game. It certainly looks good from what I've seen.

4. Animal Crossing New Leaf

If Wild World taught me anything, it's that animal crossing belongs on the handheld. City Folk while fun - until the stupid desertfication system/bug aka animal tracks that was placed in the game - could only be played while I was glued to my television. New Leaf also seems to be adding new features that are rather extreme compared to the transitions between the last three installments. You get to manage your town in ways you never have before by becoming the active mayor. Also animal tracks are gone!


3. BioShock Infinite

BioShock had an amazing story to tell in a dystopian society under the sea. It was good but the setting became to claustrophobic and repetitive at times. However, the skies are no limit for Infinite. The setting seems to be greatly improved. The story seems even more interesting, and the gameplay looks more fast paced.


2. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA IV was more of a tech demo in my opinion. It showed how much power the consoles had this generation, but it also took away features that made GTA fun. San Andreas was a better game because it was filled to the brim with things to do. GTA IV however placed more infasis on story which Rockstar has been doing in all of their games this generation. RDR was the cumination of this, an enthralling story and many fun things to do. GTA V seems to be taking risks, something Rockstar is good at. 3 protagonists that can be controlled at any time is something new and could turn out horribly, yet their return to california is emphasis with the return of lesiure time activities that were absent in GTA IV. You can fly a plane. You can swim with sharks...


1. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni has been on my anticipation list for about 2 years now. I was excited when I heard about it for the DS, disappointed when it didn't get localized, and then excited again when I heard a new one was being released for the PS3. Even more when I heard it was being localized. It's a Level 5 and Studio Ghibli love child. Ni No Kuni seems like a true gem this late in the generation. It's a dying breed of JRPG. It looks like it will be up their with the great console JRPGs of this generation. A sprawling overworld, a huge pokemon-esque collecting system, real time battles, towns a sidequests to enjoy, beautiful scenery and heartfelt story.

Top 10 Games of 2012 + GotY + 2012 Highlights

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10. Halo 4

9. Witcher 2

8. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

7. Journey

6. The Last Story

5. Hotline Miami

4. Dishonroed

3. Assassin's Creed III

2. Darksiders II

1. Game of the Year


Winner: Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblades is an amazing RPG with a huge open world that was crafted with love and care. It rivals some of the best open world games on the market, and that says something with the limited hardware of the Wii. A great and intricate combat system that remind me of FFXII (which was another great RPG I played this year).One of the best games on the Wii.


2012 gas been a great year all around. I finished my first year of college wth a 4.0 GPA, and I managed to finish the fall semester of my second year with a 4.0 also. I moved into an Apartment with my girlfriend who I've been with for 3 years, and travelled to NY to visit her family and explore the city.


First time I saw Snow, The Statue of Liberty, a Egyptian Artifact in the Metropolitan, and The Nintendo Store


I also saw a couple movies. My rating of the films is next to each title.

  1. Drive (2011) - 9.0
  2. The Descendents (2011) - 4.5
  3. Saving Private Ryan (1998) - 9.5
  4. The Adventures of TinTin (2011) - 8.0
  5. The Artist (2011) - 9.5
  6. The Avengers (2012) - 9.0
  7. 21 Jump Street (2012) - 3.5
  8. Amazing Spider-Man (2012) - 8.5
  9. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - 8.0
  10. Prometheus (2012) - 7.0
  11. Dark Shadows (2012) - 5.0
  12. King of Devil's Island (2010) - 9.0
  13. Adam's Apples (2005) - 9.0
  14. Seven Pyschopaths (2012) - 9.5
  15. The Hobbit (2012) - 7.5

Seven Psychopaths really blew everything out of the water that came out this year.121011_MOV_7PsycopathsEX.jpg.CROP.rectan

I didn't read too many books this year. Like I say every year, I really hope to read more next year.God Emperor of Dune

  1. Lightning People by Christopher Bollen (2011)
  2. God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert (1981)
  3. A Game of Thronesby George R.R. Martin (1996)

The Award Ceremony 2012

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So without further ado, let's get my 2012 Award Ceremony started.

Best 360 Game

Winner: Halo 4

I probably should have finished the first fight before starting up a new chapter in the series. I was never a big fan of Halo. The Last Halo I played was 2; however, Halo 4 grabbed my attention with it's Metroid Prime like aesthetics.

Runner Up: Witcher 2

Best PS3 Game

Winner: Journey

Journey is one of those interactive experiences only this form of media can bring you. The final sequence is breathtaking and traveling with a chirping companion is oddly joyful. Skating down dunes and gliding through the air while watching the breath taking sun set and dunes just makes me wish it lasted longer, yet the length also felt appropriate.

Runner Up: N/A

Best Wii Game

Winner: Xenoblade

A huge open world. I've barely evenscratchedthe surface of this game. It takes the Offline MMO approach that Final Fantasy XII did, but it expands the world 10x's. Great character interactions and a complex combat system make this one of the best RPGs this generation.

Runner Up: The Last Story

Best Multiplatform Game

Winner: Darksiders 2

This is a really hard award to give. I've played some really great multi-platform games this year, but the spectacular dungeon puzzles, art style and character design, and mixture of gameplay that takes from the greats (God of War, Prince of Persia, Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania) make this an amazing adventure.

Runner Up: Assassin's Creed III/Dishonored

Best 3DS Game

Winner: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

I have to give this award to something. The 3DS has really disappointed me this year, but Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance which is the umpteenth Kingdom Hearts game on a hanheld. Has some really improved aspects. Combat, Monster Collecting, and switching between protagonists are all neat features.

Runner Up: Paper Mario Sticker Star

Best Steam Game

Winner: Hotline Miami

A magnificent game that relishes in violence. It's not mindless slaughter however, it can actually be thought provoking as time goes on and you see some of the deeper themes. The bass bumping hits also lend some amazing character to this game.

Runner Up: Super Brothers: Swords and Sorcery EP

Best Artistic Design

Winner: Journey

Watching that sun set or soaring up the mountains are some of the most beautiful things I've done this year in a video game. The game almost looks like a painting at times. Even traveling into deep dark caverns can be beautiful if a little unnerving.

Runner Up: The Walking Dead

Best Technical Graphics

Winner: Assassin's Creed III

I feel like this will be a controversial award, but traveling through the huge open areas of Assassin's Creed III was no small feat. Whether in town with copious amounts of peoples and pets, on sea where currents changes, or in the frontier where I can watch a butterfly float past me. The game truly shocked me. On top of that they made winter too.

Runner Up: Halo 4

Best Soundtrack

Winner: Hotline Miami

The carnage of each level is back by memorizing tracks that make you want to kill to the beat. The repetitiveness of the tracks never get on your minds has you'll be restarting levels over and over again due to one hit kills. Almost all the tracks in this game are memorable. I even downloaded tracks onto my Ipod.

Runner Up: Super Brothers: Swords and Sorcery EP

Best Level Design

Winner: Dishonored

There are so many ways to approach a level in this game. You can approach a level in a stealthy fashion or go on a rampage or any where on that spectrum. To top it off there are probably 5+ ways to get to your goal and finish the mission. Replaying this game has led me down pathways I never thought of going the first and second time through.

Runner Up: Hotline Miami

Best Story

Winner: The Walking Dead

The first 3 episodes out of 5 of the Walking Dead Seaon 1 were pretty heartfelt. There was some great interactions between characters, and I literally yelled when some of my favorites were brutally murdered. It's a tale of Human brutality, but also of human compassion.

Runner Up: Assassin's Creed III

Best DLC

Winner: Dark Souls Abyss of Artorias

How to you expand your original title properly? Make DLC like Abyss of Artorias. This is some of the best crafted DLC expanding on the lore (in big ways), enemies, bosses, and even impacts and changes a scene in original game. It keeps the originals charm of finding things out by yourself too.

Runner Up: N/A

Biggest Surprise

Winner: Hotline Miami

One night I was browsing the forums, heard the soundtrack was pretty cool, heard how this game makes you feel like a badass, and heard it was inspired by the movie Drive. I looked up some reviews and footage, and although I was a little skeptical, it was on sale on Steam, so I spent the best $4.99 I have ever spent. Addictive, fast paced, and the music really isthat good.

Runner Up: Dishonored

Best Boxart

Winner: Xenoblade

The simple grassyfieldwith a sword in the ground as the hulking mass of Bionis is seen in the background. It's simple. The Font of the title is nice, and doesn't get too flashy. It's pretty. It also has a reversible cover which looks pretty nice too. I'm a sucker for those reversible covers!

Runner Up: Journey Collector's Edition

Worst Boxart


Winner: Batman Arkham City GotY

This is how you don't do boxart. I don't really even know what the game is called. It could be,"10 out of 10" the Game, or "5 out of 5 One of the Greatest Games Ever. Period." the Game, or "5 out of 5... A Must Own" The Game, or "Game of the Year" the game. All of those are larger more prominent text than Batman: Arkham City.

Runner Up: N/A

BestGame Nobody played


Winner: Hotline Miami

People really need to talk about this game more. Nobody ever seems to.

Runner Up: Spec Ops the Line

Best New IP


Winner: Dishonored

What a refreshingly original game. The steam-punk atmosphere, the stealth game play, the super natural powers, the open endedness of the levels without actually being open world. The level of detail and affection that went into crafting this game is something I haven't seen in awhile. It's refreshing to see original IPs in the wake of blockbuster sequels.

Runner Up: Xenoblade

The One Game I Wish I played


Winner: Far Cry 3

I never got the chance to play Far Cry 3, and that is a shame because it looks like it could have been one of the best this year. It probably would have stolen a couple awards away from other contenders if I had played it.

Runner Up: Forza Horizon

Most Anticipated of 2013


Winner: Ni No Kuni

I've been waiting for this game for 2 years now. The Level 5 Stuido Ghibli collaboration is going to be out in the States in less than a month. It's looking like an incredible RPG.

Runner Up: BioShock Infinite/GTAV

Most Disappointing Game


Winner: The Walking Dead

There was a reason in the description for the Best Story award why I said "Episodes 1-3 out of 5." It's because that's all I've played of this game. It doesn't happen to everyone, but after looking at Telltale's help forum, it does seem to be a rampant issue. The game will randomly not carry over saved choices from previous episodes. This happened to me when I tried to access Episode 3, but I managed to fiddle around in my save files and fix it. It happened again when I tried to start episode 4, but I couldn't manage to figure out how to get it to read my choices, thus ruining the game for me. Sadly Telltale won't comment on this, and has no plans to fix it. Many people are stuck with a broken game because of this.

Runner Up:Kid Icarus/Mass Effect 3/Paper Mario Sticker Star

Worst Developer


Winner:Hammerpoint Interactive

Honestly I would give it to Telltale Games for completely ignoring their fans and not issuing a fix, but there are worse evils out there. The people behind the scandal that was War Z is Hammerpoint Interactive. There were so many things wrong with this. It being a rip-off of DayZ, requiring players to pay to respawn immediately instead of waiting a day to respawn, having booby traps weapon drops on the ground that perma-ban players, not being a finished product upon release, false advetising, the obnoxious Sergey Titov who was responsible for the glorious Big Rigs. Look at the reflection in the picture.

Runner Up: Telltale Games

Best Developer

Winner: Dennaton Games

The makers of Hotline Miami. Why are they the Best Developers this year? For their deeds. They released Hotline Miami and it had quite a few bugs. They then patched Hotline Miami. Nothing Special right? Well the lead developer went onto some torrent site, and gave a link to their patched version of the game for everyone who was pirating it. He'd rather have people play his game as it was meant to be played. He said, he appreciated them playing his game, and if they really liked it they should consider buying it.

Runner Up: From Software

Game of a Past Year


Winner: Dark Souls

Dark Souls is the best game not just of a previous year, but of all time.I bought it last year, but didn't get around to playing it until this Summer. I loved it so much that I went through NG, NG+, and then NG++. Hell I'm even thinking about going back to it early next year to play through again. The magic and mystery in the world of Dark Souls really defines it for me. Everytime I play I discover something new. The game makes me feel like an archaeologist. A mysterious world full of lore, stories is waiting, but one must find it through descriptions of items, obscure NPCs, and architecture. The combat has a challenging curve, but it can be mastered and when it is you can run through areas with little thought wacking baddies. 10/10

Hell I should probably even give this Game of THIS Year seeing as the PC version is eligible for the award.

Runner Up: Rayman Origins

Game of the Year

Winner: ???

Video Games Collection in 2012

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Well I'm finally back from my vacation. It was such a great time, but now as promised, although a little late, is the blog about what games I've added to my collection in 2012. Every game is eligible for certain awards. Tomorrow I will reveal the winners of my 2012 Gaming Awards. There were also games that I bought last year, but didn't play till this year that will count for some awards too. Guess what gets what!

Batman: Arkham Asylum Boxshot5260722 Front DetailAssassin's Creed BoxshotAssassin's Creed III BoxshotDarksiders II BoxshotDishonored BoxshotRayman Origins Boxshot

Bulletstorm BoxshotThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Boxshot632877_213965_thumb.jpg

steam games 2012

Total Number of games: 40


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Well I'm trying to type this on my phone right now. I'm currently in NY. I've ben having a blast with my girlfriend amd her family in the city and her family's house I don't have a computer on hand so typing is a bit difficult. When i get back to Florida I'll have more details and upload some photos. I started to read a Song of Fire and Ice series the first is really good if not a little goobery at times,but not as goobry as the hobbit. I saw snow for the first time tonight and hit my girlfirend in the face witha snowball. Merry christmas everyone. She got me The Last Story Collector's Edition for christmas.

I might have to delay the blogs I had plan (award blog) for early january because I won't get back till the 28th.

Minishdriveby's 2012 Game Award Categories.

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My posting frequency has really dwindled this year. I think part of the reason is because of the whole comment dilemma Glitchspot had. I made a wordpress, but it just didn't have the same sense of community.Sometimes I have the urge to post, but then I never end up getting around to sitting down and typing things. I've been busy with school and finals, and I'm home for about four days. Then I fly to New York with Liz to meet her father's side of the family and spend Christmas with them. Currently, I'm waiting for my grades to be posted, and I might make another blog detailing that in the next couple days. I'm going to try get back into the swing of things and post more blogs.

This is a really quick blog. I've decided to do Game Awards this year, usually I tend not to; however, I will be doing them differently than most. I'm not going to list nominees. Mostly because The majority of the games I bought this year weren't from 2012, so instead I will list the categories, and then later in the month. I will post the winners and possibly the runner up. Anything I played this year (with a focus on what was released this year) has the chance of winning an award. What have I played/bought this year? That'll be in another blog.


Game of the Year

Game of A Past Year

Best PS3 game

Best Xbox360 game

Best Wii game

Best 3DS game

Best Steam game

Best Multiplatform Game

Best Soundtrack

Best Artistic Direction

Best Technical Graphics

Best Level Design

Best Story

Best DLC

Biggest Surprise

Best Developer

Worst Developer

Best Boxart

Worst Boxart

Best Game Nobody Played

Most Anticipated game of 2013

Most disappointing game

Anyway have fun guessing which games I pick.

EDIT: I kinda keep making up more awards as ideas come to me...

Current Generation Collection as of November 2012

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Hope everyone had a good break. I went home, but I'm glad to be back at the apartment with my girlfriend. Finals are coming in 3 weeks... I thought I'd post updated pictures of my current generation collection (360, PS3, Wii - although it would now be considered last gen... -, and 3DS). I decided to exclude my DS, PS2, GC, XBOX, and other games because I was working on limited time.

The pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I got on black friday for quite a deal. It's a big phone and it's also my first smart phone, so I'm kinda lost using it at the moment.




November Birthday Blog

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So my birthday was last weekened. I'm kinda late to the party.


Anyway this is what I got in the past week. The 3 PS3 games were gifts. The 3 3DS games I bought during the Best Buy B2G1F sale.

Dark Souls Platinum!

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I just got the Dark Souls Platinum Trophy. I was on NG++ and it took me a total of 84 hours and 50 minutes.

Break down of hours played:

36 Hours NG
45 hours NG+
5 hours NG++ (I just needed to get to Gravelord Nito).

Extremely excited. Now I can finally go back to living a normal life, and not OCDing over this game. It's my game of the gen.


Kid Icarus Uprising's Downfall

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How's everyone doing tonight? A couple things have been happening this past month. I've had a couple exams since my last post. I got a 100% on my first Genectics exam, a 96% on my Chem II exam, an 87% on my German II exam, and I'm waiting for my grade for my exam in my Macro Economics class. So besides school, I've been playing a couple games the past month too. I'm about 8 hours into Dragon Quest V, I managed to beat Uncharted 3 on Crushing difficulty (going for the plat), and I beat Kid Icarus uprsing. The rest of this blog is dedicated to my thoughts about Uprising.


Kid Icarus: Uprising is a mixed bag. The controls are fairly bad, and although they become manageable in time, I never was able to master them during my 8 hour playthrough. I'm talking specifically about the ground missions when I say they were bad. The on-rail flight sections were truly a joy, but the ground system and some of the vehicles you can hop into, the bike specifically, are horrid. The camera is moved around by flicking the stylus across the bottom screen, not moving the stylus toward the side, but flicking the stylus. With a little bit of trouble you get use to this system; however, Pit also has a problem with moving. There's a dash/run system that speeds Pit up quite a bit, and this is done by flicking the control nub in the direction you want pit to dash. The only problem is sometimes you'll go to just walk and you'll end up dashing off a ledge. This is what caused the majority of deaths in my game. It wasn't enemy difficulty that caused deaths; it was the clunky platforming (Pit can't jump by the way) if you can even call it platforming, really it was just falling off platforms that were floating above bottomless pits.

Because I tallied up quite a bit of deaths due to this horrible control method, I realized another system that is rather odd in Kid Icarus, the difficulty system. You can change the difficulty in Kid Icarus at the start of every level. All you need is the games currency to bet that you can finish the level. You bet more and more hearts as you increase the difficulty level scale which has absurdly minute increments (Really what's the difference between a difficulty level of 3.0 and 3.1?!). If you don't have enough hearts you cannot raise the difficulty. Then if you die in the level, say do to falling off platforms to many times which will likely happen, the difficulty will be lowered by a whole point in some cases. I didn't enjoy this system because enemies are fairly easy to beat and the boss at the end of every level only takes 2 minutes to beat. I started countless boss battles that were finished in under a minute which is a shame because the boss designs were pretty cool.

So those were the major faults I had with the game. What were the positives?

Well the game had an awesome musical score. It really was a cool playing through the on-rail flying sections and listening to this game with headphones on. Even the ground segments had good music. The voice acting is non-stop and although you may miss a couple quips here and there do to focusing on the screen and not listening, their are some good one liners, 4th wall breaks, and references in the game to make a couple mental laughs happen. I found it really funny when Pit came across a boss and had a littleRocky Horror Picture show moment.


One of the many spectacular places you visit in Uprising.

The atmosphere and level design/diversity were also awesome. There are 25 chapters and each one is unique and is a joy to look at. Once again the most credit has to be given to the flying sections as they are more controlled and give you a bunch of coolcinematicsand awesome background and foreground scenes as you swoop and dodge enemies and environmental objects. Ground levels still look nice, but they are a little more generic.

There is also a cool weapon system where you can synthesis weapons and redeem hearts to buy more weapons. To be honest I didn't dig too deep into this system, but I did find it to be a nice feature that added more depth to the game.

Anyway that's about all I have to say for this game. It's a good game, but it misses out on being truly great because of the subpar controls. I did however find the presentation to be wonderful. The title might be a little harsh. I'd give the game a 7.0/10.