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Denver Nuggets

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The denver nuggets are very overlooked. Their star player is excluded every year in the all star game and quietly they are in the third seed in the western conference. You have the mavericks in the fouth seed the mavericks are better than the nuggets. after the spurs, suns and mavericks the nuggets are right their


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All the time in the world has gone by but i havent been able to post for a while. By the way It is a very interesting to follow the WBC

1% away

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I almost to level three just a couple more postings

School is almost here

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personaly i could have a problem checking back here every night it will be difficult to do it because of homework. but ill be back everyonce in awhile or at least the weekends anyway

Kingdom hearts 2

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it took me awhile to catch on to the kingdom hearts. But after i did i was off and running. Which brings me to kingdom hearts 2 i basiclly have no clue about the worlds and events that will happen in KH2. But its okay i like surprises anyway.

NCAA Football 06-Race for the heisman

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The most frustrating thing in Race for the heisman is the fact when you are a defensive player you have almost no chance to earn the heisman if i was a enginner on this game i would force the players to be in the skill postions QB,HB and WR. there is no chance to win the heisman otherwise.

Superstar mode

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When i first saw that madden 06 had a superstar mode i was excited but when i imported my player from NCAA 06 they made me take an iq test . That is but if you are in 8th grade playing this iq test the best i ever got was 30%. That really hurt me in the draft . then we had the performance institute you can go the there once a week and within a week your skill go back to where they were before so whats the big deal. I know that rookies cannot get into the institute that would suck . Sure ive only played a day in this mode but i think it is overrated.