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CS: Source

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I got Counter-Strike: Source a couple of days ago and I LOVE it. It's so much fun and it has awesome graphics! What do you think about it?

Prince of Persia...?

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I got Prince of Persia: Sands of Time a couple of days ago. What are you opinions on it? I think it's been good so far. It seems short though. Im 43% through and I'vce only been playing for a around 7 or 8 hours. It's been easy up until the bit I'm up to now. Does it get any harder?

Anyone here play Wolfenstein?

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Has anyone played (or still do play) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory? I've recently started playing it and I think it's great!

Yay! 200 forum posts!

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Wahoo! I finally made it to 200 forum posts! Yay! How many posts has everyone else submitted?

What's your favourite movie?

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Mine is a draw between Ferris Buellers Day Off, the Lethal Weapon series and Twins. They are all great movies. What are yours?

Sweet new car in GT 3 A-spec!

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In Gran Turismo 3 A-spec I just won a sweet new car. It's the Suzuki which has 1791HP and a top speed of 335.1km/h. I won it by completing all of the rallys with gold cups. What are everybody elses best cars becaues this is definatley mine!?

Best game ever?

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Hey everyone! Can you all tell me your "best ever games" that you have played on PC or PS2? Then, if I don't already have them, I will probebly get them. My top 3 games are:

1. Kingdom Hearts 1&2 (PS2)

2. Call of Duty 3 (PS2)

3: Battlefield 2 (PC)

Thanks to anyone who gives me any suggestions. I really need new games!

Weid ranking system in BF2

by on
Idon't understand the ranking system. I mean, I go onto a ranked server, kill lots of people, revive lots of people, capture lots of flags, heal lots of people then my team wins but then whenI go to my stats nothing's changed. And it says time; played as Medic: 00.00.00, but I was playing for about an hour! And it said Kills: 0, Revives: 0, Heals: 0, Flag Captures: 0. I just don't see why it's not changing so I can't get higher rank to unlock weapons! Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong???

Kingdom Hearts II

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hey everyone. I got Kingdom Hearts II today. what are your opinions on it? do you think it' s good?


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hey everyone. i got some new games for christmas. i gotthe legend ofspyro: the eternal night (PS2)and the complete battlefield collection (PC). can some people please give me there opinions on these games? thanks.

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