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My Metroid Prine 2: Echoes story

My Metroid Prime 2: Echoes story This is a summary of what happened near the end of one of the multiplayer battles that my friends and I had recently. The level it took place on was Crossfire Chaos. Enjoy. Kei: Orange/Default Samus Kenrick: Silver Samus Chuck: Green Samus I walked cautiously around the compound, surveying my surroundings as I gathered the necessary essentials to survive as long as I could manage. I stopped, taking but a second to check my ammunition count amd overall health, then pressed onward, treading carefully as I approached the next corner. I knew that they were there, searching for either each other, or myself; whomever they saw first, they would attempt to execute, with extreme prejudice, which was to be expected, so my mindset was the same. Going into the next room, a set of Super Missiles came into view. I took off in a mad dash to obtain them before anyone else could do so, keeping an eye on the area around me to ensure that no one was trying to sneak attack me in Morph Ball mode. The coast was clear, so I grabbed the Super Missiles, and went on a search and destroy mission, to utilize the Super Missiles before their time expired. Heading toward the second building of the compound, gunfire, missiles, and beam ammunition could be seen and heard emanating from inside, and to an person on the outside looking in, judging from the heavy rain of bullets and beam shots flying from within, it would be hard to believe that only two combatants were causing so much mayhem. I, on the other hand, gathered that one of the other two was on the receiving end of something they didn't want to be on, and that they would soon be making a hasty retreat, so I halted all movement near the doorway, knowing that my Super Missiles would last only a mere few more seconds, but it would be just enough time to blast whomever was unlucky enough to come out of the doorway to bits as they exited. Sure enough, following a narrowly missed charged Dark Beam blast, my green-clad adversary came trotting out of the room, barely alive, but victorious between the two of them...not that it mattered, as the moment he saw me, his vision went black as he faced a volley of Super Missiles from me. I had the lead, but only by a single point. There was one kill remaining for me, and two for the silver-clad clone. I approached a nearby supply crate and blasted it open, revealing one of the most powerful weapons known to Metroid players: The Annihilator Beam. I picked it up, a sly smile crossing my face. I knew that this was my chance, so long as I could prevent the green one from falling at the hands of the silver one. I charged the beam, knowing full well that on one would dare step near me with such an intimidating weapon ready at my disposal. As luck would have it, the green one made his way towards me, but he wasn't firing for some odd reason. I let my charged attack fly, and it was a direct hit, but I knew something had to be amiss when I noted my attack bounce right off of him and into the ceiling with quite an audible *BANG*. "Damn!!", I exclaimed as I went into Morph Ball mode to try and make my escape, realizing that he'd picked up invicibility, but it was far too late as he locked on and fired, also revealing that he'd had Super Missiles himself, as well as Massive Damage, doubling his attack power, meaning anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way was dead, no questions asked. Sucked to be me at that moment, but I didn't worry, as the silver one still had two kills to obtain before victory could be his, while the green one had five. There was still time, and I rejoiced as I revived, and the first weapon I obtained was an Annihilator Beam. Again, I went on to search for the two of them, knowing that they'd more than likely ended up calling a temporary truce to ensure that if I did indeed win, I'd have a hard time doing so. I went into Morph Ball mode and ducked over into a corner after picking up invisibility, to buy time for the Super Missiles to respawn. This time, I would be prepared. The silence as I held my ground, waiting, was nerve-wracking, but not as much as the sounds of errant missiles and bombs exploding nearby seconds later. I was tempted to move on a couple of occasions, but just as I began to stir, the silver one would walk nearby, and I didn't want to blow my cover, since neither of them had thought of using their infared vision to see if they could spot me. No, they were too intent on one another instead, so I left them to their own. Their battle took them to the other side of the compound, a good distance away from my position, and I sighed in relief, as moments after they strayed, my cloaking device wore off. I came out of my Ball, and looked around, spotting what was left of the green Samus in the distance, meaning they would respawn soon, though the threat to me would be minimal, due to lack of ammunition...but it also meant that the silver one was one kill away from victory, just as I was. If I made a move, it had to be now, or else. I rushed off, Annihilator charged and ready, and newly obtained Super Missiles, as well as Power Bombs present in my arsenal. Neither of the others would dare to face me with so much at my disposal. After a few moments passed, I began to wonder why it was so hard to find the others. Suddenly, as I turned the corner, my vision began to go and all functions were coming to a halt, the last thing visible being a silver, electrified ball of destruction. The Death Ball, a mass of energy that could annihilate anything it touched within seconds. The victory screen appeared, showing the silver Samus as the victor. Damn you, Kenrick. :lol: