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What's been happening with me...

Hey all,

It's been almost two years since I last posted a blog here and I've really not been around much during that time.

I dropped out of University last summer for various reasons and had to move back home following that. Working part time for several months was going well, worked from October -> March last year while trying to get things sorted. Then, on my 21st birthday, and ever since, I have been suffering from chronic headaches. They're there pretty much constantly and there doesn't appear to be anything I can do about them. I've seen various doctors, had numerous tests, seen a few specialists. None of them can find out what is the cause of the headaches nor have they been able to provide any support for them, no medication I've tried has helped so I'm pretty much stuck with them.

They've left me unable to do a whole lot, have been out of work for 7 months (although did a couple of shifts last month just to see how it goes), haven't been able to game too much due to not being able to concentrate for a long period of time. Managing to cope better with it with time and hopefully I'll just get used to them so I can start doing more things again.

Anyway, I'm hoping to start getting things going here again, just downloaded the podcast and will be listening to that shortly (after the F1 practice is over) and will try and start blogging again at least weekly although no promises about that.

Cheers all.

New Xbox 360 to start the year too.

My old 360 is getting E73, which is not covered by the extended warranty, I can temporarily fix it by making the console over heat but it's becoming more and more common, so I went out and bought myself a new xbox today.

Taken on my new Nikon digital camera I got today too, my new elite next to my nwe TV.

Just have to wait for a transfer kit before I can transfer my old files from my 20GB harddrve to my 120, I needed a 120GB HDD anyway so thats not too bad. Got Viva Pinata trouble in paradise, AC/DC Live rock band, another wireless controller, Lego indiana jones and kung fu panda for £250 which is quiet a bargain seeing as less than 2 years ago I paid £300 for my premium 360 with gears of war and crackdown!

New TV to start the year!

After working pretty much non-stop for the past 3 weeks I've returned to Uni, on Tuesday I bought myself a new TV. 37" 1080p Toshiba TV :D

This is a huge "upgrade" from my old 15" monitor I used to play my games on, it's fantastic, has all the inputs you could ever need, all the settings and audio outputs too.

Have been playing a lot of Rock Band with my house mates, even tried my hand at singing (while playing guitar!) best I managed to do was get 91% singing Don't Speak by No Doubt (On easy) while getting 99% on Guitar! Go me!

Picture of TV:

I love it :D

No idea what other things I'll get this year, now I have my TV not much else I want. Will have to see how much money I have and may get a PS3 at some point, I really want to play little big planet!

First night at work.

Started my winter job last night working for the NHS as a "Urgent Care Service Receiver". Which basically is out of hours doctor service. I work in a call centre and basically just have to answer calls, get the patient details and enter them into the computer while asking a series of questions and that's it. These details are then assessed by a doctor who calls the patient back. Occasionally I will have to call for an ambulance for the patient which will be intersting, I also have people phone in saying someone has just died, fun times The area I work for covers the whole of Dorset and Somerset, luckily I've lived in this part of the country since 95 so I'm used to the accent so that should't be a problem!

I had training yesterday, basically learning how to use the software and then I listened to people taking calls so I could see how it was done, some really interesting calls although I'm obviously not allowed to reveal details about calls etc. but there were a lot of overconcerned mums and with it being winter a lot of flu basically.

What I found strange is about 90% of the people were calling on the behalf of someone else, I guess a lot of people just aren't comfortable with phoning up about themselves.

Due to the hours of the job it means the pay is fantastic (~£7.50 per hour on weekdays, + 20% of that so about £9 and £10.20 on Weekends + 40% I believe, so £14!) Will try and get a few shifts on Boxing day/new years etc. as the pay for that will be close to £20 an hour, maybe more if i work on christmas, well worth it, even if just for a few hours.

Have training again tonight and Thursday and have my first proper shift next Tuesday, although I could possibly work this weekend too.

Current Gen Gaming - Is it really that expensive?

I was bored and decided to calculate how many Microsoft Points I've spent, which soon turned into how much money I've spent on my Xbox 360 alone.

Have 210 in my account right now.

Arcade games:

A kingdom for Keflings - 800
Puzzle quest - 1200
Marble Blast Ultra - 400
TMNT - 400
Braid - 1200
Megaman 9 - 800
Uno - 400
Castlevania - 800
Banjo Kazooie - 1200
Sonio 2 - 400
Streets of Rage 2 - 400
Bomberman Live - 800
Boom Boom Rocket - 800
Contra - 400
Geometry Wars - 800
Geometry Wars 2 - 800
Smash TV - 400
Worms - 800

Total Arcade 12800 Points

Xbox Originals

Splinter Cell: CT - 1200
Burnout 3 Takedown - 1200

Total Xbox originals - 2400

Game Add-ons

Puzzle Quest DLC - 800
Megaman 9 - Protoman And Special Stage - 160 total?

Arcade DLC total - 960


Rock Band:

Caprici di Diablo - 160
China Cat sunflower - 160
Bang a gong - 160
Rock Band Export Key - 400
Blood Sugar Sex Magic - 1600?
****c rock Pack 1 - 440
Rio - 160
Girls on FIlm - 160
Moving Pictures - 1600
Tell me Baby - 160
Constant Motion - 160
Disturbed Pack - 160
Toxicity - 160
BYOB - 160
Oasis Pack - 440
All the small things - 160
My Sharona - 160
Last Train to Clarksville - 160
Beethoven's **** - 160
Metallica Pack - 160
Boston Pack - 800

Rock Band Total: 7680

World Tour:
Hendrix Track Pack - 440
Death Magnetic - 1660 (I think)

World Tour Total: 2100

Guitar Hero 3:
Dragonforce pack - 500
Companion Three Pack - 500
Guitar Virtuoso Pack - 500
Coldplay Pack - 500
Warner Music pack - 500
So Payaso - 200
Antisocial - 200
****c Rock - 500
Modern Metal - 500
No Doubt - 500
Isle of Wight - 500
Motorhead - 500
Muse - 500
Def Leppard - 500
Ernten Was Weir Saen - 200
Velvet Revolver - 500
Foo Fighters - 500

Guitar Hero 3 Total: 8100

Gears of war:
Map Pack - 800

Gears of war total: 800


spell tomes - 80

Oblivion Total: 80

Retail Total: 18760

Add-on Total: 19720

Total: 34170

Seeing as you can't buy that many points, I assume I've spent 230 or so on random stuff, too, although a few of the prices of things might be wrong.

Works out to just under £300 (Using Microsoft's price of £4.25 for 500 points).

Including the retail games I currently own which is 28, ~£30 each. £840.

Console itself was £280, Rock Band instruments £120, GH3 guitar: £30, GH2 Guitar, £25, Wired Controller: £20, Wireless Headset, £15, 2 x Play and charge kit, £20, VGA cable £15, Speakers to go with VGA cable: £20.~£545 on Hardware

21 Months Gold ~ £105

Total: ~£1,545

Works out to about £75 a month I've spent on my Xbox 360 since I bought it back in March 2007 and I don't regret spending a penny of it.

While that may seem like a lot I don't see it that way when I think about it. I've spent more than 1,545 hours playing my Xbox 360, hell I've probably racked up 1,500 hours between the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series themselves and then there were the countless nights where I'd be up until 4am chainsawing people in Gears of War.

If you're thinking of getting a current generation console I think now is a good a time as any, lots of good deals going on as it's just before Christmas which means you can pick up an arcade console for less than £100! Absolute bargain! And as time goes on you'll be getting more and more for your money!

10,000 gamerscore!

Woo! Just hit 10,000 gamerscore finally thanks to Rock Band 2. Managed to hit it dead on without trying which I'm delighted with.

The last 4k points or so have been fairly simple and just gotten through general playing.

Next goal is 15k, hopefully it comes soon as I have a whole bunch of games to playthrough.

New Xbox Experience GET!

Got into the early trial of the new Xbox Experience, messing around on it at the moment and so far it's great.

My Avatar has a monocle but unfortunately there was no Top hat?!?! I'm sorry, but that's just unforgivable, I'm going to demand Microsoft give me my £5 a month back damn it! I pay £5 a month I expect a top hat.

Anyone else get in?

I hate royal mail...

Gears of War 2 still has not been delivered and the post has already arrived this morning.

This is far far beyond a joke now. I would go out and buy a copy then return this when it comes but I don't have the money for that. Next week I'm busy all week too so will be unable to play it then IF it comes on Monday =/

God damn royal mail, it doesn't take 5 days to deliver a bloody game. I wish I had gone with ShopTo now, although I hate their returns policy and the fact that the LE there wasn't available for pre-order =/

Wow, thanks EA and ShopTo, I now have a useless drum kit!

When I got Rock Band from ShopTo back in July it was fine until a week or two ago when the yellow pad decided to stop responding.

So of course I email ShopTo and tell them it is broken to be told "You have to send all the instruments back... oh and you were meant to keep that huge ass box because without it we can't identify that it is one of ours, contact EA"

So I contact EA...

"Sorry, we do not do the drum pads in the UK, only things such as the pedal, send it back to the place you got it from and they have to replace it..."

And so on and so on, neither of them are willing to replace the drum set,

Now, with me I have the instruction manual that came with the drum set and it says "If the Peripheral is found to be defective and you return it to us within the warranty period that applies to you, Electronic Arts will repair or replace the defective Peripheral (or any defective component within the Peripheral), at no charge to you."

I wonder what they have to say when I send them an email detailing that, if they then refuse to replace/repair my drum kit if I can take legal action against them. It CLEARLY states that they will repair or replace it, so they have to, surely?

If anyone has any information regarding what action I can take to get EA to repair my drum kit then I'd be happy to hear it!

I am back!

After moving back up to University on 1st into a privatley rented house to find that it doesn't have a phoneline connected. Had to wait until last Wednesday to get BT to install that and now I have internet! YAY!

Have a lot of catching up to do, I haven't done much gaming in that time, played a bit of Guitar Hero and got Brothers in arms this Weekend which I have all but finished which is a bit of a shame.

Annoyed that XBL is down as I needed to download some things :(