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You can use it to watch videos, music, photos, but not yellow dog.
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open ur PS Store u will find it available now

i've just downloaded Mirror's edge trailer

No it's not. I just checked.
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Whats the code?
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My tv is a sony triniton about 24 inches(i'm guessing) picture is ok but not as good as hd. It's big though so I dont really mind.sa10kun
Sounds kinda like my TV. It's a Sony triniton, 24 inch, but mine only get 480i. So it's got a really messy image. :(
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Oh yeah, it was more than satisfying.
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For online play I would get Warhawk, its by far the best PSN online game IMO. It's a little expensive (39.99) but it's well worth it. The Warhawk team keeps adding new free content too. The 1.4 patch should come out soon. :) Also, Super Stardust HD and PixelJunk Monsters are loads of fun. But they're offline games. I enjoyed Snakeball, and it's online, but not everybody liked it. So that ones up to you.
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Too bad we didn't get a date. Just another "soon" from Sony. I love Sony, but I would really like a date for Home. But I guess "fall" will do for now. :)
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i would have expected Warhawk and PAIN patches already... nothing else though.americahellyeah
I would have expected the Warhawk patch by now, just because the devs for it have been REALLY good about making their game better. But I guess it's not that bad to wait for a little longer. BTW, loving the two Death Note avatars. :)
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Well, LittleBigPlanet is further off then MGS4. So if I choose it the I only gotta wait a month till MGS4 and already have LittleBigPlanet. I choose LittleBigPlanet.