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@hxce: Actually, His trophies now appeared - 4 days later after he achieved them. I guess the PSN is a little slow. Thanks tho.

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@hxce: again, doesn't answer original trophy question. Anyone?

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@trollop_scat: I completed the game on Survival (with the lack of ammo you mentioned) but I was looking for an answer to the trophy question.

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I completed the game on Survival mode and a friend is playing on Casual. He's on chapter 11. In chapter 10, I earned "The First, Not the Last" trophy by completing End the Monstrosity in the Underground Garage, but he did not earn this trophy. Casual mode doesn't earn the same trophies as Survival?

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@Hatiko: Yeah - R2 is crouch, L1 is aim a bottle and R1 is throw the botttle.

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@Treflis: I have not tried another controller. I only have the one and I can play other games fine.

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I'm playing the PS3 version. It is literally impossible for me to play. Simply walking, I start punching the air for no reason. I'll attempt to sneak (by pressing R2) and I punch the air and I'm seen and die. I'll see the tripwire, attempt to crouch (by pressing R2) and I punch the air, set off the trap and die.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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The gameplay seems similar to GTA. Not the biggest fan of the series. Am I wrong? I hope I am.

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@behardy24: I probably should have added I've played WoW, Rift, Age of Conan... Looking for something fresh.

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It's been quite some time that I dove into an MMORPG. I'm completely out of the loop. I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card and dive into an MMORPG, but have no clue what's popular and fun to play. I have no problem paying a monthly subscription fee. I've Googled some - Everquest Next looks good, but not out yet. How's The Secret World?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Looking for an active game, good graphics, fun gameplay and a decent community and no interest in PVP.