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4th Anniversary

Horay I got this delayed for about a week now so it dosen't matter. I've been here in gamespot for 4 years. I accumaleted 24 levels and 66 emblems over the years. As much as inactive I have been in the past few months Gamespot has been fun for me. Hoping a 5th year


Extremely Delayed 3rd Year Anniversary

I have currently missed it by 2 months and 20 days but it dosen't mean I can't create an anniversary blog about it. Yeah I know it is so stupid to this really late and firstly I appologive. Being at gamespot was a lot of fun learning new games, communicating with New people, getting emblems and many more. Reviewi games and expresing them to the world is fun. In my 3 years at gamespot I have accumilated a total of 62 emblems. Not mine

Voting in awards is fun and voice expressing. Gamespot has a little place in my heart both positive and negative. And the last thing my face.I am the 1st boyI am 14 years old see I am very young:D.

Top 10 Spookiest Villain Blog Activity

10) Deku Babas

Yeah they may be easy but they are still creepy. Really killing them

straight you will get deku sticks wwhich are made of their necks that is really.

They just look creepy

9) Ghirahim

He is pretty awesome but creepy with that large tounge. He seems like a great villan

8) Skull Kid

Yeay another semi creepy but yeah skull kid in twilight princesss is pretty crepy but dosent give me too much chills

7) Fiery Dino Piranaha

The Regular was already kinda creepy but adding fire make it better so he lands here

6) Dibaba

This is the deku baba giant which is very creppy. So we are now in the creepiest of the creppy

5) Moon ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Yes that thing frommajoras mask

the face is creepy makes majoras mask look like an adult game


Ok he may not be that creepy but the way he explodes is gross that's why he lands here

3) Phantoms

These guys gave me chills and yes my heart is really pounding

2) Bongo Bongo

His eyes are creepy, he hides from the shadow so what could be worst

1) ReDead

S Do i even need to explain they look creepy they will hug you until you die and thats it

Beaten Ocarina of Time

Beaten it last friday and I was very proud of the achivement. It was veryfun and the greatest adventure of all time. I am currently in master quest where i just finished the great deku tree. Anyways see you guys soon

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Games NES

I personaly liked the way they give us this games but is kinda annnoying to download but it's fast and easy


1 Go to settings and others

2 Go top my downloads

3 download your games

The games that were included were:

1 Super Mario Bros

2 The Legend of Zelda

3 Donkey Kong Jr

4 Ice Climbers

5 Baloon Fight

6 Wrecking Crew

7 Metroid

8 NES Open Tournament Golf

9 Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link

10 Yoshi

All of them were decent but i suggest some changes

I Will reveal my opinion on the best and the worst of this collection

A World Without Super Mario Brothers

A world without mario is a world without video games

A crash cause the near death of the industry of video games

Everyone thaught video games had it's last breath

Until the year 1985 shined upon us gamers

A company ddecided to make a game that will save video games

Super Mario Bros was released andd it was breataking

Lot's of secrets to find and an eenjoyaable game

I wonder in my mind if the game wasn't released

Video games would be probably dead by then

And people would just stick on the tv and play with the calculator

Viideo games are great pastime's and will be lost

Kids will stick with there toys and adults with their novelties

Summer will be boring as kid's will only watch t.v

Mario haters ou ther i'm talking to you

Just imagine a world without video games

No more online games which people spend hours

No more Fp's whicjh apprently people really enjoy

But the joy of video games is in platforming

They just don't know his other games they all think he's all about jumping

If you're thinking who they are they are my ****ates

Addicted to dota which just claim's fame for nothing

They say one of the horses of someone is faster than mario's kart

I get so irritated and not appreciating mario for what he done to video games

Mario made innovation's like showing how video games are trully made

Or showing 3D games how it's made right

Mushroom Kingdom is creative and memorable

People and kids loved this when it was first released

Because of simple and fun gameplay

So let's appreciate mario's act on video games

Annd give the king of platformers a hand shake and an applause

Because mario had saved video games

My Wii Game Collectiom

I Have a lot of wii games some of them are my sisters and a few is my dad'sso then let me show you my somewhat big wii game collection:

Link's Crossbow Training

NBA 2K11

The Price Is Right

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Mario Kart Wii

Super Mario Galaxy

M&M's Kart Racing

Wii Fit Plus

Myth Makers Super Kart GP

Sonic Unleashed

Avatar The Game

Mario Super Sluggers

NBA Live 08


Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures

Wario Land Shake It

Cooking Mama World Kithchen (sisters)

We Cheer (sisters)

NBA 2K10

Boom Blox


Transformers The Game

Wario Ware Smmoth Moves

High School Musical 3 Senior Year Dance

Call of Duty World At War (dad)

Wii Sports

Science Papa

Monopoly Streets

Mario & Sonc at TheOlympic Winter Games

Gi Joe Rise of Cobra

Star Wars The Clone Wars

Billy The Wizard Rocket Broom Racing

Princess On Ice (sister)

NBA Live 09

NickToons Attack Of the ToyBots

High School Musical (sister)

Toy Story Mania

Pokemon Battle Revolution

Alvin And The Chipmunks

DDR Winx Club 3 (sister)

Who Wants To Be Milionare

Hanna Montana Spotlight World Tour (sister)

Monster Vs Aliens The Video Game

Super Paper Mario

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

Ice Age Dawn of The Dinosaurs The VIdeo Game

Lego Batman The Video Game


Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings

Go Diego Go The Great Dinosaur Rescue (sister)

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen

Dora Saves The Snow Princess (sister)

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga

Cooking Mama Cook Off (sisters)

Disney Princes Enchanted Journey (sister)

Metroid Prime Trilogy


Littlest Pet Shop (sister)

Madascar Escape 2 Africa

Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands

Kidz Sports Basketball

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Sudoku Ball Detective

Mario Sports Mix

Tatsunoku Vs Capcom

Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Legend Twilight Princess

Alice In WonderLand

Sonic Colors


Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction

Lego Pirates Of The Carribbean

Wii Play Motion

Game Party 3

Wii Play

M.U.G.E.N Impressions

Mugen is a 2D Fighter where you can create and download fighters.Forme it's good and pretty addicting to collect. Links for characters and game will be posted soon

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