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SWTOR Soon to be released.

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As SWTOR Gets closer to release/beta I am putting together a causual/hardcore PVE/PvP Guild consisting of all types of mindsets and cultures and time zones, atm it is still being worked on, but I ask my fellow gamespotters if they are interested in joining msg me or apply on the swtor site.


Currently I have many others joining from Hawaii and West Coast. And are currently PVE focused on launch then working our way through PvP.

Samsung Epic 4g for Sprint in Progress Review.

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After having the phone since last tuesday as one of the first in my area, I have been longing to write a review about the phone, which will soon to come. I am currently trying to test every feature in and out of the phone before my final review. So far I am very pleased with the phone and the performance android brings. Hopefully along the way Froyo 2.2 will makes its way to the Samsung Epic which in no doubt it does hold its name firmly. Any questions or other opinions can be placed here or emailed/messaged to me and I will take into consideration.

Epic 4g

Final Review will be available Friday September 10, 2010

If you would like to contribute opinions or questions message me on gamespot or email at chriscpo808@yahoo.com

Halo ODST Hawaii. Need players.

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Welp I just picked up Halo ODST the day it launched and have been hooked since especially on firefight, firefight is basically like Gears of War Horde mode, but with Halo Flavor. And this option is truly epic. But I have been having problems lately, ...yes server and online issues, but this is because I live in hawaii, and every game I try to play with players across the ocean is just really crap, I have tried all types of IP Companies, and services, such as Roadrunner, Hawaiian Tel, Even clearwire and a few id rather not mention. It is all the same, poor connection, this maybe due to conditions, maybe so more. But I am here today to ask out if there are any west coast players or Hawaii players to come join me in making ODST firefight enjoyable. Gamertag: Law808. Add me if you live on the west coast of the US or Hawaii

The Ratings for MMO's

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Why is it that every MMO released after WoW is getting rated during the first week or two, they complain about bugs, incomplete content, etc. Since everyone here knows WoW Ill use WoW as an example.


Their review of WoW (first) was made in february 2005.

Their review of WAR was on September 22nd 2008

.... Wtf is wrong with that piece of **** Don't **** review an MMO atleast a year after release or till a few months. I know some people don't care bout ratings, they'll just pick up the game if their fans of it or got sick of WoW. But these ratings determine Sales for games, giving an MMO especially a mediocre review during its launch week is just killing the overall potential of it all.

WoW had way more bugs then WAR, not as much as AoC but still alot, as for incomplete content WoW during its premature state only had one endgame content, no BGs. And unbalanced classes (no doubt since PvP BGs werent implemented yet)

Read these reviews and compare:



I know its one website but if you comapre them all, WoW to WAR reviews, they gave WoW some breathing room before reviews and its unfair for other Devs/companies.

New Direction for MMOs

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As the MMO RPG gets flooded with more and more titles due to WoW success,many game developers and companies wants a piece of the MMO RPG world seeing that the market is doing successfully and is at a high peak. Games such as AoC, New FF MMO, Aion, WoW WoTLK, etc. But as we all know,there wont be a clone of WoW success in the MMORPG world. But there is a future for another type, or types of MMOs, MMOFPS world seemed like a failure with titles such as Necron, and Planetside. But there is hope in this generation with titles shooting up with hype such as the amazing details of Huxley, or maybe the espionage The Agency, new direction for MMOs? Maybe, maybe not. But it seems that they are confident to bring the failure of MMOFPS's from the past into the future with the pwoer of these Next-gen consoles, it can be done.

My Prediction: MMOFPS will be a new growing grounds for developers to explore and grow and start their own success stories, BUT it seems that a Starcraft MMOFPS is in the works and is planning on storming this new called breeding ground.

Any other Opinions? This is jsut a prediction and a theory on whats in store in the future.


Console Exclusives psshhhh

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As much contraversy the gaming industry has caused the past year one of the biggest is about exclusives. Exclusives is what keeps a console a console and defines them. But none is bigger then the MGS4 comming to XBOX360. Honestly the MGS series was meant and will always be emant to be played on the PS3 no doubt. On the X360 it doesnt have that rite feel. vise versa to shooters on the PS3.

Back to WoW.......Maybe

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Im getting sick at my noob friends and other people showing off their so called skill, I think I should go back to WoW and show them how its really done. Anyone wanna start a new toon on a PvP server with me?

Video Editing

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I have been experimenting with various video editing softwares such as Adobe,Avid,a few DivX editors and basic Windows video editor. I have yet to find one that excels at everything, is there one? maybe ,maybe not. That is why Im here to ask wether anyone ahs any opinions on the best or what you recommend to use to edit videos so I may provide you all with more high quality videos and more in the future.

Thank you

Just a thought.

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My first Blog. At first I had no Idea what a Blog is, even now I dont fully understand what it is. So here goes.

Is it me or is every game that has been released the past 4-6 years have been about PMC (Private Millitary Contractors) I know its just games but it seems that PMC's are starting to rise in our own Real world as that more and more people with Private Militia are being hired to carry out missions. I cannot confirm any of this information, and if I could that would get me in some serious trouble. Although it has caught my attention as the more games I play...make that more shooters I play every year it keeps me comming back to my Theory "Is PMCs going to replace our own Military or is it helping to change the world".

Would like to Add the Definition of PMC for some readers having difficulty understanding.

"PMC" stands for private military company (or private military contractor), mercenary organizations which supply personnel and equipment to their clients (in exchange, of course, for money).