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i did play the old GTA games a lot a while back on my old tv with the PS2, but when i got a new HD tv, i found it slightly difficult to play as the visuals where a little messed up. It's not the TV or the PS2's fault, it's just an old game going from an old small TV which was like 20 years old to a new TV that is 40+ inch HD.

I did download SA on PS store, but the controls are slightly sensative, quick unlike the old PS2 controller. So i find it difficult to move around and do certain missions. GTA VC is no longer on PS store anymore :(

also my old PS2 memory card is dying, so all my old saved game files wont really be avaliable for very long :(

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Is it down or does it take forever to load up? I've not been on it for a while, i downloaded the update, but it's taking forever to load up. I've tried twice now. My internet speed on the computer is fine. Nothing is slow, crashing or pausing.

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i've never played it, but i would like too, is it free and does anyone know the site name to it?

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A simple question for the game, is it possible to change the starting point for the factions.

I.E i replace the Brutii starting point with the Julii so the Julii deal with Greece and the Brutii deal with Gaul up north. I keep thinking i've seen something about it where you can change the starting point for factions, but i can't remember if i was dreaming it or if it was real. This is going back many years ago.

Any info would be great, thanks :)

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no, PS4 is the victor this gen, but later on during the next 4 years or so, X1 will catch up with the PS4 just like the PS3 did against the 360.

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I'm English and even i would vote yes. England is a dump no thanks to the government, islam and the EU. It's too alien unlike it used to be. England isn't safe and its not a nice country to live in. I 100% hope scots win the yes vote, but i really hope the scots wont be too stupid enough to join the EU. The EU is the present day 3rd Reich. Scotland should be a republic and ditch the queen, she is useless. Good luck Scotland, i sure hope it works out for you guys either way be it a yes vote or a no vote.

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if the PS4 had no games, no one would buy it regardless of the price higher or lower. People buy consoles for good games, entertainment and so much more.

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PS4 all the way :)

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is this attack in thr states or world wide, i have no problem with my PSN at all so i'm wondering if its affecting some people, not everyone :S

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PS4 all the way, after all, everyone i know has one :D

Not to mention the PS4 is next gen, it's 100 times better than the Xbox 360.5, I mean the Xbox 1 which has nothing on it