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no, PS4 is the victor this gen, but later on during the next 4 years or so, X1 will catch up with the PS4 just like the PS3 did against the 360.

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I'm English and even i would vote yes. England is a dump no thanks to the government, islam and the EU. It's too alien unlike it used to be. England isn't safe and its not a nice country to live in. I 100% hope scots win the yes vote, but i really hope the scots wont be too stupid enough to join the EU. The EU is the present day 3rd Reich. Scotland should be a republic and ditch the queen, she is useless. Good luck Scotland, i sure hope it works out for you guys either way be it a yes vote or a no vote.

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if the PS4 had no games, no one would buy it regardless of the price higher or lower. People buy consoles for good games, entertainment and so much more.

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PS4 all the way :)

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is this attack in thr states or world wide, i have no problem with my PSN at all so i'm wondering if its affecting some people, not everyone :S

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PS4 all the way, after all, everyone i know has one :D

Not to mention the PS4 is next gen, it's 100 times better than the Xbox 360.5, I mean the Xbox 1 which has nothing on it

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Even if it is exclusive to PS4 only, i don't see it killing or hurting the X1. Also, until they officially say "only exclusive" and not just "exclusive", there is a chance it might be on the X1 and maybe the PC. I've never played Silent Hill, i wont be getting it on the PS4. It's never interested me

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i prefer the new Tomb Raider over Uncharted. I've not played Uncharted 2 or 3. I will be getting the next Tomb Raider when its released on the PS3 or PS4. I do hope it's good if not better than the 1st Tomb Raider, i really enjoyed it, although, i've still not completed it yet lol -.-

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you can either sit back and let the islamic terrorists kill you, or you could make a stand and fight back. I fully support Israel against the terrorists, shame on those who believe we must talk to the terrorists and ask for peace. There is no such thing as peace with them, they are barbarians and need to be dealt with. No one likes violence, but as long as they are around, violence will be an everyday thing. Obama and the world should be supporting Israel, not by joining them on the battlefield, but for helping the world clear out the trash in the middle east and other parts of the world

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the whole world knew America was torturing people inside or outside the US, hell, it's prob been going on since day one ever since the US gained it's freedom from the UK