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Dude Where's My Rank and Avi?

So I know I haven't been at all active on Gamespot, but I really enjoyed paying a visit now and then and progressing up in rank and so forth. However, with this new site, it seems like they have done away with that. All that hard work and time spent and nothing really to show for it except a high post count, which I really don't care about. And my avatar! I was so attached to it! I am writing this blog just to grieve and vent. I would appreciate any and all consolation :P

Dead Xbox

So my 360 got the RROD about 2 weeks ago and im thinking about paying a hundred bucks to send it in to Microsoft and have them fix it. My 360 is the first gen 360 with no hdmi port and is about 6 years old, but i dont want to fork out 300-400 bucks for a new model when talk about the next gen consoles speculate it'll be coming out in like a year or 2. i'd rather save the big bucks for the new xbox console and as of now i dont need the newest edition xbox as long as i can play my games and watch netflix/hulu w/o any problems. plus i can definitely afford a hundred bucks. any thoughts and/or suggestions? :|

The Adult Life

As are pretty much all the beginnings of my blogs, posts, and comments recently, I will not break tradition and will begin this new blog with: "Wow it sure has been a while!"

And it sure has. It has been about 3 months shy of a year since I have last made a blog here and a decent amount of things have happened. As you can tell, I am not much of a blogger so I will just recount basically what has happened in my life since my last blog to bring you all up to speed.

I, of course, graduated college (SDSU) and moved home and was unemployed for about 7 months. During that timespan, I asked a college friend who I was dating for some time to be my girlfriend and we just came up on 4 months now. Though i highly doubt any of your care, I will still tell you more about this relationship! :twisted: It is going really well. She is the first Christian I have ever dated and is the first girlfriend I have had since becoming a follower of Christ myself. Therefore it is my first Christian relationship (in terms of dating) and I must admit it is challenging. Though the challenges revolve around respecting her and myself and doing good by her and God, the relationship itself is also easy because of our emotional and spiritual connection. I could not be happier :)

I also got plugged into my local church and have been getting more involved in the Young Adult ministry we have. It's great because I am meeting new people and making new friends as well as growing spiritually. It is also challenging spiritually and is moving me closer and closer each day to God.

Work wise, after 7 months of unemployment, God blessed me with a job that is 13 minutes away from my home and is the first white collar job I have worked. yay for a college degree :P Though I am not doing what i studied in college, I am learning quite a lot and I am sure it will help prepare me for the next step towards a job in International Security and Conflict Resolution (my major).

Whelp, yeah that's pretty much it. As of now just working every day and taking life a day at a time. Thank you for reading! :)

I Graduated!!!

Graduation May 22, 2011

Yep yep! After a long and extremely stressful semester, it turns out to be my last here at SDSU. I am officially part of the graduating c1ass of 2011 and have a bachelors degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution. This seems so surreal to me. It seems like just yesterday when I was a freshman, scared out of my mind entering the huge world of college. And now it is all over. I admit that I'm pretty sad because these last 4 years were seriously the best of my life, but I am excited for the future and what God has planned for me. The next step is a little hazy for me. I plan to find a program abroad and get work experience for a few years and then ultimately go to grad school. Let's see if that actually happens :P

On the bright side for GS, I have a lot of free time on my hands so you may end up seeing me around once again. Hope you all are well! I missed ya :oops:

Braid and Graduation

How do these two things get tied in together? well to be honest they are not directly related but here is why im blogging about both of them.

So i bought the game Braid two nights ago and even though i have only plaid it once, I have to admit: it's a pretty fun game :) i can see why GS gave it such a high score. it is extremely challenging but the creativity and the satisfaction of beating the levels makes it a very entertaining and enjoyable gaming experience.

Now on to my news about graduation. So i had originally thought I would be graduating next December due to a variety of reasons that I do not really feel like writing about (laziness gets the better of me once again) BUT it turns out I can actually graduate this semester, which means that I am graduating on time (in 4 years) and in about 4 months I will be entering the real adult world and leaving college and school behind. im still trying to get a grasp of this and it hasnt quite hit me yet, but i am pretty excited and i just wanted to share this with all of u. It's gonna be a busy semester though so i'll be going out with a bang (sorry if you end up not hering from me for a while, but now u know why).

Yep! that's about it for now! thanks for reading folks :P

Back In San Diego (another semester begins)

yup, you heard correctly. I made the drive down here two days ago with a friend and i spent the entire day yesterday catching up with friends and enjoying the nice weather. it never ceases to amaze me how I can find such a drastic difference in weather even though im still in the same state. Up in the Bay Area, it was cold and raining, while it's an average of 75 degrees (F) here. Definitely not complaining though :P It will be a crazy and hectic week next week bc i will be moving to a different apartment and starting up school once again so you guys may not see me around for about a week or two, but i should be back up and running after that :) That's all for now. Hope everyone who reads this is doing well and enjoying life :D


Spirited Away

So i just watched the film for the first time. My friend told me it was good and i have heard good reviews about it, but idk i didn't really get it. idk if it was just way more complicated for my understanding or was super deep or something but when the film ended i pretty much was like "what just happened!?!". I cannot decide whether i liked it or not. I liked Totoro (another film made by this same guy), but this was nothing like it (except for the dust sprites). Can anyone (movie buffs) help me out and explain it to me?

Happy New Year from Hong Kong!!

yep, im here in Hong Kong for about a week to celebrate the new year as well as have a vacation with the family. My dad grew up here, but this is my first time here so he is showing me and my siblings where he grew up as well as showing us the ropes of his hometown :) This place is awesome! The flight was 16 hours from San Francisco: we left at 1am Friday morning and arrived here in Hong Kong at 6am Saturday morning (so im kinda jetlagged). This first day we just walked around to get a general feel of things, but our real exploring starts tomorrow so im definitely looking forward to that. That's about it so yeah, just wanted to say hi and happy new years to all of you guys from Hong Kong :D

oh and here's the first thing that pops up on Google:


(says something about the 2011 new year)

High Levels and Low Posts

So i've been seeing it a lot lately. Users have these crazy high levels but have less than like 5k posts. They haven't even been here for a long time. How does that happen? what do they do on this website to get such a high level in such a short period of time? i've been trying to wrap my brain around it but i cant figure it out. Would anyone like to enlighten me? :)

Thanksgiving and all...

had an awesome thanksgiving and i'm pretty much as stuffed as i could possibly be :) overall life right now is pretty good. im home for the holidays and i've gotten to hang out with family that i havent seen for about 4-5 months so that's been nice. idk, something about the holidays brightens up even the worst moments. definitely thankful for everything i'm blessed with! anyone feel the same way?