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Just came back from a Mixed Martial Arts world expo

It was pretty amazing if you ask me I had fun. Also met some UFC superstar fighters which is awesome. So I live in NY. I decide to go to the MMA expo in Manhattan. This is the second time its been in NYC so I wanted to check it out. First you have to walk in and pay $25 dollars for each person, As soon as me and my dad got in we walked around. Got some bags and free stuff.

Anyway this is when it gets exciting. They start having demostrations of different martial arts forms at 1:30. First is the BJJ squad. The special guest was Victor "Shoalin" Ribeiro He showed us many different grappling moves and submissions with his students which was really cool. I really can't wait to try out the ground game.

The next Demo was the Judo which was very impressive. In my opinion it was the second best in the show. There we learned different throws and rules of Judo by two great anf famous Olympians. The first one is Jimmy Pedro

His sparring partner TARAJE WILLIAMS-MURRAY-

Now when I say these guys are good. They are GOOD. It was very exciting. I would love to take Judo now.

The last demo which was the best, most destructive, exciting, and scary was the Muay Thai demo. Done by a famous fighter in the Muay Thai world, and one of the most famoustrainers of the MMA world. This guy is good with a record of 32 W and 4 L in Muay Thai. The one and only Kru Phil Nurse

This guy has trained both GSP and Rashad Evans. Not only was he the best demo. He was the most exciting. He gave each of us a sample of he Muay Thai. The destructive, toughness, and choas. Each part of it was amazing. As a boy that wants to take Muay Thai...I have never been so intimadated in my life...and im excited about it.

At the end of the demos we walked around some more. I saw and talked to Leonard Garcia. I told him that his fight vs Huerta was the fight that got me into MMA in the first place. But the most exciting moment was getting an autograph and talking to the one one and only Matt Hughes

I talked to him shook his hand and got an autograph. Even though I had to cough up $20 to get inside. I also saw some TUF fighters like Schnoover. Either way it was a good day. I talked to some gyms and their members. I can see myself going very soon. The only thing missing I need is a job. Thanks for reading and have a good day. P.s this is the site

*Pics and videos coming soon*

My current dream...

Through the course of my life I have never knew what I wanted to do. I was always the type to live a carefree lifestyle. When people asked "What do you want to do when you grow up?" I would never know. But I have grown so much over these years its amazing. There has been one thing that has sparked my interest MMA. Yes I said Mixed Martial arts. I'm not that big on fighting. I have almost never fought in my whole entire lifetime. But I get a strong excitement everytime I watch.

Its amazing I feel like that is what I want to do one day. That is my dream. I analyze their moves and even visualize myself being in there. I guess what caused this is this one match I saw one day that just blem my mind. The smiles of the two fighting amazed me. They showed each other respect and that is when I decided to try to take MMA, no matter what. Sure there have been doubts in my life but still I will put my mind to it. Some people say "you will give up as soon as your knocked out" or "As soon asyour hit you will leave. But Isay we will see. I want to be a pro.

This is something im serious about. Even if I don't make it I got a back up plan and will still go to college. The thrill of wanting has caused me to work out my body to fully toned muscle. Like a Bruce Lee physique. So I will keep on this path wish me luck. I know I sound crazy but im looking forward to taking the training and lessons first.

"Some people fight for the money,Some fight for fame,But I fight because I love it"

Yep another blog...

So yeah anyway guys sorry about the total absence of my workout plan. I was lazy and busy so I didn't have time. Now I am ready to help you bad boys out. My workout schedule coming soon anyway. As we last read I was 184 pounds. Well over the last months I have hit 160 pounds.8). Thats pretty good for a few months. Now I am building muscle and trying to gain abs so see ya.

Woohoo success!

So anyway sorry for the late blog post (I am a huge procrastinator). Anyway after my first month of the weight loss plan I can finally say success. I have lost *Drum roll* ....10 Pounds amazing right I was surprised also. From 194 to 184 I am on route to my to do it. So stay tuned for another update.:D

Good News to GS overweight!!

Me MgamerBD has started a month ago a work out plan to increase my weight loss. After many magazines and procrastinating i have finally gotten serious8). I will keep my updates and if this is successful give everyone one here my workout plan. My workout plan is only for people with strong amounts of will power. People who are serious about losing weight and will not rush.

Right now my weight is 194 and my height is 5'8 1/2. At the end of the year i expect to lose over 20 pounds and reclaim my shape. This diet and workout will crush many spirits but i will dumb it down for the obese. I will post the schedule, how and what to eat no matter where you are at.

After this i will make a muscle plan anyway for the weak of heart....hang on. I will mprove you if this succeeds. At the end of September i will take my weight and update. So stay tuned it is time to get the best shape ever. The plan is named:

MgamerBD"S weight loss plan

So stay tuned.

I finally got my driver's permit

Yeah big news im finally legit to drive. Even if i do need an adult. This is going to be so much fun. I went in there and took the test. I just got two questions wrong....awesome. To tell the truth they are the same questions from the internet. It feels good to be on the road of becoming a good,successful man.


They doubted the Gaints but now it is time to prove them all wrong. Patriots vs Gaints this time hopefully this shall be a Great Superbowl for everyboby. Gather yours friends and family and enjoy the great game of football. Good Luck to both teams but best of luck to the Gaints.