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Games to Complete

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Alice Madness Returns

This game is interesting I might be playing it next, it is dark and is a sequel to the PC game I played a long time ago. Although a bit creepy mind you :P


Played this one for a little bit, I don't know what the hype is about YET but maybe if I get into the game more I'll enjoy it more :3

Dragon Age Origins, Awakening

Liked it and played it for a little bit. But is going to require a lot of time I surmise.

Dragon Age 2

Not going to bother with this until the above is complete lol.

Hexic HD

Okay this one I didn't want to do, but when I first got my xbox I got an achievement in this game, and well you can't delete that so sadly I have to go through all of the achievements in this game, probably one of the harder ones on xbox :P Ah well I like a challenge! Master Grid here I come D:

Islands of Wakfu

A cute little RPG I can probably 100% this in a couple of days lol but I have other priorities right now!

Jade Empire

No achievements for this, just purely for fun! :O

Kameo Elements of Power

I still need someone to play with to help me with the co-op achievements here! PLEASE IS ANYBODY OUTTHERE!?

Mass Effect 2

Thusfar the game feels mediocre compared to ME1 but maybe if I play it longer I'll get into the game :)

Perfect Dark Zero

I have completed the plot and co op achievements for this game with a little help from a friend Ninja Girl :3 ( a lot of help cause its time consuming! XD ) But yeah! To 100% this game, means I must grind a few thousand different achievements killing in multiplayer, by myself. So this one will take time.

Perfect Dark Arcade

Perfect Dark is a fun game and always has been, some achievements are a bit difficult, but the one that towers them all in this game is the Crowning Glory achievement, which will take time. This is another very challenging achievement which will probably take a month to complete since I am out of practice in it and the controls are poorly setup.

I also need help with co-op levels :3 I could solo them but that isnt as fun lol.

R-Type Dimensions

This is a remake of an old game! I love it, I hate the music though lol! But yeah it has a few challenging achievements, I ALSO need co-op help with this game to complete the Co-Op Achievements! So if you are game, let me know! ^.^

Star Ocean 4

Started to play this back when I got the Xbox, but didn't get into it just yet, the game ( according to my brother ) has a very very hard achievement in it. Which I don't doubt. I think it involved getting all trophies ( not PS3 trophies ) in th e game. Similar to Star Ocean 3 trophies.


Never played but probably an easy game to complete lol.


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After a long and sometimes stressful index finger numbing marathon of Mirror's Edge, I am proud to say I completed all achievements and DLC Achievements for this game. Probably one of the most challenging games out there. Although my brother has a megaman achievement that looks pretty challenging as well!

These are my times

Chroma 3 Stars 1:01:08
Flow 3 Stars 1:03:64
Razzmatazz 2 Stars 1:01:26
Velocity 3 Stars 00:47:22
Kinetic 2 Stars 01:05:33
Actino 3 Stars 01:04:71
Actino Rise 1 Star 01:55:43
Reflex 3 Stars 1:01:99
Reflex Redux 2 Stars 00:54:39
Playground One 3 Stars 01:03:24
Playground Two 3 Stars 01:14:11
Playground Three 3 Stars 01:33:02
Edge 3 Stars 00:46:87
Arland 3 Stars 00:46:39
Flight 3 Stars 01:00:82
Chse 3 Stars 01:16:97
Stormdrains One 3 Stars 01:21:24
Stormdrains Two 3 Stars 00:54:78
Stormdrains Three 3 Stars 00:52:70
Heat 3 Stars 00:54:75
Burfield 3 Stars 00:59:75
Cranes One 3 Stars 01:15:66
Cranes Two 3 Stars 1:00:38
New Eden 3 Stars 54:33
Factory 3 Stars 1:08:89
Office 3 Stars 00:25:41
Convoy One 3 Stars 00:57:93
Convoy Two 3 Stars 00:57:76
Atrium One 2 Stars 01:02:33
Atrium Two 3 Stars 00:59:36
Shard One 3 Stars 01:06:06
Shard Two 3 Stars 01:01:86

Alright I'm not going to list the speedrun times, as they were ridiculously easy after doing this time trial achievement. I found them completely unchallenging compared to these expert times I had to beat.

On that note, I didn't bother mastering a few levels, This was both due to the fact that my left index finger ( the one required for jumping rolling and coiling in the game ) was starting to tingle and be numb for like days, imagine having to roll your index finger downwards on that poorly designed xbox controller? And the fact that I was nearing completion of the hardest Achievement in the game.

So the levels that I didn't want to bother with were Atrium One and Actino Rise, I doubt Actino Rise is really that hard but it was more about moving upward and well I was so close to 90 stars that I just got the bare minimum for this particular level. Atrium One definitely being the hardest on my list, mainly due to one REQUIRED wall run, turn, jump, jump, coil, jump, coil and land on something at an angle next to a wall and all 3 sides of that object having insant death if you miss ;p... ARG!

Anyway I have to say the PC people have it easy with this game and time trials, instant turning, it seems like their coil jump speed trick works everytime, and the instant turning also helps them with speed side step.

As for PS3 people, they may have it easier than Xbox Players, as they get an extra map. That is at least two maps less to 3 star. But this is assuming the PS3 controller design FLAW isn't a problem for those players. ( The point where the two joysticks face towards eachother and your thumbs crash into eachother ) I don't even have big hands lol.

But definitely a great game! The servers went dead though shortly after I completed the time trials, which SUCKS. I'm not even sure if it is possible to get superstar achievement without them being online and without being a filthy cheater. But that is one reason I was hard coring this game, because I KNEW EA is horrible with keeping online services.. ONLINE.

Mirror's Edge

by on

It is a VERY hard game to 100% all achievements on. In a way I almost wish I didn't go on this endeavor but at least simply knowing I have 100% such a difficult game makes me happy :3

So far I have 12 3 starred Time Trials of the 24 total and a few 2 star levels that I need for Super Star Achievement. This is the hardest achievement in the game requiring 90 total stars. After I complete the online aspect of the game I may take a break and finish the rest later as those are the easy ones :P

100% A few games :O

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Final Fantasy 6 Advanced

Good game, as Final Fantasy 6 has always been, the added bonus dungeon was what I would call extremely time consuming but the Omega Weapon battle rewarding in that it was actually kinda challenging.

Final Fantasy 5 Advanced

Always like Final Fantasy 5, they added extras but I can't say the extras were really that notable, not as much as FF6.

Kameo ( G Points only 1000, still in need of a co op friend :3 to get the 0 G achievements )

I love this game, simple as that! :3

Mass Effect 1

Excellent game, I will be moving onto the second now, I only wish there was a more refined primary plot.

Mass Effect 1 DLC

*Spoiler* These were okay.... Pinacle Station was boring for me but meh, better than nothing and you get an vacation apartment for funnies @__@

Eternal Sonata

Hmm other than the music and beautiful vibrant colors, I declare this games plot as average, the battle system although more unique than others could of used a bit more... versatility.

The difference between a Professional Tech and a Tech Monkey.

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The difference is rather apparent, for starters if you hear the name "CCLeaner" or "Registry Cleaner" in a self proclaimed computer technicians mouth, then this person is most likely a Tech Monkey or a Professional Imposter. Who fixes computers and jacks up the prices to embarrassing levels.

But how far does this go? Pretty far actually, I find that most of these "technicians" are novices at best. I'm not looking for engineering expertise here but a level of professionalism and lack of newbie interaction amongst the computer population would be appreciated.

I have seen time and time again people challenging me on computers, or people making youtube videos and they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I don't claim to have every computer book memorized but I was trained, and educated in this field and I tell you there are far to many posers out here in the tech world. From the kid using the spread method, the teen telling you its okay "not to use a static wrist band", to the 40 year old telling you to "run PC Doctor twice a day."

Okay that last one might of been an exaggeration lol. Regardless they'll just format your drive, and tell you "there was nothing they could do" when in reality they just don't know how to do it. There are times to reinstall an operating system and times to actually repair it. In most cases, I can repair an operating system, in worst cases I cannot. But this is usually due to hardware failure.

File recovery? They'll probably delete your files before they ask, because they are in it for the $ or the prestige of being a "computer technician" sure they'll try to fix your computer but don't bet on a properly maintained system when you get it back. They wont optimize performance ( the right way ) They wont update your system, they wont check to see if there are any viruses hiding in .dlls or malicious registry still running. They'll just wait for you to come knocking on their door for more help, and ultimately less money for you.

They'd rather talk about the latest IPhone or Operating System, Processor, Pretty Flashy lights in their "Gaming Rigs", than the next set of security updates, exploit, administrator tool/etc or fact. They'll also spread a disarray of misinformation about computers.

Thus creating more Tech Monkeys in the process.

Blessed be the Universe, save us from this insanity.


Current Computer

by on

Just a quick update so I don't lose this information.

1x Case NZXT Phantom 139.99 ( now 124.99 )
1x MOBO ASUS Crosshair IV Formula229.99 ( now 194.99 )
2x Drives LG Blu-Ray Drive UH12LS28 139.98
1x SSD Corsair Performance 3 64GB 164.99 ( now 152.99 )
2x HDD 2TB Seagate 5900RPM ST2000DL003 159.98
2x HDD 500GB Seagate 7200RPM ST3500418AS 89.98
1x PSU Corsair Pro Series HX750 139.99
1x FAN ZALMAN CNPS9700 NT CPU Fan 54.99 ( now 49.86 )
2x GFX Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850 279.98 ( From Amazon )
1x CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2GHZ 189.99 ( now 169.99 )
4x RAM Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ 209.99 ( now... 114.99 :( ( 4x4 GB ) :( :( :( WTH! lol
1x OS Windows 7 64 Bit Professional OEM 129.99 ( now 139.99 )

I paid 1929.84

You pay 1757.71

E3 2011 Impressions Thus Far

by on

So far the E3 2011 hasn't been entirely disappointing while I wish there were more inventive productions in development it doesn't seem like I will be seeing much of that.

The Xbox show was a bit mild, they spent way to much time featuring Kinect which I don't doubt is succeeding for the average casual gamer. But it didn't really peek my interest in much of anything else. The voice command options seemed gimmicky and for anyone who owns a voice command clock ( Moshi Clock ) I can see some potential issues here. Although far more professional and well done than the others in my opinion. Sony coming in second and then Nintendo ( mainly because I can never fully understand those thick Japanese accents ) .

But Nintendo came in first in peeking my interest. For one reason alone, the mention of Smash Bros on the 3DS and Wii U. Which was definitely a promise by Nintendo. Let us hope they correct the online connection issues which Brawl had before implementing any online functionality ( which they probably will ). Anyway Nintendo was the strongest in the lineup.

Sony, well Sony as usual boasts graphical performance, while I did like the idea of Uncharted 3, it wasn't anything truly new. Sony is a bit stale at the moment in my opinion. But that doesn't mean they weren't showing off good games. I mean it was the same story over again. However they did apologize and showed off their new PS3 offer under $499s... 3D TV, Glasses HDMI cable ( whoop ), and Resistance. But all that fails in comparison to the fact that you have to wear the glasses... @__@ I'd rather live without 3D.

Ubisoft... well Just to put it bluntly Ubisoft kind of upset me. For THIS REASON, Mr. Caffeine no doubt the embodiment of dumbass males that I have to put up with in online games. He made several male genitalia jokes, and vulgar statements. Far from professional, he also felt the need to clap for himself. Also the cutting of the girls microphones was somewhat skeptical... although I am not sure if that was a gamespot issue or intentionally done.

Also what the heck? No Beyond good and Evil 2? ... @#$%! :(

EA... uh it is EA... it's business as usual.

Last: Not particularly excited with the game line up this year. Smash Bros was the only one that truly grasped my interest which isn't going to be released anytime soon for sure.

New Computer Update

by on

This is an update on the hardware changes I made before purchasing the rest of my computer. Also the SSD had to be RMA'd for a replacement because it was coming up with Blue Screen and Black Screens of Deaths so it was clearly defective.

So now I'm sitting next to a giant brick that I cant use until the new SSD arrives lol. If all else fails I'll just use the RAID for OS drive.

2x LG Blu-ray Players
2x 500GB HDD Seagate ( RAID )
2x 2TB HDD Seagate ( RAID )
1x 64GB SSD Corsair Performance 3 ( OS Drive )
1x ASUS Crossair IV Formula Motherboard
4x 4GB Corsair DDR3 RAM ( 16GB Total )
2x 1GB Radeon 6850 Gigabyte Video Cards
1x NZXT Phantom Case
1x AMD Phenom II 6 Core Processor 3.2GHZ
1x Corsair 750W Modular Power Supply
1x Zalman CPU Fan ( PWM Fan Control Required )

LG Taking their time

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You know I am always concerned with foreign companies and support and giving how long it took me to activate my LG phone... they better not be trying to skimp out on my TV's warranty!

It has been 2 days thusfar since I sent out a repair request and no one has contacted me! It is frustrating because the longer they take the longer I have to wait to use my entertainment system and properly use my xbox 360 once it comes back from repairs! -.- this is annoying me lol.

So I hope I don't have to write an "LG support sucks" blog post if they don't hurry up >.>

TV and Xbox 360 Slim Fried

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The other day my xbox 360 and TV friend due to lightning... even though it was unplugged @__@ and obviously off!!! lol. So I don't know what happened, nevertheless they are both under warranty and hopefully I will get one of those famous Microsoft deals where they give me a brand new xbox with 250GB and kinect ;D but... I doubt it XD one can always hope right? lol

See everyone on xbox live in a month!~ :3

Good news that I didn't lose my stored data though ^__^

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