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2011 is going to be an amazing year for gaming

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This year is going to really be hot with most of the hotshot companies working hard to release titles worth drooling over. To me I have many games I am very excited for and I will list a few and maybe explain.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

This game is going to be very exciting for me considering I have been waiting for a newgame for this series and it's finally arriving with characters such as Dante, Chris Redfield, Hulk, Wesker, and even more from both series. The game will feature a story/arcarde and Xbox Live play.


A new shooter that is set for release in May, It is bringing much to the table such as character size affecting what weapons you can use, where areas you can reach and how fast you move. Weapons are going to be excited for due to customizations. Custom characters! The game will have a story and Online play similar to the other shooters we know of out there.

CoD MW 3

Modern Warfare 2's sequal is being released late this year and you can already expect it to be equally as awsome as the other ones although not a lot of details have been released at this time.


A new Elder Scrolls is being released and it is set in the realm of Skyrim the Nord territory I believe. There isn't much details on this game yet, but we can be sure that it will deliver like it's brothers in the series with races. classes, and adventure.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield is finally getting another game and it will be a mixture of the Bad Company series and the original Battlefields such as 2 and 2142. They are planning on many features returning and it will be yet another epic release and hopefully it will not be too much like CoD.


Set in a time period where Korea successfully invades America this terrifying alternate reality will be set where you join in on a resistance group and try to reclaim your homeland and kick out the Koreans. This game will have features similar to Battlefield and CoD as well as bringing some new tools to the game. This game will have a story and online play. It will also require an online pass to play if you didn't buy the game and rented it.

The Old Republic (MMO)

Bioware is finally releasing an mmo that might be revolutionary or pure bad it isn't known at this point, but it does seem to have lots of hype at this point. Though it's unknown if there is different races in the game, the classes will bring lots to the game such as Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Jedi, Sith, and even more. Travel to new worlds and fight as the republic or the sith. Own your own spacecraft (space battles), professions, and more later on. This game will require a subscribtion to play.

Guild Wars 2

The sequal to the first games the 2nd will be something new. Instead of being just a human you have lots of different options from Charr to even the midgets good with technology. The classes will have changes and the game will feel new. The best part is it will be the same as the first due to the no subscribtion to play the game! It's still free!

Resistance 3

Finally the sequal to an amazing series although I don't have tons of info on the game at this point of time, but I have a feeling that this game will have lots of good things.

Mass Effect 3

The story of Commander Shepard continues as you help fight the reapers who are targeting Earth and you must stop them. The game will probably be the same class and character design wise. Though I dunno if it will follow in the first or second games footsteps. There also has been rumors on multiplayer/co-op, but don't know right now.

Saints Row 3

The next installment of Saints Row will be set for this year or next, but it's going to be awsome. This humorus series has really evolved IMO to be one of the better sandbox games. It has been said that you go to another location in the world.

(spolers) Dax leaves the Stillwater and you hunt him down (Spoiler ends)!!!

Lord of the Rings War in the North

Follow an epic series as you must cooperativly fight Sauron's lieutenant (some sorcerer) and save middle earth from certain doom. The game will test your team as you can be a Human ranger, a Dwarf fighter, or a elven loremaster and you need to work as a team to survive and make it through the game.

Batman Arkham City

The first game (Arkham Asylum) was revolutionary Batman will return along with the Joker and will take the fight into the city. Batman will bring new gadgets and need to use new tactics to defeat the Jokers goons from destroying the city.

I am pretty sure there is more and if you catch something that isn't on the list please do share and I will update it, but for now these are the games I am most excited about this year.