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Back to Business.

Well it took a helluva long time but I finally got myself back on theinternet which is good because like most people these days I really do feel disconnected from the world without it. Anyway, there's not much to report other than the fact that I missed being able to play Halo and that I was dying to play MW2 online butnow that I can I'm happy. I'm really looking forward to Reach and hope that I can play it on release day.

So much for my Gamerscore.

As of this writing I will no longer be gaming online under the moniker of ToxicGoblin. Henceforth I shall be known to the anonymous Xbox Live masses as FREMENLAW (a.k.a my email address). Why you ask? Well I'll tell you, it's because as of last month my american Live subscription has expired so I am now offically a Euro gamer. Inorder to play online, which I must do, I finally had to break down and purchase a new euro Xbox Live account to go with my new euro xbox. Apparently you cant use european VISA cards on american accounts. A fact I was introduced too only recently. At first I was a bit bummed, I mean now all my hard work aquiring the meager gamerscore I did have would all be for naught. Then the more I thought about it the more I realized how trivial the whole gamerscore idea had become anyway. I mean I generally play games for fun not acheivements so it's never really mattered to me how high my score was and with guys already out there with 6 digit scores I'm surely not trying to keep up with the jones this generation. At least that's how I intend to rationalize it.The plus side is that at least I get to keep my original profile and gamerscore as a reminder of what acheivements I have earned. It just means that I probably wont be displaying any gamercards on the forums anytime soon.

New technology

Recently my wife bought me my first HDTV. I say first because I hope to buy another larger one in the future specifically for our living room. As it turns out the one she bought me was for my gaming pleasure and is setup in my room (a room dedicated to my art, gaming and other passions). I'm glad that after all these years of video gaming I finally get to play games the way they were meant to be played, or at least the way I keep hearing they're meant to be played (personally I never really had a problem with SDTV so long as the screen was fairly large). I'm sure by most accounts I'm pretty late to the party but oh well, better late than never. Another bonus is that the tv now acts as my computer monitor which is awesome and a bit unexpected. I knew people used HDTV's as monitors but I really thought you had to buy a specific kind or something. Shows how much I know. Anyway I think it's pretty cool since now I can play Total War games on a huge screen. I'm not ready to go all Blu-ray yet but I'm happy to have finally made the jump from SD to HD.


So I log onto to good ol' gamespot and notice that I have one message. I rarely get messages so I check it immediately (to see what anonomous person is tracking me now) only to find that it's a not so friendly message from the higher ups at gamesspot informing me that I have just been modded. Apparently I posted something in the forum someone arbitrarily didnt like so they modded me and awarded me with a point loss. I'm pissed off about it but I know there's nothing I can say or do about it without risking further reprisals from those on high. Hell I'm probably risking suspension just blogging about it. I know that they're only "doing they're jobs" but it still sucks. I suppose it's like a cop that accidently shoots a kid then swears up and down that he saw a gun and therefore was only doing his duty.

Feeling like a noob.

Well I've just gone back to playing Gears of War 2 (I bought it at release but havent really played it much online) and I have to say that I'm really feeling like a noob playing it online. First off I wasnt aware that they had introduced a ranking system. So imagine my surprise when I saw the number 1 by my name while other players had like 50's and 60's! That intimidated me a bit at first but then I remembered how CoD has the same thing so I was fine. Then I started playing and Iwas immediately getting pwned. I kept at it for awhile scoring kills every once in awhile but it really did feel like I hadnt played the game in like forever. I still like playing it and will continue to do so but I think I have to realize that it's a whole 'nother animal compared to Cod or Halo.

Back in the Game!

So the last time I "blogged" I was worried about when I would be able to play my xbox again. Well the good news is that I got an xbox for my birthday (which was about amonth ago) and almost all my ntsc games work on it. Luckily most of my games are region free with the exception of Dead Space, GTA IV and a few others but I dont really mind re-buying those.So for the past month I've been playing Halo 3, Halo Wars,Fallout 3, Soul Calibur IV, and CoD:WaW among others. I'm pretty stoked to be back playing my favorite games and to be back on xbox live which allows me to take my gaming online. My only problem really is trying to decide which games to devout most of my time to plus there are a lot of games I want to buy (now that they're cheap). The main thing is that I'm back doing what I love which is playing games.

Starting from scratch...sort of.

It's been about 3 months now since I've played my 360 and it's really starting to get to me. Although I've been lucky enough to have my computer to game on, I really do enjoygaming onmy xbox more. Halo 3 is hands down my all time favorite game and I had only juststarted playing Fallout 3 before I left the US and moved here to Ireland. I had hoped to have my 360 up and running by now but the voltage difference has made that harder than I expected. I'd actually already resigned myself to the fact that I would probably have to buy a new euro xbox if I ever intended to play Halo 3 again so that took a little pressure off but then I was worried because I didnt want to have to re-buy all my games because of the region coding. The good news is that most of my games are region free soI should be able to play them so long as I also buy an HDTV (because of the tv standards issue) which I plan to do soon. Meanwhile though I'm really jonesin' for some Halo 3and CoD4 action. I never thought I'd miss the xbox live community with all it's annoying little kids and racist teens but you just cant beat the joy of human competition and thatfeeling ofdownright ownage over those less skilled than you..

Now reporting from Ireland

Well the last time I blogged here I was seated comfortably in front of my computer, inside my room, in my Los Angeles apartment. Now I'm sitting on the floor of my new home more than 6000 miles away from that place, in the small but beautiful country of Ireland. My wife and I decided several months ago that it would be in all our best interest to relocate to her home country of Ireland. Imainly figured it would benefit of our kids and our state of mind. L.A. can be a soul crushing place if you dont have a good support system there to help you cope and neither of us had any family out there. I figured in Ireland at least my kids would have a place they could run around and feel safe. So I cashed out my 401k, quit my job,sold my car and booked our tickets sowe could start life anew half way around the world.So far things have been pretty good although I miss playing my 360 but at least I have my computer to keep me warm. I also fried my old xbox and stereo when I tried to plug them in using the wrong type of adaptors. Oh well lesson learned I guess.Sure rains alot here but at least it always smells clean.

So many games, so little time.

So, it's been a great time for gaming lately at least for me. I've been playing a lot of Dead Space and Gears of War 2. I've also just started playing Star Trek Legacy which is a very cool (but difficult) game. I still play a lot of Halo3 but have taken a break from it as of late to focus on Gears 2 which is an awesome game. My next game will most definitely be Fallout 3 but I'm not sure when I'm gonna get it.

Merry Christmas!!!

Bioshock - Now I get it!

Literally! I've been wanting this game for quite some time now and have always wondered what all the hype was about. I mean all the stuff I'd seen from the game didnt really impress me much. However, after playing it for a few hours I've finally come to understand what all the hub bub was about. It really is a cool game with a great immersive story and amazing graphics. I've only just started the game but so far everything I've encountered is pretty solid as far as gamplay and graphics are concerned.
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