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Good Bye Gamespot!

Hey guys!

Now that is a success we are getting read to leave gamespot as a video host once and for all.

We have come to the decision that the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess marathon for the Nintendo Wii will be our last presentation.

All HPAW's up till then and the Splinter Cell: Double Agent marathon will be mirrored here on gamespot.

Please join us at our new home ASAP.

UPDATE: All right guys I guess some clarification is needed.

1. Although the video host is google ALL the videos will be integrated into for easy access.

2. The Splinter Cell marathon starts filming at 2:00PMish today and won't be done for at least 12 hours probably more. However like usual I will upload part one as a sneek peak for you guys and to get feedback ahead of time.

3. If you want to see the parts as fast as they get uploaded you need to use the new site as gamespot will not be getting the parts as fast.

4. To find the parts on the site just look at the navigation bar on the right side under pages there will be a complete list of the parts as they get uploaded.

Thank You

Youtube Mirror

Starting with Oct. 18th HPAW all episodes of HPAW and hopfully marathons will be posted both here on gamespot and on

Finding HPAW of YouTube is easy.

Here is the URL:

We hope that in the future youtube will become our primary place but for now and likly until the Zelda marathon Gamespot will be the primary home of HPAW.

(P.S. I'm just finishing the editing of part 2)

HPAW 2142 Up


This is a two part episode and part two should be up in the next 24 hours.

Gamespot Related Delay

Once again gamespot has some kind of glitch in its upload system so HPAW will have to wait. I have been trying for hours and will keep trying for most of the night.

UPDATE: As of now I am looking to at least mirror HPAW and possibly future marathons on youtube to help make these problems less frequent. Stay tuned for more details soon

HPAW: Operation WPAW, Wii Quest

Well on Oct. 16th EB Games in Canada started to take pre-orders on both the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.

Nw Striker and I decided to go and try to get our Wii pre-orders in.

We went in at 5:15 AM and got to EB by 5:30 AM. At that time there were already 15 people there, mostly for the PS3. Some guy came to us and asked us to put our names down on a list so we would not have to stand in a line once the store opened. This was not an official list but we did so anyway as at least all us people waiting outside this entrance would honor the list. Well after about 10 min I started talking with this guy named Chris who was also here for the Wii and we started to play some Mario Vs. Luigi in New Super Mario Bros. As time went on more people for the Wii and PS3 started to show up. We got into some 6 person Mario kart and then my DS battery died. A few min after that the doors were opened to the mall and most of us rushed into the mall.

Once we arrived in front of EB Games there were already 6 people there and the guys that managed "the list" got pissed off at the store manager whose name was Sid and was here on his day off without pay to help do the  pre-orders smoothly. We decided that the people on this list would get into the order that we were on the list but for some odd reason PS3 people got to go first. We were told by Sid that he could not tell us how many pre-orders they were going to take but it would not be a lot. Soon enough the first person was allowed into the store to pre-order.

After he went into the store Sid locked the door behind him and 20 min passed. He had traded in so much crap and then his gift card didn't work. After a few more people went into the store to pre-order Sid came out and said to the next person in line that they had run out of PS3 pre-orders. The guy in the front of the line was crushed but decided he was going to pre-order a Wii instead prick lowered mine and Strikers chance of getting a pre-order.) Anyway after the news of no more PS3's left about 1/3 of the line left. At this time Striker and I were about 15th in line.

It got tenser and tenser after every person left the shop knowing that they could be the last one to pre-order. Finally I was at the front of the line.

Sid goes in after the guy before me comes out to talk to his employee to see if they had any left. Sid came back out looked at me and said come it. YES!!!!!!!!

So I put $200 CAD down on the Wii and left hoping that Striker who was next would get his pre-order. He did.

We stuck around a little while and found out that everyone we had played DS with near the start had gotten their Wii pre-order and we all decided to meet back on November 19th a few hours before opening to get together again.

As it turned out I was 5th to last to get a pre-order and Striker was 4th to last. We met a lot of cool people and the overall experience was awesome.

Operation WPAW stands for We Pre-ordered A Wii and hopefully an audio version of this report will be on this weeks HPAW.

P.S. If you record the word Wii and then play it back words it says You, weird huh?