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It's sad that we have to say "actually looking forward to it" after book 2. (I don't think it was *that* bad, various frustrations acknowledged)

But yeah! They just announced the premier date a few hours ago! It's a nice surprise to having it coming up so soon!

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October 3, 2014. Legend of Korra: Book 4 online premier. Smash Bros 4 releases on 3DS (US).

Great, great day to be a nerd guys.

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I know some people who gave up in the middle of season 2 ... it's unfortunate. "Spirits" really had some great strong points, unfocused plot and frustrating character interactions aside.

It was spectacular. I'm tempted to say this is the best season in the Avatar universe.

So good.

Yeah! And it was only after this that Zaheer was able to let go of his earthly tethers and become the wind! This was just a really well thought-out season.

The last few minutes of the finale were especially gripping ... definitely bittersweet. Season 4 has a lot of potential, already.

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I think Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have incredible highlights but don't quite compare to Ocarina of Time (or Majora's Mask) in terms of the *entire* soundtrack.

That's my personal perspective. I need to listen to more of TP's sometime, so I'll check out that link TC.

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Each of the following are "god-tier:"

1st Super Mario 64 (the iconic main theme, the majestic "Inside the castle walls" theme, the ethereal Jolly Roger Bay are among many gems)

2nd Donkey Kong Country 2 (literally unbelievably good)

3rd Ocarina of Time (everybody loves this one; the music a key element of the gameplay and storytelling)

4th Metroid Prime (in this wonderful game the music helps bring the setting/atmosphere to life in the players mind)

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The season is now finished.

Did anyone else watch the finale today?

Feel free to use this topic to discuss the season and speculate about season 4 using SPOILER tags.

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People have been discussing this on gamefaqs for over a day, now. We're currently 50/50 on the leak. Like the gamexplain video says, you can't really know for sure either way, at the moment.

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Personally I'd never sell my copy. The game was something special, for DK fans like myself.

But there won't be any DLC or anything. You're tired of it and don't feel like collecting, so why not?

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Good or bad? Excellence is everywhere in this game, but it may not stay fresh for everyone.

It's part of the continuing evolution of the 3 previous titles (Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7). What sets this one a part is a particularly high level of polish, gorgeous visuals, creative courses, and (relatedly) an integration of glider, underwater, and antigravity elements. The replays are also surprisingly amusing.

There is a chance you may find it a tad stale if you've been playing a ton of previous iterations. While the improvements mentioned above will surely grab any Kart fans interest, one may grow tired of the essentially similar core gameplay sooner than they had with other games. It really depends on you.

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He was certainly a gem -- a unique and well-loved actor.