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E3 2011, Finishing up old games and a New demo

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E3 2011 is quite decent, did not get any surprise from the conferences though. On the other hand exited about PSP vita (not a big fan of the name), its price tag and the games it will get upon release. Definitely getting that handheld. Dont know what to think about Nintendo Wii U; controller is kinda neat. Need more info on the real console. Microsoft Conf. was a joke imo, full of kinect enabled games. Gamespot's live stream was fail again. Constant buffering,lag, off air problems, had to switch to GT numerious time during the live stream.

Last week i found out i have ~100 games on steam using 300+ GB of my HD. So i decided to start playing the games i never finished. Started with The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena that also included the original Butcher Bay. Finished both in less 20 hrs. Just uploaded a video on youtube (Watch on 720p).

Last thing would be the demo of Duke Nukem, i actually enjoyed the demo, it was kinda easy but cant judge game from just a mere demo. Also upload a video of the first level in demo. enjoy and watch on 1080p.

Just a short blog

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Haven't written any blog for 5 months and this one will be really short. Just to inform my current habitat. I am still playing TF2 like crazy; love that game, waiting for the scout update. I don't visit GS often cause i go to gametrailers. i like their video stuffs and also new point system and auction house is amazing. btw i won a south park dvd from gametrailer's raffle draw :D

Free Steam Games

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Steam - valve's online game distribution service, still painfully slow but you have to agree it's growing very rapidly. Some people doesn't like that at all. Anyways i just notice that steam official site giving away some free games, there is no catch; the only thing you need a steam account, that's all. And one more thing you have to use ATI or NVIDIA card and i think most of you using either one of the cards.

Here is the link:

Steam offering total 4 games - Half Life 2: Deathmatch, Half Life 2: Lost Coast, Peggle Extreme and Portal: first slice which has 11 levels from full game. ATI card owner can download first 2 games - HL2 Deathmatch and HL2: Coast to Coast.

Here is the link:

On the other hand NVIDIA card owner can download 2 additional games beside those 2 offered for ATI users - Peggle Exteme and Portal. If you haven't played Peggle - just try it, awesome puzzle game and i don't think i need to say anything about Portal. I already have Orange Box, so only game i downloaded is HL2: Deathmatch, FYI other games are included in the Orange Box. And one more thing you can't download NVIDIA games if you have an ATI card.

Check my site @

I still have one Team Fortress 2 guess pass and it's going to be expired on 21st this month, so if anyone wants to play TF2 - just PM me.

Warhammer Online

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Anyone here interested about Warhammer games? I am not a huge Warhammer fan more like Warcraft, Age of empire enthusiast when it comes to RTS games. But i have to agree i enjoyed Warhammer 40k games. The online reason now i am downloading the beta cause i read GameInformer( June 08 ) article on this game and several gameplay features made me a future fan. I want to add some quote from GI - "...the focus has shifted toward encouraging players to taka part in large public PvP areas that can be found in nearly every zone." Check the IGNs beta preview if you want to learn more about the almost finished game.

From the sceenshots and gameplay video game is looking exceptionally polished and ready to go. I am hoping to post another blog after playing the game for several hours. i never played World of warcraft and only MMORPG i played for over 100 hours is Dungeon Runners. i never like the monthly subscription fee that is $15, warhammer will have same kinda fee, so i am sure i am not going to play the full game even if i like the game, in my opinion online game should follow the fps game rule like Team Fortress, Call of Duty, where you buy a game and play as long as you wish without paying extra money.

if you are wondering from where i am downloading the beta, the answer is on the image above - Fileplanet. From their site beta will be playable from September 7th so i am going to play that game 12 days before most the gamers and also i don't have to pay a dime. It will take some time to finish the downloading - it's almost 10 GB (9.38 exactly). According to the official site so far almost 900K people applied for beta participation, not bad for game that is not related with WOW.

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Summer Almost Over

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Summer is almost over here in States. I had a mixed summer this year. Bought some new electronics, broke one. I have been working in a motel for last two months here in IL, it's time to go back to Missouri. Most probably next Tuesday. First - i broke my PSP - not completely, it fell from my hands and now power switch doesn't work anymore and i am going to repair that when i go back to town. I always had plan to buy a camera, just waiting for a good deal, after browing through camera review websites, i decided to go for Kodak MD863. Obviously it's not the best but for a casual photographer like me it was perfect. It cost me $140 plus i bought one 2 GB SD card.

I had some other option like Nikon, Canon but most of the cameras in that price range use AAA battery and i simply didn't like that and looking for Li-ion and after using it for over 2 weeks i have to say i am impressed, both image and video quality are quite good. I will recommended this camera to everyone looking for a camera within that price range.

As a told you before, i broke my PSP that i also used for mp3 player and if anyone worked in a motel knows that you get plenty free time and some music helps during work time, so i needed to buy a player and didn't want to spend $150 - 200 for an Ipod. but i was also looking for a tiny but player with great functionalities. After checking out couple of players i decided to get Creative Zen - 4 GB.

i like the SD card slot, that means i can put my huge collection of english, hindi, bangla songs in that. Beside having regular features like FM radio, Picture and microphone option, the video quality is really good for small screen (320 x 240). Battery life span is incredible and it's tiny and very light. It cost me ~$100. The only 2 objections i have about this player are - there is no external speaker so it's not possible to hear with an ear bud and no direct switch for changing the volume - otherwise it's a near perfect mp3 player.

One thing i should write that i had to return the first Zen i bought from Walmart cause it was not functioning properly but i haven't had any problem with this one. And i think Creative customer support deserves a praise for super fast and helpful info.

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E3 2008 - Nintendo Conference

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This is the text only version of my blog, for my original blog please go to my site, here is the tinyurl link

Nintendo has the best selling console and also the DS - still a record breaking handheld gaming device, but they are not getting great games from 3rd party publisher. Will they introduce new funky accessories for Wii and a new DS. Let's see what happens on this press conference.

Then keynote by Nintendo head remembering us once again that they want to remove the psychologial barrier between gamer and non-game by game like Wii Play, Wii Sports, Mario kart and Guitar Hero. he did say that change is necessary. Hopefully we will see something new from Nintendo.

Animal Crossing - City Folk is coming end of this year for Wii, was shown later. AC is really popular game for its GC and DS version and it will be on Wii with some great new features. There will be microphone option - Wii Speak - by using that you will be able to talk with other in game player. Messenging will allow to send message to in game player as well as offline player too.

Nintendo America President Reggie started same way as he did last year by telling that they sold zillions of units and DS being the best selling gaming device of all time and Pokemon's success!! Also How nintendo is loyal to veteran games by showing Metroid Prime & Mario and they are also working for family and new gamers and game like Wii Sports and Wii Fit are serving that purpose.

Some new games were mentioned then like new Guitar Hero - On Tour Decades, you will be able to share music between two version of Guitar Hero. Some images from upcoming game Spore Creatures were displayed too, as well as Call of Duty - World At War and another Pokemon game - Pokemon Ranger for DS.

The one thing that surprised me most in the new GTA game on DS, Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown wars. This game will use a custom engine and liberty city is once again will be city of that purpose.

Every year nintendo shows some unique accessories - this year they didn't introduce anything new, instead Wii Motion Plus, new Wiimote with an add-on part that will attach to Wii remote and offer better motion sensing capability.

A new game, Wii Sports Resort was introduced to demonstrate the Wii Motion Plus. New Wii Sports game! Am i surprised? No. 3 Games were shown from Resort. I found sword fighting quite interesting. All the mini games will feature beach/resort theme. Wii Motion Plus will come in bundle with this game.

Nintendo's last and most probably the best announcement was Wii Music. They were planning for this game from the beginning of Wii. You will be able to play 50 different musical instruments - and the only thing you have to do is just move your body,no button matching, no beating the drum either. But from what i have seen it looks quite fun to me. Total 4 players can play Wii Music Simultinuously. Wii Board can also be used with some instrument like as drummer's pad.

In my opinion Nintendo's conference was decent, anyway i didb't expect to see much from them either so i was not disappointed.

Microsoft's conference

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This is the text only version of my blog, for my original blog please go to my site, here is the tinyurl link

With great and awesome looking new Dashboard, Avatar System, exclusive arcade and retail games, trailers and not but the least Final Fantasy 13 Debut on X360, surely Microsoft's this year E3 Conference was a blast.

I am a fan of Gears of war and was excited to see a long gameplay trailer from upcoming GOW 2 and who can forget Fable - the Great Xbox/PC RPG game,one of my all time favourite. Now this is the time for Fable 2. Gameplay footage from Fable 2 was shown on the show and i liked the in game orb idea, each orb represents your friends playing Fable 2 at that time. This is quite innovative.

Microsoft introduced live arcade games like Geometry wars 2 & new Galaga and of course Portal: Still alive and surprise package South Park - portal and south park will be on my list and hope to see something great from those two titles.

Microsoft's new dash board amazed me, so far this is best looking and functioning dash board i have even seen, it even beat Playstation's XMB. In game Avatar is not a new idea, Mii done great job for Wii in this category. But XBox avatar looking sharp and addition of mood system is a neat idea. I waiting to see how the new gamecard looks like. All the menu in the dash board move like Ipod album selection.

XBox live will offer Netflix service. you can share and watch movies with your friends as well as tv shows together. Live will get another great enhancement - Primetime, here you can play play game like 1vs100 for real prize.

Two new games - Banjo-Kazooie and Viva Pinata 2 coming soon as well as community developed game like Word Soup. Hope to see more game from independent community developers in the near future.

Microsoft had something for family and party games too, new Scene It game looking fun and newly introduced You are in the movies showed some great prospect. It's like PC game The Movies, you can create movies in this game but difference is you will be the actor - using motion sensing technology you will be able to record you movement by playing some minigames.

Guitar Hero - World Tour from Activation and Red Octane this year too. This game will offer exclusive album and will come on x360 only.

Another music game - Lips, looks like great party game to me and with Zune/ipod integration playing your favorite music would be hassle free. Anyway i have very little knowledge on this game.

Rock band 2 is coming this September exclusively on 360. With impressive 84 tracks with includes songs from AC DC Guns & Roses, Bob Dillon. You will be able to use all the tracks from previous Rock band that will save some of your money and trouble.

At the end of the show 3 exclusive titles from Square Enix Were shown - these are Star Ocean, Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery. The Last Remnant is also coming to PC - great news for me.

But Microsoft held the surprising news (Shocking for PS fanboy) until the last moment and it was Final Fantasy 13s landing on X360. i couldn't get a good screenshot of this game, here is one i was able to grab.

Though microsoft didn't offer anything revolutionary i was pleased with the total performance this year.

Get a 360, PS3 and Wii, yes you read right - All 3

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Top 10 April Fools' Website Prank

click on the image to see the full sized image, don't worry no one will hack your GS password

10) Newgrounds - 5/10

I expecpted way better than this from NG. i thougth Tankman will do something spectacular instead the whole tank became poop! and also NEDM cat and Rick showing their faces beside the poop tank. as a bonus we will also get unplayable Pico 2 game on the right side. but beware NG is full of AF crap now.


9) Xfire - 6/10

After what they did last year, this year's prank wasn't that good. if you don't know - last year xfire changed all the games name to funny and weired names. this year they just added some random characters and changed some letter to their leet format(E becomes 3). of course 'OMG P0NI3Z!' in the game lists title, and word like 'M4D [A$$$H'. GIMM3 INFOZ! made me laugh.



8 ) GameSpot - 7/10

I have to tell that, at first GS got me with its Rock Band - PSP, i thought why not, weird things happen everyday in game industry. but when i saw david jaffe's cursing, i realized it's the AF prank. it's not that awesome but i didn't expect that from GS - surprise


7) - 7/10

Gamespot's sister did same kind of prank like GS, making fun of some shows like return of Caveman, Dalai Lama in hell kitchen are quite funny.



6) IGN - 8/10

Gamespot's Rival site beat GS in AF's prank and they made it really believable. it is hard to find is real and what is not. kudos to IGN. Spoof like zelda movie trailer, GTA games on top game list are some of the jokes.



5) Gmail

Spammers dream come true - thanks to Gmail, now you can send email with custom date/time. no fear of late assignments. Gmail is the best.


4) WoW - 8/10

April fool day without some WoW prank, this is unbelievable. Blizzard intoducing new Bard ****and also WOW is coming to console - at last.


3) Google

Want to be a virgle pioneer, no problem google is here. just fill up a questionnaire and you will be one and you can contribute in google's 100 yrs plan



2) Youtube

Best so far. but you don't know, so Never Gonne Give (you) up. Youtube completely beat me and i not ashamed, just click any featured video from the front page and you will find what i am saying here. i know which one you gonna click. Hint: check the image below.




This blog is number one .period.

Here is my editorial!, hope you enjoyed it:P

What's wrong with NFS and EA

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That's what i said after playing Need For Speed: ProStreet Demo. i am hard core racing fan and NFS series have been my favourite games. every year i eagerly wait for next NFS game. i have played all the NFS games. when they move from tradition racing game to underground racing, i welcomed that change and that was a good move for both EA and NFS. Though NFS: Hot pursuit 2 (last traditional NFS game, also known as NFS 6) still my fav among other NFS titles. NFS underground was big success. next game NFS U2 didn't receive that much acknowledgment, but i would say that was also a great game. then came Most wanted and yes that is an awesome and showed the true identiy of NFS to the gaming world. Now EA thought, hey why not change NFS (because this is the only series in where they add something new) and now we have carbon. i am not saying it's a bad game but i didn't enjoy that game, still play on 360 sometime - cause this is NFS. but the newest game - ProStreet convinced me that NFS is going to wrong direction.

PS has too many problem, i didn't play the full game but played the demo and also checked some reviewed, very rarely i agree with GS review but after playing the demo i have to say GS got the review right. check the video above, it's a totaled video from NFS: PS game. Here are some info - in the demo you are able to play one race and can choose from 3 difficulty - causel and i don'e remember last two, i guess normal and hard. i played with normal and it's really hard to keep your car on the road and that frustrated me. the guy that shouts! begining of the race, is just super annoying.If you hit on back side,you will be close to be totaled, little bump will rollover the car and you will see the totaled text.

Great Day for PC games In Gamespot

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Last night was one of the best night for PC gamer in Gamespot, why? because, GS reviews 3 PC games got awesome score. It's pretty rare that PC games get such good score in GS. because gamespot always review some unknown games that no one ever heard of before, i least i did not. here is proof - and for this i am going back to July 07. And here are some games GS review since July. I believe you did not know much about these games before GS reviewed it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course i have no problem GS reviewing these crappy games. just one question - why review a game when it's obvious from screen shots and game play video that it will get a low score. and if you check these games rank (that is based on traffic on that particular game), review #, tracking #, you will see very few people has interest on that game. i believe you people can understand this, especially PC gamer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now back to my original goal. Gears of war got a 9 and it deserves this. i didn't played it on PC, but enjoyed when played on 360, really awesome TPS game. too bad my PC can't handle it, love to play this on PC.  ............................................................................................................................... As an action-RPG fan i welcomed The witcher from the beginning. it has really good story and action, hope to play this game soon  ................................................................................................................................. My personal favourite game. played all new release since Football Manager 05 and currently playing 07. and yes i like the name Football Manager better than Worldwide Soccer Manager. going to buy this game soon, most probably this week.  .................................................................................................................................... Also there is a review for Thrillville that also received a good score 7.5, though i had no clue that this game is on PC too.