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My thoughts on Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (I'm outraged)

I was pretty stoked when I saw The Phantom Pain trailer that was announced back in 2012's VGA game awards. I mean Metal Gear Solid has yet to release a crappy game in its series. I'm mixed and bitter about Metal Gear Solid V though since its been the big talk. I don't doubt for a second that its a bad game but they want to make it sort of a reboot to the series.

I realize that Its still a Metal Gear Solid game but hear are my two biggest issues and i'm dissapointed in it very much so.

An open world, I love how Metal Gear has always been from point A to point B there is stuff to do and collect in and around the area and I felt that Snake Eater was open enough. But i'm tired of games having to go sandbox style to be popular, How each and ever game is developing a night and day cycle in which the enviorment changes. I mean what ever happened to sneak in and sneak out. I suppose its changes of the time but this isn't something I can simple get over, I feel like i'm being told Like sandbox or don't play games at all.

The biggest complaint I have and it could affect what I think of the game as the English trailers start to come over is David Hayter who has voiced Solid Snake and Big Boss since Metal Gear Solid in 1998 isn't reprising his role he wasn't asked to. Kojima never asked him. Kojima stated that The Phantom Pain in a sense was a Reboot to Metal Gear Solid series. Therefore a new voice actor for snake must be chosen. YOU CAN'T DO THAT. DAVID HAYTER IS SOLID SNAKE AND BIG BOSS AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE IT'S BULLCRAP. You cannot take a legendary character like snake that we have affilated David Hayter's voice with for 15 years and change it. I don't like it and as far as I'm concerned you cannot have Snake in a game without David Hayter how I would have taken it better had David Hayter came down and said I don't want to voice snake sure I would have been upset but not like I am now. To be told the Voice actor has to change just simply because its to help Reboot the series is bullcrap. Metal Gear Solid has been the one series overtime that has been able to adapt and change as games have and still deliver awesome gameplay. While I don't doubt the gameplay will be incredile I feel like i'm being slapped in the face with this two issues. I hate to say it, but maybe because David Hayter was not asked to Voice Solid Snake I'm going to boycott Metal Gear Solid V altogether. a bit harsh yes but its the way it is and i've got other piorities to think about too.