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Metal Gear Rising Slicin Ninja Style

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Metal Gear Rising in a lot of ways reminds me of Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII. Not so much in gameplay and mechanics but as what Dirge of Cerberus was for the series. It in a lot of ways introduces new characters that are kinda boring. Like Vincent, Raiden is the only character you care about. Its atmosphere feels similar you have cyborgs that are like freaking crazy and if any of you who have played both games you'll understand what I mean. Dirge of Cerberus and Metal Gear Rising are very good games, but like dirge, Rising cannot hold a flame to the main series. and with that here are my thoughts

Its story so far is alright its not the great, but I've yet to see for myself, and so far i've not heard it is too great. Now its gameplay does take much more action into consideration at a far faster pace than tht ever seen in the franchise. you still rely on stealth, sneak around and hide in cardboard boxes, but Raiden's skills as a cyborg ninja play into it. its good but I set up my expectations to high for this game. expect a reveiw here shortly.