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Final Fantasy XV

I watch the trailer and I can't help but be in awe as I watch it. There is a very large part of me that is super excited. Chasing the boundaries that Final Fantasy XII attempted Square is once again trying to redifine the series. Square is not holding back either they have flat out come out and said that the series is taking a drastic change. From what i've seen its a bold step forward to redifine a dieing genre. From what i've seen Final Fantasy XV will loos many fans and from what I've seen it will gain many more. I for one am stoked for this game. Its like an RPG idea that I had that I wanted to submit to square. as long as Square doesnt' turn Final Fantasy into a fallout 3 or Skyrim type gameplay I will continue to support them. Square Is being smart in my opinion. I have not been happier to call myself a fan of Square Enix. There is a reason I call them my favorite company and they haven't let me down for 13 years.