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A fading light (Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

we've all been anticpating this game for some time. and we've know about it for quite some time. The game has been around longer than the PS3's lifespan actually has and that's saying something. I don't know what square is planning with it or even if they are working on it anymore. With a new Final Fantasy being annouced for the PS4 people are asking is Versus XIII gonna be rebranded Final Fantasy XV. My answer to that is likely not. I think square is planning something big for Final Fantasy XV. I think they are looking to take a fresh start on the series and reinvent it in ways that we haven't seen. Perhaps Versus XIII isn't dead but with the PS3's lifespan coming to an end and the PS4 starting its left me wondering the fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Maybe we will get knews about it come E3, but i'm expecting to hear about Final Fantasy XV for the PS4. At this point I think square has canned the project and just doesn't have the balls to tell us they have. I think they are afraid if fan reaction and afraid they will cause more people to hate them. Its not a bad thing, but perhaps after the reaction to XIII square thought it best. by the way XIII was still an awesome game don't care what them haters say.

May Versus rest in peace along with the dead title Chrono Break.

Regardless of what is going on i've said it a thousand times before and i'll say it a thousand times again. Square Enix is still the best game developer and producer out there.