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A predator in the night

Gosh I can't wait to see The Dark Night Rises tomorrow. More so I gave Gears of War another try second times a charm right its quite enjoyable.

Honestly i'm back and nobody cares lol, its like we all got tired of my ranting and raving all the time haha. So I hate dating with a passion

Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls is the next title being developed by Quantic Dream (Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain) This game looks interesting for those of you who have not seen the trailer on the PSN Network do so. It starts out with a girl who doesn't say a word the police cheif is trying to find out who she is what happened apparently it appears that she was in some accident. She doesn't say a word. He leaves her along and the next thing you know the swat team is coming in looking for the girl, she appears to be talking to some spirit. You play as Jodie Holmes a young girl who has the ability to talk with spirits as seen in the trailer. Jodie Holmes was motion captured by Ellen Page no suprise considering she looks alot like Ellen Page.

I haven't played Heavy Rain even though I really want to due to issue from the ESRB Rating (think what you will). This game has been Rated PEGI 16+ which has me hopeful that I will be able to play it.

check out the debut trailer from E3 2012

So I'm back.....

Yeah I'm back and completely insane. By the way those who didn't check out E3, Final Fantasy Agni tech demo looked really sweet. Still no word on Final Fantasy Type 0, Versus or anything. I am however super excited for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

Theatrythm Final Fantasy is interesting its like 10 years of my life in music and cinematics its a fu game repetative but, for the record i'm changing the way I game sure I'll still play RPG's and keep track of them but I"m going to open up my horizion to other games. Here are some I really want to give another try or try out again

Gears of War Series



Elder of Scrolls

Dead Space

Alan Wake

Count me out..... (Freinds please Read)

It has been a while my friends and too long indeed since I have been on, between work, and other things I just can't get on much. I've met some cool people I must admit and not in a setting I would have expected. I want to talk about a few other things first. I've met some amazing people on this website and I'm grateful for the friendships that I have made here. Zinoalex, Matastig, Travistaggs, Black Hen, Zanarkand Tidus. Matastig and ZanarakandTidus are like my two best friends on this site, so thanks guys. I can't really get into games much I bought Xenoblade Chronicles haven't even touched it The Last Story comes out next month and I don't even have my copy reserved yet. Kingdom Hearts and Theatrythem Final Fantasy comes out in July of course both of those titles i'll be getting. But I take a look at the games that have come out this year. Mass Effect 3 was an epic journey that made me remember why I loved the cast so much even those characters that I haded in two and 3 I eneded up liking in 3, I jus wish the ending was better. Final Fantasy XIII 2 is my favorite realease thus far I cannot so far picture any game beating that game game of the year. Remember Snow and Light get DLC coming tuesday, I'm pumped and cannot wait to have everything pertainting to the ending of Final Fantasy XIII 2 finally wrapped up. Uncharted Golden Abyss was an enjoyable experince too and I enjoyed it very much, a worthy game in Drakes journies.

Lets get down to the facts though. I hate with passion most games out on the market tooday, Only one series from japan really stands out to me anymore and that is Uncharted, Naughty Dog has recieved a follower. It is not so much tha I despise other people who like todays games I don't. I'm stuck in the old-school, I love a game with a story and characters that develop, and show emotion The story and cinema's in a game break up the gameplay and thats what I've always enjoyed about JRPG they have a mixture of story and gameplay taht sufficed me. Now I don't see eye to eye with many gamers, its always about hte gameplay nowadays never the story and gameplay. My games simply suffer. I think once Final Fantasy is finished my time with games will slowly dissappear. I will have no desire to buy new gen consoles of sorts. Heck right now I cannot even get into many games as it is. I've found myself want to get out there and meet people. For the record the dating game really sucks I over anylze everthing. Its really annoying when it comes to asking a girl out. Moving on.

Don't be alarmed if you do not see any blogs after this I really have no desire to fire up this sight let alone play games anymore. Thanks to all who have been my friends I guess this is goodbye.

Xenoblade Chronicles

I just picked up my copy and while I really played it for no longer than an hour. I'm completely blown away buy it. YOU CANNOT COMPARE THIS GAME TO THE PS3 OR 360, but it fits onto the Wii and a beautifully welcomed title. The world is so vast and huge that there is much to be exlpored on foot as is there wit your eyes. It has some of the most breathtaking scenery ever. The very first batle pits you up against these giant machines and gives you the fisrt glimpse of the new battle system, lets say its sort of reminds me of White Knight Chronicles but 80 times better. I can't say to much more because I haven't played it but I can already tell this will be one of my favorite if not my favorite game i've played this year. THe characters seem pretty cool, The Music is top Notch with Yasunori Mitsuda and Yoko Shimuro its no doubt. Xenoblade Chroncles will keep me occupied for a long time. and if Xenoblade Chronicles continues down this path it was worth the long wait of 5 years to get this game.

Since this game was made by Legendary developers, I had very high expectations. Since these developers are behind 4 of my favorite games of all time it is no wonder why. (Xenogears, Xenosaga, Really need to play the Baten Kaitos games). It was not doubt why. Perhaps the hype was true, this game just might be the saviour JRPG's need. The uneeded saviour for us fans but the game to bring back the beauty of these games into the gaming world.

Mistborn: Birthright

Mistborn: Birthright is an western RPG that has caught my attention and not for a reason it is an RPG cause the fact it was a western RPG would have made me turn away, but for a reasonthat you would suspect. There is one reason and one reason only this game is even on my wishlist. That is because I have read Brandon Sandersons book Mistborn and own 3 of the 4 books in the series. Mistborn

Birthright is a prequal to the first book and is set during the early stages of the Final Empire. Apparently you are playing as the arrogant noble, who must prove is worth (I have a problem with this). The story and Dialouge is being written by no other than the author, Brandon Sanderson himself. All I no is it is a Action RPG and judging from the combat that he has created in the books this could make for a very entertaining use of magic. i'll break it down for you in a description.

The Magic used is called Allomancy, the user can burn metals and in doing so they are given special abilties, such as being able to pull on Iron and push on steel, one might use this to scale a building. You can burn pewter, to streanghten the body, making an otherwise painful wound feel less painful, this has its drawbacks but comes in handy, you can also push your limits, like run a distance that your body could not otherwise handle. You have people who can track other allomancy users I forget there names and then you have a smoker who can block this effect. There are many different types of metals one can use for various things. Allomancers are divided into tow groups of classifications. you have mistlings and mistborns. Mistlings are only allowed to burn one of the metals and no other metal they swallow will have any effect. Mistborns (which are very rare) can burn any one of these metals and a given time. Lets break it down this way if you get into a fight with a mistborn you might want to run. Mistborns use the iron pulling and steel pushing in combat in very unique ways. With such a unique set of abilites the game could be don well but at the same time things could go wrong, it is set for a 2013 Release, in the mean time for those of you who are interested here are the books that have been written by this author inside the Mistborn series. He is also the one who has written the last 3 books in the Wheel of Time Series.

Mistborn: The Final Empire

Mistborn: Well of Acension

Mistborn: The Hero of Ages

Mistborn: Alloy of Law (this is just a spinoff novel set in the same world years in the future not nesseserly connected to the books listed above)

Kojima working on a new title

Kojima is a busy many, overseeing Metal Gear Rising, Working on a new Zone of Enders game, but even mor recently Kojima has shed som light on a new game he is working on apperantly it is a mystery game that tackles issues of reality something he calls a taboo of gaming. if there is any team that can overcome a taboo. it is Kojima Productions. So gamers its a Kojima game and one that gamers of any genre need to keep on there radar.

I was also reading up on the game and stumbled across this quote and if there is one persona that can pull this off it is Kojima unlike another company that dissapointed me so much (Glaring at Mass Effect 3)

"Storytelling is very difficult. But adding the flavour helps to relay the storytelling, meaning in a cut scene, with a set camera and effects, you can make the users feel sorrow, or make them happy or laugh. This is an easy approach, which we have been doing. That is one point, the second point is that if I make multiple storylines and allow the users to select which story, this might really sacrifice the deep emotion the user might feel; when there's a concrete storyline, and you kind of go along that rail, you feel the destiny of the story, which at the end, makes you feel more moved. But when you make it interactive - if you want multiple stories where you go one way or another - will that make the player more moved when he or she finishes the game? These two points are really the key which I am thinking about, and if this works, I think I could probably introduce a more interactive storytelling method."

Mass Effect 3 a big dissapointment (Spoilers)

When I went to the midnight release for Mass Effect I was excited I got my copy and had things to do the next day so I never got a change really sit down and play it or a day. When I finally got around to it I was overwhelmed with desisions on just how much my desicions from the prior two games would affect he game. For the first time Shepard felt human it was an emotional ride. A kid in a shuttle blows up, He tries to save the kid. Shepard had dreams that he can barely tolerate. 3 party members can die I only know of one that you can actually save. One of those party members dies in a way that he just doesn't deserve. Mass Effect 3 was shaping up to perhaps me one of my favorite games of all time. Never had I seen a game that took so much into account from other games. BioWare promised that the decisions made in Mass Effect 1 & 2 would affect he outcome of three. It did quite well until the ending. That is where everything fell apart. Now Mass Effect 3 is in the running for the worst game ever made. It has made me loose interest in the entire series, I don't need a new ending DLC I need a freaking DLC that better explains what happend. Even then BioWare left so many inconsistinies in there own plot it is as if half the developers were not in on the ending and fans tore it apart. I've sold all my Mass Effect games the ending to 3 was so bad that I have lost interest in the series altogether. I have no desire to play Mass Effect 4 if its made or even read the two Mass Effect books i've yet o read.

BioWare promised that we would be incontrol of the ending depending on decisions made, that was a poor choice of words. There are four possible endings Shepard Dies earth is destroyed (beleive it or not this is the better ending) Shepardbecomes a reaper (mass Relays destoyed) Shepard destroys reapers and lives (Mass Relay destroyed) Shepard adds his energy to he Crucible (mass Relays destroyed) The onlydifference between the endings you choose is the color of the beam thatsends awayor destroys the reapers it looks the same.The incosnstance withthis is as follows, we learned in the DLC of The Arrival tha the destruction of a Mass Relay blows up the surroundingplanets, well if that is the case there would have been alot more destruction and destroying of alien planents if I was shepard I would have taken my gun and commited Suicide at least the rest of the galaxy would be spared. BioWare lost a fan and not only of there company but of Mass Effect period. Don't make promises you cannot keep, perhaps a japanese developer will pick up on the idea BioWare left behind and take it into he direction that BioWare promised.

In the mean time I saw The Hunger Games Movie one word "AWESOME"

Mass Effect 3 Beaten ( and Concerns for gaming future. ) ALL GAMERS NEED TO READ

Yes I beat mass Effect 3 and it was epic up until the point where I carried out how I was going save the galaxy. The ending was stupid, well wait are we even calling the ending and ending. I don't consider it one.

So apparently Bioware was going to leave this as the ending, it made no sense I had no Idea what the heck was going on. BioWare wants to now release a DLC to bring closure to the plot imagine that. There plan all along I think so. Its called not giving the full ending to players and charging them to see the rest, I would be lying if I hadn't seen it before Final Fantasy XIII 2 (I tolerated that cause I thought it was a one time thing. who was I kidding). Mass Effect 3 was the icing on the cake. Games used to be fun, you played them for the enjoyment of the gameplay and the story. Now we apparetnly only play them for the gameplay, they are milking gamers who like stories for every penny for money and its utter bull crap. I pay 60 bucks for a game I expect a dang freaking ending for the game not some sad excuse for an ending to tell me oh well in order to see the rest please by our DLC. I've very rarely been dissapointed with an ending but this was stupid. Seriously the ending to Mass Effect 3 made my entire experince through the trilogy of Mass Effect feel like a waist and being told I have to play a DLC to bring actual closure to that is like a big kick in the but.

How far do we have to let developers go before say enough is enough. I hate the fact that I have to dish out 60 dollars for a game and 10 to 20 for another DLC just to bring closure. there is a bitter taste left in your mouth when a developer can't even give you a decent ending to the game and leaves you haning to milk a fan for there money so they can see the rest of there game. Sad part about it is we can't boycott it because those who want to see how it all ends need to buy it to see how the story is ending. This isn't the way that games should be this is the very thing I mention in a past blog about why games are not fun. Games have always been a money market, but not like this. The rise of an online store has DESTROYED enjoyment from games. I look at all the games coming out in the future and say why bother. I will end up spending 100 dollars on one game. I'm guess it was about that for Mass Effect 2. I've already spent 65 dollars on Final Fantasy XIII 2 since its release. Perhaps this is my final point in which I cannot take anymore. I've always enjoyed playing and moving onto another game. I never buy DLC for games unless it is like a sidequest or ad story related. but using DLC to milk money out of gamers, just to see how the rest of the game plays out its bull crap. come on gamers we need to rise to these industries and say enough is a enough. if you know a critic, a mod on this sight or somebody who has connections with one please voice this concern the intrustry depends upon it. Maybe I'm in this along but I certainly hope this reaches out to not just those who repsect my opinion on this site but to those who don't as well, cause it affects you too.


Many are under the theory that what happens at the ending is "Indoctorinated" You tube it only if you beat it cause I think its on the right track.


Final Fantasy XIII 2 Requiem of the Goddess

Final Fantasy XIII 2 is so far my favorite title i've played this year. Not only is it in the running for game of the year, it is in the running for one of the most epic stories (in my opinion). Final Fantasy XIII 2 for those of you who beat the game left many gamers asking questions surrounding the ending and while it left open some possiblities for other DLC or even perhaps a Final Fantasy XIII 3. No gamer can lie that it was one of the most tramatic endings in any Final Fantasy to date, without spoiling to much the ending is on par with that of Final Fantasy X. The ending left a cliffhanger and left us wondering just what had happend. Square released the Sazh DLC Heads or Tails which wasn't all that great but whatever I still semi- sorta enjoyed it. Square later confirmed through the collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIII 2's guide that a certain DLC would be available explain the "hidden truth" and the reasons as to why and what happened during the mysterious ending to Final Fantasy XIII 2. Requiem of the Goddes is just that. Square has finally announced that a DLC surrounding lightning, her fight with Caius, and what she did up to the bitter ending of Final Fantasy XIII 2. It is ment to like I said patch up and explain the missing holes in the story. This DLC is due out sometime in May of this year, so by freaking golly gamers mark it on your calander and be read to finally see the reasoning behind the ending and I'm almost certain that it will arise more questions. I'm not gonna say that there will be a XIII 3 like Game informers but its a wide possiblity that square has something massive up there sleeves and only time will tell.


and let us not forget

FINAL FANTASY 24th Aniversery long live the series