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Game Reviewing= unfair

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agree or disagree but I think that it is unfair while there is never a consistancy on how they review what do I mean all games meet a criteria that make it great but what determines that is different for instance many RPG get kicked in the arse for not have a good storyline but shooters can simply get away with having the same storylie such as gears of war (did we see its storyline in Halo, uh Perfect dark and a few other save the world from alien games) RPG get critized for retelling the same story over and over again dunno why that is but it seems alittle unfair. another unfair thing that happens is both Platformers and RPG get critized for being the same thing over and over but thats the genre correct me if I am wrong but is that not the case with shooters run around pick up guns blow the guts out of your enemy. it seems that shooters get higher ratings because people play them more than any other genre .2 years from now all of america will be filled with shooters and the world never know the meaning of games like Mario, Banjo Kazooie, or Final Fantasy, sigh world without RPG sad really. world with out platformers is sad too. you don't have to agree but fell free to leave comments

6 RPG for no more than 10 Dollars

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those of you waiting to play a game that has not been released yet I have a list of RPG that will keep you entertained until it comes out.

1. Wild Arms (PSN) 6$

2.Shining Force (Virtual Console) 8$

3. Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars (Wii Virtual Console) 8$

4. Breath of Fire II (Wii Virtual Console) 8$

5. Paper Mario (Wii Virtual Console) 10$

6. Shining Force II (Wii Virtual Console) 8$

Hey Monday

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Is a brand new Group that is fronted By A Female, They are amazing if you are bored or want to listen to a great new artist give them a check. If you are a Fan of Paramore you will probly like them.

Square Enix and Final Fantasy

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I am getting annoyed about everybody bashing Square-Enix and Final Fantasy Games. I realize that everybody is entitled to there own opinion so this means I can express what I feel. Honestly I think people have to high of standards from Sqaure-Enix. What I mean is that Square has come out with so many good games that when Square comes out with one that is mediocore or not so great they slam them like no other. Square is allowed to make what they want. I realize that sometimes the Final Fantasy Spinoffs are not as good as other games they make but you have the fans to blame for that because they demand the new games. I do however get annoyed with Them re-realeasing games over and over. an example of this is Final Fantasy 4. Comment please your entiltled to your opinion but nonetheless as long as fans demand Sequals to Final Fantasy Games Square will keep making them. I am one of those fans who want sequals to Final Fantasy games

Final Fantasy XIII info so far

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recent sources say that it will return to the familiar turn based RPG that made Final Fantasy popular to beging with

Each character will be made a main character and ther will be no supporting

Cyrstal once again make a comback

It is suppose to have a better storyline than 7

Top Ten Games I would Like to See on Virtual Consle

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1. Banjo Kazooie

2. Banjo Tooie

3. Donkey Kong 64

4. Super Smash brothers

6. Mickey's Speedway USA

7. Mario Party

8. Mario Party 2

9. Mario Party 3

10. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Each of these game rare unique and fun in their own way and offer fun gameplay that captivated the world

Top Ten Bad..... of RPGs

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1. Squall Leonheart- for is freaking awesome gunblade and non beateable Renzokuken (Final Fantasy 8)

2. Aya Brea- Why? Seriously how many women do you know that could take down a T-Rex without any help (Parasite Eve 1 & 2)

3.Cloud Strife- Although this character can't keep his memory straight who needs it when you can take down the meanest and strongest badguy of all times Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

4.KOS-MOS- even though she is all metal she can really pack a punch this robot fighting chick could easily beat anything (Xenosaga 1,2, & 3)

5.Raquel Applegate- This chick seems to be one of the few Females in RPG's that is a physical attacker. Heck any girl who can wield that big of a sword deserves to be on this list. (Wild Arms 4)

6.Vincent Valentine- This gunslinger may not stand up to cloud but who needs a sword when you can shoot a bullet in almost anything (Final Fantasy 7 & Dirge of Cerberus)

7. Sephiroth- We Love him, We Hate Him and we have all beat him. With is long sword and crazy attacks he makes the cut

8.Paine- How many women do you know that dresses goth and fights evil the chick is one heck of a party member

9.Balthier- even though he may not be the strongest character his quick mind and smartness gets them out of any situtation

10.Rose- This lady knows how to fight and not to mention she is more than 20,000 years old she could totally wipe the floor with any enemy