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An Emotional Package (Resident Evil 5) (major Spoilers)

Resident Evil 5 did a lot of things wrong and while I stand by my rating for the game being an 8 i'm not going to change it. However there is something that I really enjoy about the game more than anything else. Its the story, for everything wrong that Resident Evil 5 did it more than makes up for it with its story. For those you who do not know. Jill and Chris went on a mission a few years ago, in which Jill jumped off the cliff to save Chris's life she thought him to be dead but Chris recieves intel that Jill is still alive somewhere in africa. Its an emotional reunion as Chris fights to save Jill's life from the cluthes of Wesker. I also really like how Resident Evil 5 explains everything clear back to the first game and how everything got started. Capcom's gameplay may be changing the way to a more casual feel, but one thing they can sure stay true to is delivering an amazing story with compelling characters. Its what the Japanese are good at making a game in where you care about the characters more than anything. Kudo's to Resident Evil 5 and its characters and story.

My review

Final Fantasy XV trademark registered.

There was never really any doubt in my minde but its been two years since we have seen a new installment to the Final Fantasy Main Series Franchise. Final Fantasy XIII was loved and hated, while Final Fantasy XIV was a major flop. Square has alot on there plate for Final Fantasy XV and alot to think about. Square will have to loose fans to gain fans. Square will have to really consider taking the popularity road and making more of an action RPG verses Turn-based RPG. There isn't a right or a wrong only opinions of gamers. I wish Square the best of luck and want them to know they will always have my support. The only possible way I can end up hating Final Fantasy is if it ends up going like Fallout 3 or Skyrim in terms of gameplay. I have faith in Square. There is still hope, there is still time. Hope is what Final Fantasy was Created upon. No matter the gamer you are, you cannot deny the Cultural impact that the series has had on the world. Weather Final Fantasy XV is the last or the start of something amazing I will be there to expirence the thrill ride all to the end.

A look into Next Year: Tomb Raider

So I'll have to figure out my game of the year awards I'm torn by three games but ending this year. I've decided to do my anticipation blogs differently this year. Ther are about 5 games I'm dieing to play next year how many I will get to play I don't know. for those of you who do not know I'm getting Married. Well down to business

Tomb Raider first caught my eye when Game Informer did a cover story of it in one of ther Magazines. I'll admit I wasn't entirely thrill with it cause i'm not a Lara Croft fan, however I was captivated by its use of a realistic looking Lara and the game appeared to be taking a direction that the series has never seen. Suddenly I found myself interested in this Iconic Characters triumphant return. I know the new Lara has stired up som controversy but I like her for reasons i'm going to talk about. The old Lara was a bit cartoon and her breasts were way to big I know it was what Lara was know for but I like how they are giving her a mor realistic look and figure.

It wasn't until the Turning Point trailer that this game had my full attention, but why, you might ask, well here is your answer. Lara is already an interesting character, but Crystal Dynamic isn't just going on a full reboot of the series, they are trying to break Lara Croft down to the core and explain what makes her tick. I remember watching the Turning Point trailer and I could not help but think just how much her much was happening. You have this young girl who is enjoying a relaxing trip that goes horribley wrong suddenly she is thrown onto an island after a shipwreck where she must learn to survive. Its a story of one womens will to survive, beat impossible odds. I think it will speak home to many people. Suddenly I found myself in this trailer caring for Lara, I had to learn more about her character, I had to find her story and how it all ended. This my friends is characterization at its finest, It sucked me in I wanted to know all I possible could and Tomb Raider isn't just about raiding tombs I love how they are making the game seem so realistic, it makes it much more intense. How is one women suppose to survive an island full of men trying to kill her. When trailer can suck you in and pull you into a game before its released, you know its characters are going to be good. So far the gameplay looks intense, interesting and suiting for a revival lets hope that it lives up to all they hype and doens't flop.

Regarding my last blog

I didn't discover Ni No Kuni until later down the road after everybody pretty much new about it. It wasn't so much that I hate the game I hated the demo, then I understood why later it was the same with a couple of other Demo's I played. I believe one was an RPG that I ended up liking quite a bit its because the demo's are ment to ad a challenge and I was frustrated to begin with that day, not a good day to rip your hair out. I want to give the actual game a try because I know that I would like it. for those of you that read my last blog. Just ignore it. Studio Ghibi's art design for the game as pretty cool and I was to harsh on its battle system, I need more time to expirement with it and get used to it. its the beauty of RPG's to find what works and suits your gaming needs best. Demo's of RPG's don't always do the the trick to show you how cool the game is. I need to get my hands on it but alas with a wedding planned and my Fiancee money is tight. I'll about getting it with taxes, but Metal Gear Rising, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Tomb Raider, and Lightning Returns are my top games being released next year i'm really looking foward too. So all my RPG friends don't worry. I won't ever turn my back on the games that I love. I've just got to learn to manage and save up a bunch of money cause. I gotta get out of my parents house next year.

Ni No Kuni The Demo

I just can't say anything anything at all. I wish I could, but I refuse to voice my opinion on it. The visuals are amazing, but I won't be getting it. I didn't like the demo There are among other reasons, but one is I can't afford it right now. I'll save mula for Tomb Raider. Maybe the reason is I just don't enjoy games as much as I used to I don't know.

Why is it...

I'm not a a huge fan of fighting games, but through a couple of characters in there I like I get all excited looking back at a few brawl games I liked.

The Super Smash Bros. Series- Super Smash Bros. is a big title for nintendo and they always come with new ones. each just keeps getting better and better. How many other games let you fight with Fox McCloud and Link against eachother. This is why the game is so fun. each character is developed in a way that makes the unique and fits to others fighting style.

Dissidia Final Fantasy- perhaps my favorite fighting game though many would argue my point i'm going to just come out and say it. I enjoy it because it is Final Fantasy. The opening cinema is pretty sweet. There are some people whe know would not stand a chance. You've been a Final Fantasy fan you've always wondered how would Squall hold up against Sephiroth. In a fight to the death who would win Cloud or Squall. All fun an games all just a little bit of excitment. Dissidia is pretty sweet in my opinion

Now i'm excited to play Playstation allstars. My character to use none other than Nathan is quite hilarious though cause once again its a fighitng game with some characters i like. If is wasn't saving up for a wedding and stuff my Fiancee and I need to live I would totally go out and buy it when I get payed tomorrow.

Tales of Graces F

Its becoming harder and harder to find time to play a video game. Between my fiancee, talking with her on the phone, and planning for our wedding I find harder get in personal time. She is my life and I love her alot. I could go on but there is not point i'll get on with Tales of Graces F. Its perhaps one of the most character driven games that i've seen in a very long time, I'm not even past the point where they are kids and the game has left me inspired in so many ways. The characters for kids are all pretty cool and I'm looking foward to playing it. If I had the money right now I would backplay all the Tales games but sadly I don't. I need every penny I can get. I want to get Tales of Xillia but I won't be able too. I will update more as I play Tales of Graces F but it is truly an amazing RPG that any gamer who loves them should play. Until next time I try to keep blogging but my baby gets most of my time.

By the way any tips on how to beat Resident Evil 4 on proffesionalism cause its freaking crazy.

Shooters Vs. Other games ( an interesting statistic)

I know I griped on shooters in my previous blog but something came to my realization. I was talking with this lady at work, all three of her sons own a 360, and they all have an XBOX live account. They play games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Halo. She says each time they pre-order a game they have to buy three copies just so all of her boys can play it online. This is why the shooter market is Immensely huge in sells. Regular single play games don't compete cause one person can buy it and all can play the same copy, but games like Halo in order to play online each person playing needs there own game if they are to get achievments online and anything from it. Shooter sales sky rocket because of the online play. I'm not saying it as a bad thing, but if each player didn't have to have a copy to play i'm certain that the games would not make near the money they do. Not nessarly badmouthing just throwing and interesting fact out there.

Ouch! Thats gotta hurt

Well i've always been a protester against shooters. I've been fairly quit when it came too my dislike against shooters, I'm sorry guys but now its my turn to have some fun lets take a look at some statistics here.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Metacritic: XBOX 360- 87

User: XBOX 360- 8.2

Metacritic: PS3- 88

User: PS3- 8.2

Black Ops II

Metacritic: XBOX 360- 83

User: XBOX 360- 5.9

Metacritic: PS3- 82

User: PS3- 6.8

Ok lets have some fun now. Are shooters slowly becoming less and less popular. Black Ops II user rating is below average and did worse than Final Fantasy XIII. My point is There are so many shooters that I think people are getting tired of them. Often times they are the same game with very little new concepts or changes of scenery. Ad some new maps maybe new guns, and online gameplay and you've got yourself a shooter. Both Halo 4 and Black Ops II did not to as well as I thought they would. Assassin's Creed did better with Users. The user scores of Black Ops II makes me wonder how much longer shooters are going to be the center of the Market. I'm hopeful thinking action an RPG's will make a comeback right now.

SO what do you guys think judging from the scores do you think that Activision has Tony Hawked the Call of Duty Series. I'm so tired of seeing that game come through my line at work.

What Resident Evil 7 needs

Ok I know that Resident Evil 6 has struck up some controversey, I actually enjoy it quite a bit, myself. The chararacters are always incredible. As a fan of the games for about a year now i've got the best of the old and new 4 being the best and down right creepiest. I like 6 better than 5. I even enjoyed The Lost in The Nightmare DLC more than Resident Evil 5. Why you ask interesteing story. So I don't know what they are called but they have the axe things that pretty much kill you in one hit if your partner had doen't save you. You fall down a hole and have absolutely no guns just your combat knifes. So I knifed 3 of these creatures to death with my sister. because neither of us realized that there were platforms to crush them with. So what does Resident Evil 7 need to do to bring in new gamers and old gamers and still keep a happy fanbase this is what I think.

What people don't realize though is these characters have been going at this for 10 years they've developed skills and are frankly not as terrifided as they were before. Just saying.

1. Bring in Jill and Leon- Ok I'm a huge Leon Kennedey fan I have beens since I first played 4, but Jill is just as awesome. She hasn't had a console game installment since Resident Evil 3. Jill and Leon working together would be awesome. Jill is a downright badace, and with.

2. Downplay the action- Some of Resident Evil 4 button mashing sequences were the most intense of the game and added a thrill to it if you screwed up. sometimes it was just fun to see leon die to see how it happened. The button sequences in 4 & 5 were fine. Residetn Evil 6 over used that anytime you make the character use the analog stick to look for keys with the analog stick its pretty stupid, now if I was timed and a freaking zombied slammed his hand through the window and started strangling Leon that would have been epic. Read my comment below to see the second part to this.

3. Make them creepy again- Your in a city in resident Evil 6 make it creepy twists and turns, debris from falling buildings strwen out across the road you can make this creepier. Don't make us chase zombies they sould appear out of nowhere scare us. 4 had an amazing thing that still stands as one of my favorite things about the game. remember the guys in the castle that chanted I hated those guys one cause it got louder, two cause I knew they were coming but I didn't know from where then bam they are there attacking you. I think there is a way to make a scary game with some down right awesome action sequences to it.

4. Bring back characters- as much as some of the new characters are cool and play to the story I would much rather like to know what happened to Rebecca, Barry, or Freaking Billy for that matter.

5. DO NOT MAKE IT LIKE 5- I mean come on so easy I can go back and replay levels to stock up on ammo. As nice as the concept is it takes fun out of the game cause you don't have the oh crap i'm out of ammo factor. I hated how you felt you were chasing down the zombies. Leon knew where he was going but didn't know what to expect, I can't say much for six considering. but come up with more unique monsters. chainsaws are getting old.

6. Rely more on the handgun- I remember 1 & 2 I savored every last shotgun shell, Arrow, Grenade. I almost always used my handgun when I could to conserves stronger ammo.

7. DO AWAY WITH TWO PEOPLE AND CO-OP- It takes away from being creepy. "Hey Leon no problem just shot a Zombie from behind you that would have otherwised jumped and top of you and started eating out your brains." That makes it more intense and creepy especiall in 4 when you have to shake a zombie off. Lost in the Nightmare is the way to go to revieve the series in my opinion. as mentioned above it was down right insane.

Capcom needs too look a back at the earlier stages of the series and find ways to blend it with todays stanards. Alan Wake deleivered a satifing Survival Horror expirence. Capcom can and will find a place for Resident Evil for generations to come i'm sure of it.