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Ni No Kuni ( Its downright amazing and gorgeous)

Being and RPG player I've felt left out this generation with Kingdom Hearts taking a liking to handhelds. Its left me only Final Fantasy XIII to play and its sequel so its no surprise that that its left me wanting more RPG's. That is where Ni No Kuni comes in It gives me a chance to play something other than those oh so boring NIS RPG's that seem to be all we get. I've reviewed Ni No Kuni and still stick to what I said and perhaps even more now since that I've sunk nearly 60 hours into it.

It has a pretty incredible story if you ask me some of it is pretty shrouded in mystery. One of the Main Characters Swaine has an interesting back story and it does tie in with a classic RPG story cliché He is the prince Hamelin along with his brother Marcassin the gameplay mechanics are sweet it has loads of hours of fun gameplay many sidequests, bounties and story to keep you entertained. Studio Ghibli fans will enjoy as there are references to there movies. and its got the charm that shows like Howl's Moving Castle has brought to the forfront. RPG fans need to play this if you haven't whats stopping you. you aren't just looking at the best RPG of this Gen. in my opinion you are looking at one of the best RPG's of all times and I would gladly put it up there with my top 10 RPGs's of all time. Ni No Kuni doesn't redefine the series it mantains it and pleases in ever way possible.

Final Fantasy XV

I watch the trailer and I can't help but be in awe as I watch it. There is a very large part of me that is super excited. Chasing the boundaries that Final Fantasy XII attempted Square is once again trying to redifine the series. Square is not holding back either they have flat out come out and said that the series is taking a drastic change. From what i've seen its a bold step forward to redifine a dieing genre. From what i've seen Final Fantasy XV will loos many fans and from what I've seen it will gain many more. I for one am stoked for this game. Its like an RPG idea that I had that I wanted to submit to square. as long as Square doesnt' turn Final Fantasy into a fallout 3 or Skyrim type gameplay I will continue to support them. Square Is being smart in my opinion. I have not been happier to call myself a fan of Square Enix. There is a reason I call them my favorite company and they haven't let me down for 13 years.

The day approaches

My wedding day is just a little over a month and a half away and I'm super excited. Perhaps you've realized I haven't been on the playstation network for a while other than to just watch movies thats because i haven't been in the mood to play games much myself at all. I'd much rather spend and talk with My Fiancee she makes me so happy. I don't know how much I will becoming around before or after the wedding but i'll try to every once in a while.

My thoughts on Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (I'm outraged)

I was pretty stoked when I saw The Phantom Pain trailer that was announced back in 2012's VGA game awards. I mean Metal Gear Solid has yet to release a crappy game in its series. I'm mixed and bitter about Metal Gear Solid V though since its been the big talk. I don't doubt for a second that its a bad game but they want to make it sort of a reboot to the series.

I realize that Its still a Metal Gear Solid game but hear are my two biggest issues and i'm dissapointed in it very much so.

An open world, I love how Metal Gear has always been from point A to point B there is stuff to do and collect in and around the area and I felt that Snake Eater was open enough. But i'm tired of games having to go sandbox style to be popular, How each and ever game is developing a night and day cycle in which the enviorment changes. I mean what ever happened to sneak in and sneak out. I suppose its changes of the time but this isn't something I can simple get over, I feel like i'm being told Like sandbox or don't play games at all.

The biggest complaint I have and it could affect what I think of the game as the English trailers start to come over is David Hayter who has voiced Solid Snake and Big Boss since Metal Gear Solid in 1998 isn't reprising his role he wasn't asked to. Kojima never asked him. Kojima stated that The Phantom Pain in a sense was a Reboot to Metal Gear Solid series. Therefore a new voice actor for snake must be chosen. YOU CAN'T DO THAT. DAVID HAYTER IS SOLID SNAKE AND BIG BOSS AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE IT'S BULLCRAP. You cannot take a legendary character like snake that we have affilated David Hayter's voice with for 15 years and change it. I don't like it and as far as I'm concerned you cannot have Snake in a game without David Hayter how I would have taken it better had David Hayter came down and said I don't want to voice snake sure I would have been upset but not like I am now. To be told the Voice actor has to change just simply because its to help Reboot the series is bullcrap. Metal Gear Solid has been the one series overtime that has been able to adapt and change as games have and still deliver awesome gameplay. While I don't doubt the gameplay will be incredile I feel like i'm being slapped in the face with this two issues. I hate to say it, but maybe because David Hayter was not asked to Voice Solid Snake I'm going to boycott Metal Gear Solid V altogether. a bit harsh yes but its the way it is and i've got other piorities to think about too.

A fading light (Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

we've all been anticpating this game for some time. and we've know about it for quite some time. The game has been around longer than the PS3's lifespan actually has and that's saying something. I don't know what square is planning with it or even if they are working on it anymore. With a new Final Fantasy being annouced for the PS4 people are asking is Versus XIII gonna be rebranded Final Fantasy XV. My answer to that is likely not. I think square is planning something big for Final Fantasy XV. I think they are looking to take a fresh start on the series and reinvent it in ways that we haven't seen. Perhaps Versus XIII isn't dead but with the PS3's lifespan coming to an end and the PS4 starting its left me wondering the fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Maybe we will get knews about it come E3, but i'm expecting to hear about Final Fantasy XV for the PS4. At this point I think square has canned the project and just doesn't have the balls to tell us they have. I think they are afraid if fan reaction and afraid they will cause more people to hate them. Its not a bad thing, but perhaps after the reaction to XIII square thought it best. by the way XIII was still an awesome game don't care what them haters say.

May Versus rest in peace along with the dead title Chrono Break.

Regardless of what is going on i've said it a thousand times before and i'll say it a thousand times again. Square Enix is still the best game developer and producer out there.

A Short Break from Tomb Raider (Metal Gear Rising update)

So I took a break from Tomb Raider to play Metal Gear Rising. in final its fun but its not a super great game. I'd love to see a sequal. but it doesn't have the Metal Gear feel to it. Its combat is fun, it has a fresh take on Raiden's new ability. but the lack of stealth makes the game feel distant from the series. I'm just gonna come right out and say it no sugar coating or beating around the bush, Metal Gear Rising's story flat out sucks. It was the games biggest dissapointment and it wasn't that long, The closer you get to the end the shorter the missions get, its kinda said really.

First Impressions: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider has been on my radar for a while and i've been anticpating the game since I first saw Lara Croft in the Turning Point trailer. I new from that moment on that the game was going to be special. When you get done looking at a trailer and you find yourself compelled to see that characters story come to an end you know that you have a game that is truly exceptional. Tomb Raider has not let me down, i''ve yet too play my other anticpated game but I can already tell you that Tomb Raider is in the running for game of the year.

The Story begins with Lara on a ship with an expedition crew looking for a lost island off the coast of Japan. It was rumored that a godess once ruled this island. The ship gets caught in a violent storm I can't remember the name I think its like Dragon's tail but apperantly this is more brutal than the Bermuda Triangle. Lara along with her crew is stranded on this island. where she must now not only find what she was looking for but survive. The story is about one womens will to survive, while its true there is also a great detail of history to uncover as well surrounding the myth of this island. its very interesting, and reminds me much of the Tomb Raider games of past as well Uncharted.

Lara's Journey begings as she is shipwrecked and wakes up on the beach only to be knocked out, she finds herself strung up in a bag in which you must escape, by moving the control stick out catch it on fire and from ther she falls onto rebar which impales her side. She yanks it out and yelps in pain as she then presses foward to find a way out of this cave. Once outside she is freaked out as man tries to grab her and a giant boulder smashes him. Lara then proceeds to a camp where she builds a fire to keep herself warm and goes to hunt food. The game prompts you to kill a dear, in which you aquire a bow and arrows. Killing and gutting animals gives you experince points. in which you use to upgrade your skills I'll talk more on that later. As for the the rest of the story it quickly turns violent as Lara fights of a man who seems to want to rape her. I could be wrong but you fail he strangles her to death. She makes the quick desion to grabe his gun and blow a hole into his skull killing him. She is creeped out by it but knows she has to kill more and this is where the story gets interesting. It's not like she enjoys the killing but she knows she has to do it to survive, she even comments on how easy it was scary at how easy it was to kill them.

The gameplay is incredible not only are you able to upgrade your skills to be able to be better you are able to upgrade your equipment as well and that plays a key part into how well your equipment works. The story also at points has you upgrade your equipment early on in the game you will be required to upgrade your pry axe to turn a crank. The games abilities are divided into two catagories Survival and Hunter. Eache has a set of skills thare are useful. Perhaps Survial has as skill that will allow you to learn to gut an animal better for more experince while Hunter allows you to hold the bow string longer. The enemies in the game range from humans to wild animals such as wolfs. for the first hour of the game you will be relying on your bow and I still find this weapon most useful as it is essential for killing silently. Stealth, sneeking and take enemies out silently play a major roll in the game. Another thing the game does expetionally well is makes you feel like part of the action. While we've seen the button pressing before it triggers you at certain times to press the button to shoot roll out of the way kill somebody ore even you the shoulder buttons to run up a cliff. While there is much platforming in the game you will have to climb up stuff and you get a climbing axe to help you do that. There is so much to do in this game those trophy hunters and completionists will have plenty to keep them busy. There are loads of notes and reliics to find. Imagine Uncharted meeting Assassin's Creed in terms of exploration. There is so much to do its overwhelming. The nice thing is you can back travel to proir areas and gather stuff you missed.

So if you haven't already go pick up Tomb Raider its and incredilbe game. I've never been a fan of Tomb Raider or Lara Croft in General but this game has me addictied and antipating a sequal. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have a hit on there hands that can't be overlooked.

an interesting fact I just realized today

Malboro- a creature from final Fantasy that has nasty breath that puts bad status effects on you.

Marlboro- the most popular cigarette brand. Cigarettes give you bad breath

It is interesting is a letter difference in the spelling its kinda funny. Isn't it both almos spelt the same both have bad breath.

Metal Gear Rising Slicin Ninja Style

Metal Gear Rising in a lot of ways reminds me of Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII. Not so much in gameplay and mechanics but as what Dirge of Cerberus was for the series. It in a lot of ways introduces new characters that are kinda boring. Like Vincent, Raiden is the only character you care about. Its atmosphere feels similar you have cyborgs that are like freaking crazy and if any of you who have played both games you'll understand what I mean. Dirge of Cerberus and Metal Gear Rising are very good games, but like dirge, Rising cannot hold a flame to the main series. and with that here are my thoughts

Its story so far is alright its not the great, but I've yet to see for myself, and so far i've not heard it is too great. Now its gameplay does take much more action into consideration at a far faster pace than tht ever seen in the franchise. you still rely on stealth, sneak around and hide in cardboard boxes, but Raiden's skills as a cyborg ninja play into it. its good but I set up my expectations to high for this game. expect a reveiw here shortly.

The time at hand is approaching

So tuesday, Metal Gear Rising is coming out and let me tell you that has been a royal pain to try and get, just for the fact that I've not had much spare money. I treated my Fiancee to an amazing Valentines day, since it was our first I splurged and even had more money left over that what I anticpated. I bought Ni No kuni a month ago and a barely have time to play it much, since i've been so busy with my Fiancee, planning for our wedding and sorting out what we will need and finacial issues. Life is stressful but fun right now.

What comes with that though is a decrease in just how much money one gets to spend on games, which is why I said Metal Gear Rising has been a pain to pay off. My parents have decided to get me Tomb Raider which is awesome. but I just wanted to say i'll be coming around here but not as much as I usually do. I've met a few awesome friends on here, but come next month this are really gonna get crazy, plan, plan, plan. It's not goodbye its just gonna be difficult to get on the next few months. I'll blog about Metal Gear Rising Tuesday or wenesday when I get to play it.