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Elder Scrolls Online - A Newbie approach

I must admit, before the Elder Scrolls Online came out it was not even a blip on my radar. I was more focused on the new breath of life of Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn; which I do enjoy, but did not get a lot of time to play. It was probably three weeks before ESO was released. I decided to watch some youtube videos and live streams from the game. At first I still was not overly excited for the game, but as a big console player, I decided to pre-order the imperial edition of the game for my Playstation 4.

Once I pre-ordered it, going out on a limb not really understanding the game, I still feverishly scrapped every article, video and photos that google had to offer. Slowly my interest in this game started to peak, just a little bit. I then got home from a long days work and went on google to see if there was a digital release for the PC. To my excitement there was! I then see that you could download the every so popular imperial edition. Just as I was going to enter my credit card I began to get cold feet; why would I buy the PC version if I already pre-ordered the console version? I closed the computer out and proceeded to play Titan fall.

The next day went buy and I was sitting at work, only slightly busy, and yet again looked and watched live streams. The players were having so much fun, the music and the environment seemed so beautiful, although the character animations seemed a bit stiff. It somewhat reminded me of the awesome times I had with Oblivion and Skyrim. There was a vast world for you to explore, with beautiful elements, sun rises and sun sets. Again I began to ponder "Should I just get this game?" Again I went home from work. Thinking, should I just bite this craving and experience this game? I open the computer and go to the digital download page. This time I didn't back out.

I downloaded all the necessary starting programs and the game began to install. Twenty-two gig of bytes! Is this for real? Can this game be really that big? I am currently away from home, which has a nice fiber op connection, but my current place I am staying has a nice slow DSL connection. Again, ESO has eluded me for yet another day. I then proceed to my room to fire up Titan fall for another night. I go to work for the day, but this time was unable to search the web for more information. Work was oddly busy and I had to attend quite a few meetings. The day finally finished and I made my way home. I did something bad and ordered some fried chicken and grabbed a quick beer; the place served food and was a bar. I then made my way home (secondary away from home) and went to the computer. "Damn" I said to myself, still three-hundred megabytes to go. I can't believe it. I proceeded to eat, just disgusted at the wait.

The game finally finished. I was so excited, again for a game I didn't even follow; this game was in the making for five years? I fired ESO up and I didn't even watch the opening cinematic. I then came to my first road block; what do I make? I then create my character, an imperial male, and beefed him up with muscles and all the other heroic features. I then decide to choose a Templar. Why a Templar? I am not quite sure myself. I really like the sound of a Templar. It seems like a choice I would have made in real life, if I ever had that crazy option in life.

I have not had the luxury to play the game for a great amount of hours. I usually get to play two to three hours a night, which is better than nothing I suppose. On a positive note I will be taking a seven day vacation off at the end of the week. What I can say about the game, in my very brief time and judgment, I can see myself getting lost in this game, just like the world of Skyrim. Hearing the music, the land scape, achieving a hard mission and obtaining a new powerful weapon just sucks me in more. I love an adventure, and I love atmosphere, and this game seems to have both. I hope to someday meet some good people in the world of ESO and hope to create great gaming relationship.

Well, it has been a slow day at work and I killed the final minutes of my shift. Happy questing and exploring ESO members, I hope you are all having a great time like me!