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    @nhlnut74: sorry dude they will not be the same. Xbox 360 version is getting slight improvements and the new commentary. The other features are excluding to Xbox one and ps4

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    Almost time for Watch Dogs. Won't get to play until Friday :( but I will be having a streaming on Twitch Marathon!!
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    @PhazonBlazer said: Must be a calculator with a number range big enough to calculate their losses.Dude, that was such a low blow to Nintendo, but such an amazing comment! hahaha! It actually made me l...

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    Still no info on NHL 15... How depressing
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    Xbox One & Playstation 4 so happy together <3

    I have been a gamer since Regular Nintendo. I was not on planet earth when Atari came out, but then again I was not part of this planet when Regular Nintendo came out, but I was still very lucky to ex...

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    Elder Scrolls Online - My thoughts

    This little blog will put my initial thoughts of my experiences with Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). I have not reached max level yet; currently I am level 16, so I still have a fair amount of content to ...

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    Elder Scrolls Online - A Newbie approach

    I must admit, before the Elder Scrolls Online came out it was not even a blip on my radar. I was more focused on the new breath of life of Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn; which I do enjoy, but did not g...

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    Anyone out there played the Elder Scrolls Online Beta? How was it? Worth getting? I am debating on the PC version... or Console...
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