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Yeah, I couldn't think of a better title lol.


My soccer team kicked a$$ today and beat the other team 4-0. Good job u guys!!! I ALMOST had a goal. Bummer:( .....


Me and good ol' pals (lol) had a party @ my friend Hilary's house. So there's this track next to the house and me, my cousin Maddie, and my two friends Leah and Courtney decided to take a lap around the track. So it was dark out blah, blah, blah and when we get back from the lap everyone(Hilary, Mallory, Sara, & Elaine) else isn't there. So we're walking around the neighborhood calling for them and then BOO!! They all popped outta the bushes and scared the corn flakes outta us. Nice friends, huh?


Halloween 2 comes out Friday!! Wooh!!! Can't wait!!! My other cousin Kate is taking me to see it since I'm not 18 and I'm not able to get in by myself so if ur reading this Kate thank u!!!!

Yep, that's all :)


I hvnt been on since like January. Funny, cuz this site used 2 b my life lol. Now Facebook and YouTube r I guess

Well, I don't think I'm gonna work on my fanfic anymore. Sorry :( I'm just not that into it anymore. And school starts in two weeks and I got a job so I'll b working my a$$ off. OK, well hasta la vista til the next blog.

Chapter 37: (FINALLY HERE!!) An Unexpected Visitor... (not done yet)

The sun hadn't even risen yet and Aang was already up. He watched his sleeping friends; Sokka was snoring, Katara was drooling, and Icelin was saying all kinds of crazy crap in her sleep.

Icelin: Mommy... Mommy... Mommy stole my cookies *rolls over and starts to snore*
Aang: :roll:

There was a sudden movement in the bushes that caught Aang's attention. He picked up his lantern and held it in the direction of the bushes. They didn't move for about eight seconds and when they did, Aang felt his pulse accelerate.

Aang: Hello?
Katara: *wakes up and yawns* Aang what's going on?
Aang: There's something in the bushes.
Katara: It's probably just a squirrel.

He sighed. Squirrel's weren't that big.

Sokka was the next one to wake up.

Sokka: Hey, what's that noise.
Aang: *stands up* I'm not sure. HELLO?!
Zuko: It's just me.

Icelin shot up and pulled her sleeping mask off.

Icelin: WHY ARE YOU HERE??!!
Sokka: How'd you hear him? You sleep like a dead man!
Icelin: Oh, I smelled him. Then I heard him.

*Cricket, cricket*

Aang: OK, then... So what's up?
Zuko: Azula. That's what's up. She kidnapped my family.
Iroh: *comes out of the bushes, panting* Except for me.
Icelin: *lamely* Oh man, that sucks.

Aang picked up Sokka's stinky shoe and threw it at her head. Surprised by the sudden action, she tripped over a tree branch and fell into the stream behind her.

Icelin: AAH, my hair! Dang it, Aang!
Sokka: Haha!
Icelin: *throws the shoe at him, but misses* Crap.
Aang: What can we do to help?
Zuko: I don't know. It was his idea to come.
Iroh: We just need some help finding them.
Aang: We'll take Appa. Sokka- get the stuff ready, Katara- get some food, Icelin- do whatever it is that you do.
Icelin: Aye aye, captain.
Aang: Zuko, could you help me plan out the course. I'm gonna need as much information as possible.
Zuko: Sure.


NOTE: I'll finish the rest of the chappie later. Ran out of time:)


For some crazy reason, I feel like I was punched in the eye:( It really hurts.... Maybe I accidentally hit myself in my sleep. I've been having some pretty scary dreams about clowns lately....

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!=)

Hoho, Merry Christmas Eve!!!:D
Last time I was on, was like, 100 yrs ago!!!
Yeah, srry it's been so long....
So how is every1? has changed like a lot
And I'm still @ lvl 12 which is pretty sad
I'll write a few reviews 2 get it back up
Nxt fanfic ch. will be up.....
SONG OF THE DAY: Love Lockdown by Kanye West

Chapter 36: The Black Hole// My Celebrity FanFic Cast (+ New Characters)

Icelin was furious. She was so furious that the room wouldn't keep still and that made her even more mad because she couldn't concentrate when the room was moving. Although, it technically wasn't.
Was Aang out of his mind? Agreeing to spend the night at Zuko's house???? WHAT THE HECK WAS WRONG WITH THAT KID?
And Brit was her best friend and was begging to stay. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WORLD????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icelin had been sitting on the couch, steaming when Pire, Irina, Xavier, and Zuko entered the room.

Irina: Hi Icelin.
Icelin: Grr, hi Irina.

She didn't know why, but she was actually friends with Irina and Pire. And why was Zuko following them around like a lost puppy-lamb? But then again, why was Xavier watching Zuko like a hawk?

Zuko:*quietly* Hi Icelin.
Xavier: *hisses*
Pire: Xavier-- Zuko needs his meds. Go with him.

Xavier stared at her for a monent and then got up and dragged Zuko into the kitchen.

Icelin: So Zuko's on crazy pills, huh?
Pire: No.
Icelin: Oh... What's with him anyway?
Irina: He's sick.
Pire: Ill would be a better word.
Irina: Sure...
Icelin: With what?
Irina: We don't really know... all we know is that he won't sleep because he's scared about something and he will not eat. He also refuses to go into a room by himself.
Icelin: Nightmares?
Pire: Something like that. The first three nights he was here, he woke us all up screaming. Ever since, we've taken turns staying up with him.
Icelin: Don't you get tired? Do you ever sleep when he's not looking?
Irina: Trust me... you wouldn't want to...


That night it was Xavier and Pire's turn to stay up with Zuko. After everything Irina and Pire had told her, Icelin wanted to see it for herself.

Zuko: You know you didn't have to come if you didn't want to.
Icelin: Oh no it's fine. You should try to get some sleep you know.

Xavier snarled at her and Pire gulped. Zuko smiled weakly.

Zuko: That's OK, Ice.

Icelin rolled her eyes. She hated it when he tried to act all goodboy and stuff.

Xavier: Icelin, maybe you should lea-
Pire: Xavier!
Xavier: What?
Pire: Stop it
Icelin: That's OK, Xavier... I'm fine.
Xavier: Suit yourself.

Icelin looked at Zuko.

Icelin: So, Zuzu, how are those nightmares of yours getting?

Zuko stared at her in shock. He looked as if he had just watched someone get murdered. Xavier shot up.

Xavier: That's it! Leave now.
Icelin: Make me.
Xavier: Oh I'll make you alright.
Zuko: Xavier, Icelin, stop it.

Xavier immediately sat down. Icelin kept smiling.

Zuko: Please stop fighting. I'm exhausted.
Icelin: Then go to bed.
Zuko: No.

Zuko was picking at his nails, a habit Icelin had never seen him do before. He looked up at her, a sad look in his eyes. For a moment she felt bad for him.

Icelin: OK, sorry.
Pire: Zuko, maybe you should just lie down.
Zuko: Sure.

Zuko lied down on the couch, pulling the covers over him. Every now and then, he'd twitch and his eyelids would droop over his eyes, but open up again. Icelin watched this for twenty minutes straight.

Icelin: OK, I'm bored.
Xavier: Then leave.
Icelin: Make me, crazy-head.
Xavier: Do you wanna piece of me, bi-
Zuko: Guys, please stop. You're my only company. Pire fell asleep.
Xavier: *under his breath* Again.
Zuko: Let's just try to get along, OK?
Icelin: Fine.
Xavier: *yawns*
Zuko: Maybe you should go to bed.
Xavier: And leave you alone with her?
Zuko: Yeah, I guess.
Xavier: I don't trust her.
Icelin: You know I'm right here.
Xavier: Whatever.
Zuko: I trust her.

Xavier broke out into a hysterical laughing fit which lasted for about five minutes. Icelin and Zuko waited patiently.

Icelin: What's so funny?
Xavier: *serious* It's just that it's very hard to believe that you'd be good at watching him.
Icelin: Oh, I'm sorry, am I taking your precious babysitting job?
Zuko: Xavier, she's my friend. We've been friends for a few years.
Xavier: You said you hated her.
Zuko: :shock: XAVIER!

Out of nowhere, a sudden feeling of pain washed over Icelin. But it wasn't one of those "Oh, they're just mad at me, they'll get over it soon" feelings, it was one of those "I wish that I were dead.... so go on, here's my head, just hit it with a rock!"

Icelin: That's really nice. *stands up and leaves*
Zuko: Icelin, wait!

She was raging with anger and hurt at the same time.

Zuko: Icelin! *grabs her wrist*
Icelin: I'll give you three seconds to let go of my wrist before I hit you in the gut. One...
Zuko: Would you just let me explain?
Icelin: Two...
Zuko: You're acting ridiculous.
Icelin: THREE! *punches him in the gut*
Zuko: Holy crow!

Icelin pulled her arm free and ran into the bathroom, locking the door. Zuko was soon outside, knocking furiously.

Zuko: Icelin, let me in! Let me talk to you!
Icelin: Leave me alone!
Zuko: Icelin, please.

She was going to scream. Icelin looked around the bathroom for something to scream in. She grabbed a towel off the rack and jumped into the shower, closing the door behind her.

Icelin: *screams*

As she screamed, she felt something forming in her chest. Something painful, dark, sad, lonely, black. It was a feeling she'd only felt once before: when she thought she had lost Zuko. She knew something and she hated to admit it: she was in love with him again. Not just teen love-- true love.

Zuko: Icelin, please let me in.

But how could she love him when she was in love with Kivo. Who did she want? Who would she ditch?

Icelin: 'Just go away, please.'

After about an hour of begging, Zuko gave up. Icelin remained in the shower, her eyes full of tears. The thing in her chest hurt so badly, she could barely breathe. When she couldn't keep her eyes opened any longer, she folded the towel up and used it as a pillow. Slowly, she fell asleep, having nightmares for the rest of the night.


Icelin woke up early the next morning. She quietly opened the bathroom door and peaked out. Zuko wasn't there. She tip-toed down the hall and went to the kitchen.
Icelin found Brit in there, eating a muffin the size of her head.

Brit: Hey.
Icelin: Hi.
Brit: Are you all ready?
Icelin: What do you mean?
Brit: We're leaving at noon. Aang wants to be able to make it to the Earth Kingdom by sunset.
Icelin: Oh yeah, I'm ready.
Brit: So how was last night? ;)
Icelin: I don't want to talk about it.
Brit: Mmm'kay.

Icelin trudged up the stairs to her room. Everything was already in her suitcase, ready to get a move on it. She could still feel the hole in her chest; it felt bigger.

Icelin: *to herself* Don't worry-- you'll be out of here soon enough. Soon you'll be with Kivo and have a happy ending.

But a happy ending didn't sound too good right now.


Sokka handed Aang a bag. The two were loading up Appa with the help of Alexianna. Sokka looked over at Icelin.

Sokka: Is it just me, or does Icelin seem strangely depressed this morning?
Aang: Aren't all teenagers supposed to be depressed?
Sokka: Only the ones who have been dumped. I'll be right back.
Aang: OK.

Sokka walked over to Icelin and sat down next to her.

Sokka: What's up?
Icelin: Mmmm.
Sokka: Interesting... you had a fight with Zuko didn't you?
Icelin: Yeah. I'm so tired. *rests head on Sokka's shoulder*
Zuko: Hey, Sokka, here's some beef jer- *sees Icelin and Sokka* - ky........ Sorry. Didn't mean to interupt you two.
Sokka: :o *Jumps up*
Icelin: *falls over* WOAH! *thud*
Sokka: It's not like that!!!!!!!!!!!
Zuko: OK, sorry. :? *walks away*
Aang: SOKKA! ICELIN! Time to go!
Icelin: WHY ARE YOU YELLING??????!!!!!!!!!
Aang: :| Sorry.
Iroh: Well, you kids stay safe, OK?
Katara: Got it.
Alexianna: Bye Irina! Bye Pire! Bye Alec! Bye Zuko! Bye Iroh! *flirty voice* Bye Xavier ;)
Brit: Ew.
Xavier: :| *blushes*


OK, here's my fanfic cast:

Icelin: Sara Paxton

Brit and Alexianna: Still Brit and Alex

Irina: Jessica Stroup

Alec: Kellan Lutz

Pire: Annalynne McCord



Silver: Annaleigh Ashford


I tripped over my friend, Naomi. And then my other 3 friends, Jessica, Alicia, and Madison, LOL'd like crazy.

And my eyes hurt:(

Chapter 35: Old Friends, New Friends, Same Friends, Ex- Friends

Icelin sat at the Huffleburry Cafe` sipping her vanilla latte and reading her e-mails. She hadn't seen ZTEBF (Zuko- The- Ex- Boy- Friend as she was now calling him and didn't care that she had made boyfriend into two seperate words) in about a month or so. So far she was enjoying it but kind of missed all the name- calling she had been able to do. She signed into Woo-hoo!.com and began to check her mail.

------Original Message-------
From: Britarzyna
To: Icelin Draycott IceShop43711@woo-hoo!.com
Sent: Monday, March 3
Subject: Hey!!!

OMG hi! missin u like crazy! totally bored @ cousin's house:( wish u were here!
Love Brit

-----Original Message-----
From: Alexianna
To: Icelin Draycott IceShop43711@woo-hoo!.com
Sent: Saturday, March 1

Bad news-- while out with my cousin I saw Zuko and he saw me. He was with a group of teens-- about 4 or 5. When he saw me, he came over and talked to me and I totally freaked out. For some reason he was dressed as someone from the Earth Kingdom and cut his ponytail off. The wierd thing is he asked me what's up like a friend would ask a friend (as if!). Then his friend, a tall, pale skinned golden- haired guy, walked over and told him it was time to go. He didn't like me because after Zuko went back to the group, "goldie" told me to stay away from his cousin and don't cause any harm to him. His cousin?! But seriously, Zuko looked dead sick-- he had very big and very dark circles around his eyes, his skin was snow white, his voice was muffled and weaked, he had a strange limp to his walk, and he kept on wrapping his arms around his chest and made wierd breathing noises like wheezing. Don't know what was up. I think he might have Stickler's Throat Disease, you know the one that makes you feel wasted and you can hardly breathe. Yeah. Anyway, miss you!

-----Original Message-----
From: Lana Draycott
To: Icelin Draycott IceShop43711@woo-hoo!.com
Sent: Wednesday, March 5
Subject: Going Crazy!

When are you EVER going to come back for me??!! I'm soooo sick of the cold and ice here at the South Pole and everyone is annoying! I know you said I was lucky to even be allowed here, but I'm BORED!

-----Original Message-----
From: Prince Zuko
To: Icelin Draycott IceShop43711@woo-hoo!.com
Sent: Monday, March 3
Subject: Uhhh... Hi

Um hey Icelin. Ur probably wondering y I'm even e-mailing u... I'm still trying 2 figure that out 2. @ my cousin's house-- u probably heard fr. Alexianna that she saw me w/ my cousins. Tell her I'm sorry about wut Xavier said. He wasn't in such a great mood. Yeah... Well, I have to go-- I'm going out to eat w/ Uncle Iroh, Uncle Chen (mom's side, FYI), Alec (cousin), Xavier (cousin), Pire (cousin), and Irina (cousin). Bye (?)


Icelin: Guys, Zuko e-mailed me:?
Aang: Huh?
Sokka: What?
Katara: You're kidding right?
Icelin: Sadly, no. He was apologizing-
Katara: Tell me you're not getting back with him!

Icelin frowned.

Icelin: No-- I told you guys-- I'm in love with Kivo, not Zuko. Anyway, he saw Alexianna and he was apologizing for the way his cousin acted toward her.
Sokka: Zuko has cousins?
Icelin: Well, I never really knew about these cousins-- Pire, Alec, Xavier, and Irina. He said they're on his mom's side. I only knew two of his cousins-- Tilly and Benjamin who are on his mom's side. He had another who was Iroh's but said he was killed in the war-- Lu Ten, I think.
Aang: Did he hurt her?
Icelin: Who?
Aang: Alexianna. Did Zuko and his cousin hurt her?
Icelin: I don't think so. All Zuko said was he was sorry about how rude Xavier had been to her. I don't think she was hurt because I got an e-mail from her on Monday.
Sokka: I say we go see Zuko and tell him to back off!
Icelin: NO! There is absolutely NO WAY I am going to see him!
Aang: It might be the only way.
Icelin: AANG!
Katara: I don't know...
Icelin: Thank you!
Katara: But I think we should...
Icelin: Kat!!
Katara: What?
Aang: It's official-- we're going to see Zuko.
Icelin: Mother-- *screams* AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Sokka: I guess we're going to go pick up Britarzyna and Alexianna.

*screaming continues*

Sokka: Would you shut up?!


Britarzyna: You guys weren't supposed to pick us up till tomorrow, but thanks anyway.:)

Britarzyna (who was now going by Brit-- she said it sounded more "chic") patted the back of her new Sposh Pice haircut which she had dyed pale blond. She through her bag on top of Appa and hopped on.

Alexianna: It wasn't that bad, Brit.
Brit: Are you kidding me? They had us sleep on hammocs in the back yard!

The GAang had just picked up the twins who surprisingly were very close to where Zuko was staying. Alexianna twisted her dyed pale blond hair around her finger and grunted.

Alexianna: You know you guys could've left me here. I've had enough of Zuko and I definitely do not want to see his cousin.
Icelin: I don't wanna see him either-- especially when I only have four outfits.
Alexianna: So?
Icelin: Sooooo the outfits I happen to have include a purple top that shows my button and a black skirt that doesn't cover my knees, sweatpants with a jacket that matches, a red sleeveless top, my pajamas, and a plaid sweater with a khaki skirt.
Brit: Are you trying to copy that one character from Bratty Girls (note: A.K.A. Mean Girls) that likes the belly button shirts?
Icelin: .....
Brit: *snorts*
Aang: There it is:?
Katara: *sarcastically* Great :roll:

Aang had Appa land in an area covered by trees. Everyone got down from Appa and began to slowly walk to the house. Icelin hid behind Sokka.

Sokka: Why are you hiding behind me?
Icelin: *whispers* So no one can see me *winks*
Alexianna: This is our chance to run back to Appa-- wait a minute, Ice, why did you say you only had four outfits. Why'd you bring them?
Icelin: At the moment my bag is my closet and Iroh usually goes thru my bag.
Katara: Ew, why?
Icelin: I keep candy in my bag.
Katara: Of course.

Finally they reached the door. Everyone backed up and waited for someone to knock.

Brit: Wimps. *knocks the door*

Everyone (but Brit) held their breath. They heard the locks on the other side of the door being unlocked and it finally opened....

Brit: Iroh! *hugs him*
Iroh: Britarzyna? Alexianna? Avatar Aang? Katara? Sokka?
Brit: It's Brit now.

Icelin silently thanked herself for hardly ever gaining an ounce-- she was completely covered by Sokka! She heard footsteps.

Zuko: Uncle, what's going on- holy Avatar!
Brit: Zuko! *hugs hims* Long time no see, right?
Zuko: Why are you people here? Icelin's not here is she?
GAang: Uhhh....
Aang: She couldn't make it... heehee.
Icelin: *thinking* 'Thank goodness for Sokka!'
Sokka: *sniffs* Do I smell cookies? *runs inside*
Icelin: Sokka!
Zuko: Icelin!
Icelin: Zuko!
Brit: Brit!
Zuko: *to Icelin* Why are you here?:x
Icelin: Ok, lemme make this clear-- This was so not my idea to come. *hides behind Katara*
Aang: We need to talk.
Zuko: I've left you alone now you leave me alone.
Brit: I'm going to get some cookies.
Alexianna: Yeah me too.
Xavier: Zuko, what's going on-- and why are all these people in the kitchen. *sees Alexianna*
Alexianna: Uhhh... *hides behind Aang*
Xavier: Iroh, why is the Avatar here?:x
Iroh: They simply need to take care of some business. *to Aang* Come in... I guess.

The remaining 4 walked in. Icelin avoided Zuko's glare.

Iroh led them into the kitchen where they all took a seat at the table. Brit and Sokka were inhaling cookies while two other cousins of Zuko (Pire and Alec Icelin guessed) watched in shock as the two "cookie monsters" inhaled the remaining cookies.

Iroh: Zuko, why don't you go back upstairs. I want you to get some rest.
Zuko: *growls* I'm fine.
Iroh: So... what can we do for you?
Aang: The other day, Alexianna said she ran into Zuko and his cousins. She said Xavier was pretty rude to her.
Xavier: Are you seriously going to listen to this liar?
Iroh: Xavier, please.
Aang: We just want to make it clear that we would like it if you left us alone.
Iroh: That's not too hard. So is that all?
Aang: I guess.
Icelin: *stands* OK, bye. *heads for the door*
Iroh: If I were you, I wouldn't want to be heading outside alone.
Icelin: What?
Zuko: Azula's here.
Aang/Sokka/Katara: Who?
Icelin: You mean your looney sister?
Zuko: Yeah-- she's hunting me *to Aang* and you.
Aang: And?
Zuko: She's worse than me.
Aang: *gulps*
Iroh: We were planning on fleeing the island tomorrow. We haven't allowed anyone outside since...

Iroh, Zuko, Xavier, Pire, and Alec became quiet.

Katara: Since what?
Xavier: Last night our father was kidnapped by Azula. We tried to stop her...
Aang: So this "Azula" is dangerous, yes?
Zuko: Worse.
Iroh: You're welcome to stay here if you wish. We have plenty of rooms.

Aang looked at everyone; Katara's look was unsure; Alexianna's was a drop- dead no; Brit just shrugged; Sokka ate another cookie; Icelin's was screaming in terror.

Aang: Sure, I guess.

Aang watched as Icelin's jaw dropped. He simply shrugged.

Iroh: Great.

Just then, another one of Zuko's cousins (Irina?) walked into the room.

Irina: Who- if it's important I'll find out later.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry that I haven't made a blog in a long time! I remember when I used to make like 100 blogs a day and now i make 1 like every 2 weeks:( Well, (no promises) I'll try 2 have the next chappie up 2morrow or sometime.

Hugs, hugs, hugs!