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I want Fable III

Lately, I've actually had some cash to buy me a video game. However, I've not really been too interested in anything that's been released lately. I mean sure, there's Halo: Reach, but to be perfectly honest, after playing Halo 1 2 and 3 this just looks like more of the same.

Halo Formula

1. Kill some bad guys.

2. Kill some bad guys while in some form of transportation.

3. Repeat.

Don't get me wrong, I loved all 3 Halo games, but this time round, there doesn't seem to be anything new about it that says "buy me". Then there's Fallout: New Vegas. I greatly enjoyed Fallout 3. But again, it just seems like more of the same.What's new about it? It has more guns. Now, I'm a great fan of guns in video games. But that alone isn't going to make me buy New Vegas.

However, Fable III is a game I've been looking forward to for a while now and THIS is a game I plan on buying. I greatly enjoyed Fable I and, yes. I even enjoyed Fable II, despite it's downfalls.

Peter Molyneux: to some, he's a god. To others, he's a lying basterd with a French-sounding name.

So why, Mr. Bread you crazy son of a female dog, are you buying Fable III over Halo: Reach and New Vegas?

Why you ask?

Yes, that's what I asked. Are you deaf too?

No, I'm not deaf, and to answer your question: because it looks awesome, because it's improved much more compared to those other games. And because the Fable franchise is just so much fun, and for me, that's what playing video games is all about. That's why they're called games. What's more, Fable III looks like it's going to be better then it's predecessor in almost every way.

- New features like the sanctuary, being king a much deeper way to interact with NPC's, and weapons that morph and change as you use them

- Improvements, such as, combat, housing and a very cool-looking 3D map

- A deeper story, more meaningful choices, and being able to shape Albion like never before

- Singing Gnomes. Yeah, you heard it right, SINGING GNOMES

And on October 29th, I'll finally get my greedy hands on it.


Even the box looks awesome...

It's so shiney!! :D

That is man is badassed. I bet he's kicked more then a few chickens is his time.

Meet Logan, the bad guy this time around. I must say, his guards have rather nice hats.

I have no idea what's going on here...But it looks great!

Seldom has Albion witnessed such a manly mustache.

Get back into the filthy grave you crawled out of, you glowy-eyed supermodels.

STOP! Hammer time.

The Quest To Get SideSwipes Back

Status Report:

I contacted Customer Support on Friday because I felt the reason why SideSwipes was banned was a bit unfair. Today I recieved a reply from Jody saying that she's investigating it.

This makes her sound like a badass private detective. This also means there is a sliver of hope...

Zomg. :shock: