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Where have I been?


The website has a dirty name here.  I don't care.  This place has become deserted, stale and boring.  The smileys are god awful, the forum is slow and the humor is so bad and corny here it makes me want to puke sometimes.

After the Forum change, this place hasn't been the same.  The site is ugly.  People hate it.  And yet Gamespot has decided what is best for us, it's FANS.  They don't listen to us, they give us a condescending pat on the head and say "It'll all be okay, we know what's good for you."

This website has enormous potential and the forums have just as much.  Clean up the ugly look, keep up the emblems, add more customization and ENLARGE THE AVATARS AND LOSE THE STUPID SHADOW BEHIND THEM.

Seriously, people have been asking for this stuff for how long?  No more excuses Gamespot, people are leaving and your turning your shoulder.

Oh well, back to System Wars.  And before you call the place a cesspool of retards, go to the main forums here.  Not everyone is a stuck up poster of the Virtual Underground here.  Most Gamespot forumites can't spell Gamecube. 

Not to mention I would rather be surrounded by retards then deal with unnescassarily long posts with dozens of the most annoying smiley ever created ":P".  People insert that stupid thing everywhere and it annoys the hell out of me.  Your not cute by throwing it in.  And instead of writing a senior thesis on why Mario is a plumber, write 2 paragraphs. 

Episodic content should be reviewed differently.

If you haven't read the Gamespot review yet, you should. It scored well, but why it lost points is why I'm writing this entry. It's a problem, and something Gamespot needs to adjust to if it intends to score games fairly.

"When you get down to it, the only major complaint about Episode One is that it's over so quickly."

This is something that was to be expected with it being episodic. It's a 4-6 hour ride in the world of Half Life, that according to Gamespot, was spectacular. At 20$ you get answers that people didn't want to wait another few years to get the answers to.

Even ignoring the fact that the game is good, you can't rate a game that is designed to be an "episode" on length. It accomplished it's desired length and if people are disappointed than they were expecting the wrong deal.

Gamespot needs to update it's review criteria. Personally, I don't feel the averaging they do with the combined scores works anyway. But that should be saved for another entry. What do you all think?

My thoughts on the upcoming generation

Anyone's predictions are as good as anyone elses.  The gaming industry can't be planned out like a math equation and consumer opinions about companies like Nintendo or Sony are completely up in the air.  Anything, in reality, could happen this gen.  These are simply my opinions on what could happen.


I'll admit it, I'm a fanboy.  My first console was a NES when I was a little kid, my love for Nintendo will never die no matter how many stupid moves it makes.  The decision for the name Wii being one of them.

I understand what Nintendo is trying to do.  It's trying to set itself apart from the other companies by being the "creative" and "Free thinking" one that will attract groups of all ages and gaming backgrounds.

It sounds cute and nice, but will it work?  I honestly don't know.  The invetibly cheap price will attract some shoppers and the uniqueness may bring in some casuals.  Somehow, I think this will end up bringing in more of the "hardcore" that are tired of current trends.  We'll see.


Done.  That pretty much sums up my feelings for Sony, but I'll elaborate.

The price point will destroy this machine, plain and simple.  Sony has already stated that in Europe it may not release the cheaper version, and here people are already saying there's no way in hell they are paying that much.  Myself included.

But what about the games?  I love Metal Gear Solid, but not for 600$.  Warhawk looks cool, but not for 600$.  This is what consumers will be saying to themselves come launch day.  It's not good news for Sony.

But what about Blu-Ray?  The same thing will happen with it that happened with the PS2.  Other players will be better, and that's assuming consumers even accept blu-ray.  I for one, won't be.  And yes I own an HDTV.  We just freaking jumped to DVDs, I won't be milked for yet another new standard.


 This is the console I see coming out on top.  It's flat out got everything covered.  While Sony and Nintendo have flawed plans that may or may not work, I'm not seeing many in Microsoft's.

It's got a solid online framework, powerful console and a great lineup that appeals to both casuals and the gaming elite.  It's got a decent price that doesn't make you take a second mortgage out on your trailer.

What these companies need to focus on

Well for one, online gaming.  Xbox Live crushed anything the other consoles had to offer.  If Sony and Nintendo don't quickly adapt they will be left in the dust.

Marketing is a given, but something that hasn't been fully realized yet.  If Nintendo can push itself into the mainstream world that Sony and Microsoft have infiltrated, the Wii may pull through. 

Finally, the damn games.  As of late many people have been giving lukewarm responses to gaming in general.  It's all been the same stuff over and over again in some respects.  People want new things, and they want it now.

*cshhh* Enemy Territory ahead! *cshhh*

Like my radio sounds? 

If you haven't read it yet, please do.  The new preview for Enemy Territoy: Quake Wars gets me pumped for this amazing looking game.  Listen to the description of  the Medic class:

"Once we had a chance to take a look around the map, we were then shown some of the actual character classes in action, such as the EDF medic class, which will be outfitted in medium body armor and which will carry large, conspicuous stimpacks on their backs that will be visibly depleted when the medics tend to a wounded ally."

I'll be sure to save some stimpacks for my buddies on Gamespot ;)