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Hey! Hey!

Just checking up on Gamespot again.

Liquid Lurker is still pretty awesome, though sometimes barren.

I'm going to college in less than a month!

I like the album "Chemistry of Common Life" by F***ed Up.

Chick Tracts are my new obsession.

How are you?

Making a come back?

Probably not, but I was just curious to see what GS was like.

My senior year has been pretty stellar. I have made my choice for my top three colleges, and I will make a decision by the end of April.

I haven't been doing much other than homework, listening to music, speech and debate, and playing tetris.

100th blog, woo.

Exams Mofo

This week is exam week.

Monday- Just a regular school day.

Tuesday- Had English in the morning, left after that.

Wednesday- Had no exams today!

Thursday- Microbiology and Trig, then I can leave after that.

Friday- No school (teacher in-service).

I was able to get out of history for double A's and music theory for perfect attendance, and there wasn't an exam for study hall (duh).



I haven't posted here at all in a long time.

Yes, I was one of those Viva Jeff freaks. I hope he's doing well, but I'm still not very happy GS fired him.

So, what's up?

Wow...I haven't blogged in a long time...

Hey guys. It's been a long time, I know. Here's an update.

School is much better this year in terms of classes. I like my teachers more, and I'm doing better.

There's been quite a bit of drama between a girl and I, however. It's rather complicated, but whatever.

Not going to homecoming this weekend. I hate the drama and the depression, so I'm going to a Halo 3 LAN party.


Ack, forget that whole "I'm going to take a break from GS" thing...

Although I may not post on the OT much, I'll write blogs regularly. When it comes to advice, you guys are the best. :up:

No, it's not a girl problem. It's a friend problem. Nothing has occured yet, but tension is growing, unfortunately.

Here's the the deal. My friend Jake has been changing a lot. Not in a good way, though. He's doing it for show, mostly to try to go out with this one girl named Annie.

This is how it started. My other friend, Patrick (who I've known forever know, we've always been great friends), decides to introduce Jake to a new group of friends. All of them are very much like Patrick, your regular indie kids who are very much interested in under-the-radar things and typically live a more relaxed way of life. Jake, not so much. A very smart kid, very much into gaming and classical music. You could say nerd, but that's too strong of a word. Anyway, he now hangs out with them constantly. That's all he wants to do. Patrick has gotten fed up with it, and left. Jake is now interested in a girl from there, and person who is nothing like him. Whenever they are around, he flirts, but she doesn't. It's rather awkward, but he can't see it.

Now, that's the back up story. I really don't care about that. This is what I care about:

He's not who he is anymore. He's changing himself to the likings of other, just for a few people who may be seen as more popular. Example, he's told me numerous times the kind of music he likes. I introduced him to Neutral Milk Hotel, Sonic Youth and Radiohead, and he didn't like it. A few days later, when we're in the car, Annie pops it in, and all of the sudden, he's in love with every song of theirs (and anything the indie kids suggest).

I'm not the only person concerned with this. There are many others. This is very important to me. I'm not going to lose a friend just because he's becoming someone who he isn't.

Why I haven't been here

Ever since arriving from Europe, I've only logged on once or twice. To be honest, I really haven't been motivated to post here anymore, unfortunately. I won't say this is the end, I may come back to a new GS, but as of now, I'm just not interested anymore.

However, being gone from GS would mean being gone from a lot of great people. So I'll give out contact information.

I do have a facebook, so if you want the link, just email me at I'll also give out my AIM, which is wafflekopter, and my MSN is As many of you know, I am a moderator at Liquid Lurker, so you will find me there (as WaffleKopter).

So you have it. Goodbye for now, GS.

"If you never say hello, you won't have to say goodbye."


I'm baaaaaaaack....

I got back from my trip. I'll post pics soon. :)

Bad news, though. My dog, Chocolate Chip, passed away. We put her down before the trip due to multiple cancerous tumors in her stomach. RIP Chip 1998-2007. She will be missed.


As I have said in one of my earlier blogs, I'll be gone for a while in Europe for Ohio Ambassadors of Music. The first three days will be spent at BGSU practicing, and the rest of the time will be in Europe. I'll be gone June 21 'till July 9. I'll make sure to bring back pictures and stories. :)

I'll also be gone tomorrow. I'll be spending my last "free day" here at Cedar Point. :D

'Tis all.