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This is certainly a strong contender. I love that bird.

The cassowary will always be up there. It makes sounds like this. It has a spike claw on each foot that it can rip shit up with. You stare at it and it stares right back. It's about as tall as an average man but can run much faster. They say it's able to slash through car doors. It mostly eats fruit.

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No one's gonna click it, so I'll just post the whole thing. That way you might read some by accident as you scroll past it.
Written by this guy:

So, to recap:

Me: I don't think this is really about corruption as much as it's about discomfort with feminism. After all, a lot of the heat seems to be aimed at small female devs/commentators of a feminist bent.

GamerGaters on Twitter: Not true! So unfair! Go to KIA!

[Goes to KIA. Suspicions appear to be mostly confirmed.]

This has happened over and over and over again (I also looked into the 8chan board and some other “approved” places). As a journalist trying to be fair-minded about this, you can't fucking win. If I'm arguing with someone from the NRA or the NAACP or some other established group, I can point to actual quotes from the group's leadership. With you guys, any bad thing that happens is, by definition, not the work of A True GamerGater. It's one of the oldest logical fallacies in the book.

So what is GamerGate “really” about? I think this is the kinda question a philosopher of language would tear apart and scatter the remnants of to the wind, because it lacks any real referent. You guys refuse to appoint a leader or write up a platform or really do any of the things real-life, adult “movements” do. I’d argue that there isn’t really any such thing as GamerGate, because any given manifestation of it can be torn down as, again, No True GamerGate by anyone who disagrees with it. And who gets to decide what is and isn’t True GamerGate? You can’t say you want a decentralized, anonymous movement and then disown the ugly parts that inevitably pop up. Either everything is in, or everything is out.

Anyway, faced with this complete lack of clarity, all I or other journalists can do, then, is journalism: We ask the people in the movement what they stand for and then try to tease out what is real and what is PR. And every every every substantive conversation/forum/encounter I've had with folks from GamerGate has led me to believe that a large part of the reason for the group's existence is discomfort with what its members see as the creeping and increasing influence of what you call social-justice warriors in the gaming world.

I’m not just making this up based on the occasional Tweet or forum post. After my HuffPost Live appearance, I was invited into a Google Hangout about GamerGate by Troy Rubert, aka @GhostLev. I accepted, and when I got in just about everyone who spoke openly talked about how mad they were that progressive politics and feminism were impinging on gaming, which they saw as an area they had enjoyed, free of politics, forever. They were extremely open about this. A day or so later, another GamerGater, @Smilomaniac, asked me to read a blog post he’d written about his involvement in the movement in which he explicitly IDs as anti-feminist, and says that while some people claim otherwise, he thinks GG is an anti-feminist movement.

I believe him; I think GamerGate is primarily about anger at progressive people who care about feminism and transgender rights and mental health and whatever else (I am not going to use your obnoxious social-justice warrior terminology anymore) getting involved in gaming, and by what you see as overly solicitous coverage of said individuals and their games. And that's fine! It's an opinion I happen to disagree with, but “at least it’s an ethos.”

But this is only going to be a real debate if you guys can cop to your real-life feelings and opinions. You should have a bit more courage and put your actual motives front and center. Instead, because some of you do have a certain degree of political savvy, as is evidenced whenever GamerGaters on 8chan and elsewhere try to rein in their more unhinged peers, you've decided to go the "journalism ethics" route.

Unfortunately, that sauce is incredibly weak. There was no Kotaku review of “Depression Quest,” and fair-minded journalists will see through that line of attack right away since ZQ was receiving hate for DQ long before her boyfriend posted that thing. Journalists donating to crowdfunding campaigns? I bet if you asked 100 journalists you'd get 100 different opinions on whether this should be inherently off-limits (personal take is that it isn't, but that journalists should certainly disclose any projects to which they donate). Collusion to strike at the heart of the gamer identity? Conservatives have been arguing that liberal journalists unfairly collude forever—I was on the “Journolist” that people wrongly claimed was coordinating pro-Obama coverage when really what we were doing, like any other listserv of ideologically like-minded people, was arguing with ourselves over everything. What happened was Gamasutra ran a column, that column went viral, and a lot of people responded to it. That sort of cross-site collusion doesn’t happen the way you think it does. When everyone’s writing about the same thing, that’s because the thing in question is getting a lot of discussion, which LA’s column did.

You guys know as well as I do that a movement based on the stated goal of regaining gaming ground lost to feminists and (ugh) SJWs would not do very well from a PR perspective. But you’re in a bind, because the ethics charges are 1) 98% false; 2) complicated to follow for the layperson; and 3) pretty clearly a ruse given the underlying ideology of the folks pushing this line forward.

(Important side note: A lot of the people calling for “journalistic ethics” quite transparently don’t know anything about journalism — to say that sites should clearly label what is and isn’t opinion, for example, is just plain weird, because a) that distinction is less and less relevant and is mostly a relic of newspaper days; and b) it’s a basic reading-comprehension thing; anyone who reads on a daily basis can tell, pretty simply from various cues in the narrative, whether they’re reading a work of “straight” journalism [outdated, troublesome term], “pure” opinion [again, bleh], or some combination of the two [which is what a lot of games coverage is].)

So I’d make a call, one last time, for honesty: Stop pretending this is about stuff it isn’t. Acknowledge that you do not want SJWs in gaming, that you want games to just be about games. Again: I disagree, but at least then I (and other journalists! you do want coverage, don’t you?) could at least follow what the hell is going on. If your movement requires journalists to carefully parse 8chan chains to understand it, it gets an F- in the PR department.

You guys need to man and woman up and talk about what’s really on your mind, or stop whining about “biased” coverage and/or blaming it on non-existent conspiracies. And that’s my overlong two cents about your movement and why I’m having a lot of trouble taking it seriously.

(Edited right away to fix some stuff; more edits surely to come given that I wrote this quickly and in an under-caffeinated state. Feel free to snap a screenshot—I won’t be making any substantive changes.)

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I expect I will click those links and shut them down the instant I hear "SEKKS FUR FAIVHURS"
Oh you timestamped the first one you clever bastard. I don't know how you even did that with that link, there's none of the usual code in it. Tell me your secrets.

Meanwhile a smart guy said sensible things.

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Depending on which aspect of it you're referring to, Gamergate's either tremendously worthless, impotent, ignorant, confused, naive, unfocused and misguided. Or it's immensely abhorrent, misogynistic, unethical, sexist, corrupted, hateful, spiteful, harmful and toxic. Look at what has been accomplished these past two months.

Today, some GG asshole attacked a suicidal game developer. Yesterday I was told by some GG supporter that GG has resulted in three game sites changing their ethics guidelines.

Is it worth it? Has it been worth these two months of suffering?

Some might come with the "not all gamergaters!" "we don't condone harassment!". Sure you don't. Others in your movement do. They will continue. You are standing next to them, acting as a shield and supplying momentum. You are all Gamergate. It's not a religion, an identity, a group of oppressed people, you are not fighting for civil rights, it's a fucking hashtag. If you want to talk about ethics or audience alienation, then please, by all means. Just don't let that microphone-shaped turd fool you.

Nowadays all that seems to be going on is the assholes run wild, other assholes react with empathy-deficient shit like "she did it to herself shill false flag attention!". And for some excruciatingly incomprehensible reason, the moderates try to run PR for this thoroughly appalling circus. Again, what the hell is there that's worth defending? If you say "ethics" or some such, well, first of all, your priorities are fucked up.

But beyond that, Gamergate's complaints regarding ethics in games journalism have been any combination of these; petty, baseless, quickly proven false, bullshit, delusional, nonsense, not about ethics, not about games journalism.

Beyond that, actual ethics issues are being ignored. Such as Warner Bros/Plaid Social only allowing entry into Mordor if the recipient signed a contract stipulating the person abide by the PR firm's wishes.

And beyond that, your potentially valid concern worthy of discussion, will suffer from its Gamergate association by getting drowned out amidst the madness, or dismissed as part of it. Unless it's about "politics", "agendas", "SJW's" or "women talking about or doing things", in which case it may reverberate within Gamergate to some degree and eventually become another one of the complaints in the post linked above.

Anita Sarkeesian is doing criticism, she is not dictating or forcing anything. You are free to disagree, criticize back. You are free to not listen. You are free to listen and consider. Disagree with some parts, consider others. Whatever. Youtube comments are mostly worthless on an average day. On an average day of someone who's been stalked by obsessive internet psychos for years and is constantly spammed with harassment, threats and bullshit, Youtube comments are not free to Youtube comment.

Anti-GG is a nebulous group that no one has joined and consequently doesn't really exist. This person did a bad thing, this person is anti-GG, anti-GG is bad, if you oppose GG you are bad. The thing with this is, anti-GG is not something you can step out of, because you never stepped in. Please do snip my membership card in half if you find it. And please snip your GG card. Snip it good.

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So which ons is it Gamespot? Real or CG?
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I love every kind of cat.
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Laengthengurthe - Butthole Barbarian
This song is pretty good. It's about a butthole barbarian.
All of their songs are pretty good.

But for serious, Marnie Stern - Grapefruit
That song genuinely makes me feel bad and repelled to the point of getting chills and severe frowny face syndrome. If someone was ever to try to torture me with music, this would be the song to unleash. For the sake of comparison I just listened to nails on a chalkboard. This song is worse. By a lot.

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Currently getting oopsed whenever I try to submit a post. So you probably won't see this one.

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Currently getting oopsed whenever I try to submit a post. So you probably won't see this one.

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Worked for me just now. Looks like it had something to do with the postal code form based on it now saying (US/Canada).
So left that unfilled and got a green message saying some sort of thing. Have to log out and in for to be applied.

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