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Xbox 720 Anti-Used Games thougts

Some people are asking themselves: is this a good development or a bad one? (Yes some people are ignorant enough for such questions. You don't believe me? Go see TheGamerAccess on youtube about this topic)

There is no reasonable argument for prohibiting used games. In fact, a more thought out question is: is it legal to do so? Isn't it against my right to sell things to others?

We live in a time where you have to fill in registration codes in order to play the full game, which of course can only be used once. Once used, this reduces the value of the game considerably and cannot be sold as a whole. I find this already to be very presumptuous.

Now starting to put a ban on used games goes even beyond that:

I can neither lend nor borrow a game, I cannot sell it at GameStop, ebay or wherever, rentals will be difficult to handle and lastly what if I happen to have two Xbox 720s?

It seems as if we're already used to be pranked by huge companies (such as Sony or Microsoft), because there's little to no resistance to this development. I encourage you all to think about this, even if you don't usually buy used games, because we're also seeing a constant increase in pricing for new games. If used games are going to be banned, they will raise the prices of the new ones until their wallets explode.

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Close to heaven

It was the 16th of July when me and my girlfriend decided to climb the Tribulaun mountain near the border between Austria and Italy. With its height of 3097 m (10161 ft) above sea level it is not the easiest mountain to climb. In fact you could call it dangerous, because the mountain consists of loose rock, which tend to fall down. If you see one of them come towards your face you should pray your last prayer!

Have a look at this beautiful beast:


So have we survived? Of course we have, damn it, how could I write this if I wasn't alive? (Wow this one was lame)

We started in Sterzing (Vipiteno), a little city in South Tirol with approximately 6000 inhabitants. And as we climbed up the gorgeous green fields the noise of the city became more quietly. It was unbelievable: The ridiculously green grass was waving in the wind and the only thing you could hear was your stomach growling. Man was I hungry and it was so exhausting, just look at the steep slope we had to walk up to finally reach the mountain:


We walked for 3 hours to reach the foot of the mountain, where we chilled out near a lake and were we finally ate something! We stayed there for half an hour to gather all our forces.

This is what we saw:



It was totally worth the effort to come so far, but the journey wasn't over yet:
We had to wear helmets as well as use ropes and we were accompanied by a professional, who showed us the path, thus we couldn't take any pictures during the climb and we had to be very concentrated, because it was really dangerous.

Finally we reached the top of the mountain after some breathtaking moments. Sometimes I was really close to a heart attack. ;)

This is the beautiful view you have from the top of it:


So after a long day we returned home with the ropeway ... boy, were we tired!
I fell on my couch to play some Uncharted! That's when I realised that after a day like this you learn to really enjoy your life and your games of course! =)

your McSkombi

What/Where the hell is South Tyrol?

South Tyrol (Italian: Alto Adige; German, Ladin: Südtirol) is an autonomous province of Italy. It is one of the subdivisions of the region of Trentino-South Tyrol. It has a total population of 482.650 and an Area of 7400 km^2.

The capital of the province is Bolzano (Population: 99.229; Area: 52,34 km^2). The Museum of Archeology in Bolzano is where the ice-mummy "Ötzi" (Ötzi the Iceman (=Frozen Fritz) is a well-preserved natural mummy of a man from about 3300 BC, found in 1991 in a glacier of the Ötztal Alps, near the border between Austria and Italy) is kept.

(The picture shows the "main" street of Bolzano, the "Lauben")

South Tyrol is known for its mountains, which compose a portion of the Italian Alps and the main Alps chain located in Europe. In this mountain chain, there is a smaller group called the Ortler Alps. In this group, which is considered the centre of the Italian Alps, there is a mountain called the Ortler, which rises 3 905 m (12810 ft) above sea level, and is the highest peak in the Ortler Alps. Another group of mountains located in South Tyrol are the Dolomites. The Dolomites are a section of the main alpine chain, of which equal parts are located in the South Tyrol and in neighbouring Italian provinces. One mountain, the Schlern (2 563 m (8.408 ft)), is part of the Dolomite chain. Other mountains located in South Tyrol are:

ROSENGARTEN (as seen from Bolzano)