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Do Want and Do Got



-Demon's Souls

-Ratchet and Clank A Crack In Time

-Dragon Age Origins

-Brutal Legend

-Assassin's Creed 2

How in the hell I am going to be able to buy all those, I have yet to figure out. :lol:


-Uncharted 2

-Skate 2

-Super Smash Bros Brawl(hint: mah brother got a wii:P)

- A TON of music

Uncharted 2 is.....awesome. To sum it up in a few words, Uncharted 2 basically perfects all the mechanics from the first game and adds a few new elements.

Skate 2 I haven't really played much. It's good from what I've played so far though. Loving the multiplayer though I have to say. My brother and I have been having some solid fun.

And yeah, my brother got a Wii for his birthday. Can't say it would be the system I would buy if I had the choice, but he's 10 years old, he'd love any game he could play. I figured since he has a Wii, why not advise him on some games to get.:P So he purchases Brawl and we've been playing the crap out of it. It's more like Melee 1.5, but Melee was amazing, so it doesn't really matter:lol:.

Didn't feel like writing much today. Just felt the need to update you few readers on what's going on:lol:.

Happy Birthday To Me!

And I'm only three days late! Bonus:P

lol, So my birthday was last Friday the 18th. I'm mainly posting this rather late blog to show you guys some of the stuff I recieved for my birthday:D

(Note that most of this stuff was bought with money I recieved:P)

Here it is:


CrisisThe Way of The Fist

Numbah 2Hold it man

IpoodWreck that junk

inkd up

Alright so in that mess of pictures we have:


-Alexisonfire's album "Crisis"

-Five Finger Death Punch's album "The Way of The Fist

-Billy Talent II

-Pendulum's ablum "Hold Your Colour"

-Overseer's album "Wreckage"

-16GB Ipod nano chromatic(Hellzz yeahh)

-Skullcandy Inkd headphones(I didn't feel the need to buy a really expensive set of headphones:P)

Other purchases before my birthday:

DeluxxxxeeeShenaginin around

Sublime mannRobbin junk

-Machine Head's album "The Blackening", deluxe edition

-Green Day's album "Shenanigans"

-Sublime's albums "40oz. to freedom" and "robbin' the hood"

Holy crap, that's alot of crap. It's safe to say my birthday was great:D


Awesome, awesome game. I was going to get Fallout 3 but I rented Oblivion and loved it so much more. It's even more massive than Fallout 3. I stuck with the original version because it was 10 bucks cheaper and I heard that the GOTY edition was severely bugged and impossible to get out of vampirism(which I have gotten already:P).

Oh and for anyone who wants to know, I'm 14 now:D I may be younger than some people expected, because I know I've never really said much about my age before, so I hope my age doesn't affect any of my friend's feelings about me. So quite obviously, I'm back in school now:P And since I live in Canada, I'm in High School now:D It was cool like, oh say, the first day, but now it's just regular, boring school. I think that's all I have to say:P

Goodbye Blog

I'm leaving. :cry:

For a whole week! :cry:

Yeah, I'm just going up to a friend's family's cottage. I'll probably miss some blogs, but that is why I posted this, to keep everyone informed:D Should be fun though, going to do some water-skiing and water-tubing. Very exciting:D

Anyway, mind as well do an update since this blog would only be 6 sentances otherwise.


Rented Fallout 3, just to see if I like it, since the GOTY edition is dropping soon. It's really good. Definitely be picking this one up. I've played it for about 11 hours and I think I've *finally* got a grasp of all the elements of the game. There's so much to do it takes some time to figure out what you're doing:P

Other than that not really any gaming going on as of recent. Never finished finding all the blast shards in inFamous because it became mind-numbing. BlazBlue is still lots of fun, I've just been away alot recently and have been spending most of my freetime with Fallout 3 since it has to be returned soon.

Bye bye everyone. I know you'll miss me so much:|

Hey look! For once I didn't spend my paycheck on a freaking game!


The Bake SaleFortress

Yeah, music this time:P It seems like I've only been buying music lately, actually. Or, I've just been listening to a whole lot of it:P Gaming is pretty slow for me right now. I'm slowly training myself in BlazBlue. Still no online playing for me yet though:D I re-addicted myself to inFamous, and I'm working my way towards the Platinum trophy. I'm surprised I got back into it though. I figured I was done with it after my first playthrough. I just got incredibly bored of it. Maybe I just need a break because I just played through it twice last week:P Evil ending was cool, definitely more enjoyable than the good one.

As far as the music goes, it's all great. Slipknot are out of their ******* minds. I don't think I've ever heard that much swearing in my life:shock: The Cool Kids are cool. They have some great beats, mixed with some clever and funny lyrics. I'll have to thank Scianix-Black for introducing me to these guys. Thank god for his tunes of the week:P And Protest The Hero, well, they're amazing. I can't really explain how much I like them with words. You'll just have to listen.

Yet again, another pointless blog. Ah well,I just enjoy filling all you readers in with what's happening with my various interests:P. Thanks for reading:)

One Month Later....


And I finally have it:P Had to settle for a standard copy, because apparently, the EB games I go to never even recieved any limited editions:evil: But still I'm happy, I got the game. Haven't really put much time into yet, maybe a half hour, but I suck ass. I got to like stage 6 or something in arcade mode and lost:P I'm going to have to put some serious hours into this to get good.

It's fantastic so far though, it looks fantastic, fighting is fun and fast paced, characters are all way different. Seriously, that's probably why I got owned so hard, you have to change how you fight after every match, because their all so unique. Don't really know what character I'll be using the most yet, so far I've only tried Noel and Itchi Faye Ling, and Noel appears to be more suited for me, but that's only between the two of them. I still want to try the rest of roster out.

But yeah, awesome game thus far, expect to see me playing this for quite some time:P Oh and, people who want to play me online, if you don't have my PSN yet;


Also replayed R&C Future: Tools of Destruction recently, and I just realized how fantastic that game is. I bombed through it so fast the first time I never really got a grasp of how much hard work was put into the game. Graphics are beautiful, action is c.lassic Ratchet and Clank, story is hilarious. That reminds me, A Crack in Time is looking awesome too. Really excited for this one, especially since it will most likely be the last R&C game:(

And finally, I bought the new Billy Talent album:

Billy Talent Trois

Favourite tracks: Saint Veronika, Diamond on a Landmine, Devil on my Shoulder


Rainy Day

The stormy weather is messing up my internet, so it's quite slow, otherwise I'd be playing:

Gee Dubya

I love this game:D I still own my normal copy of the game even. I used to play this back when I had a PC with windows XP, but since it crashed and burned, I had to get a new PC. And of course I got stupid Vista:evil: But since the GOTY edition now supports Vista as a OS, I picked it up for 25$ at Walmart.

I also picked up:


Me likey less screamy Alexisonfire:P


It's SOAD. SOAD is awesome:P

Yes, still no BlazBlue:( You'd think a week and a half after release some store would have it, but no! Gawd. Small towns get no love:(

I've also decided to cut back on buying so many games. After I get BlazBlue, I won't be getting any more games until Demon's Souls is released. I just want to start spending my money on other things. Games are just so fricking expenisve, I never have any money left over to buy other things... Guild Wars should keep me busy anyway, it is a MMO after all. A very fun one at that:D

Oh and for anyone who has played GW, my character is a Necro/Ranger named Saolis Bracewind8) I'm currently only level 7 and I haven't even gotten to "Post Ascalon" or whatever it's called:P I'm trying to complete as many of the sidequests as possible before leaving. I've probably already played it for close to 10 hours already.

Yep so that was my boring rainy day blog. Stay tuned for next time:D


Sweet. On Tuesday night, I, McMJ3 was modded 5 times, that's right, 5 times, in ONE thread:P I completely deserved it of course:P I got 1 warning, 1 suspension, and 3 point losses.


So, if I missed anyone's blog, it's because I was suspended:P


I have been playing alot of Uncharted recently. I finally gave in and bought it a couple weeks ago, and I can now say that I got my moneys worth. I have played through it 3 times(easy, normal, and hard) and it's still(surprisingly) entertaining me. It's a pretty basic game;

1.Run and hide.

2.Point and shoot.

3. Run and jump.

Yet it is awesome. It looks great, plays great, it's just altogether great:D I am officialy excited for Uncharted 2.

Score: 9.0


I would be playing BlazBlue right this moment, but fracking EB games had to have no copies of it:evil: So if any of you getting any messages saying "I FRACKING HATE YOU" when discussing how you own BlazBlue, it's because of EB games:P

OK, so stuff for you guys to remember:

1.If McMJ3 did not comment on your blog, it is becasue he was suspended.

2.McMJ3 thinks Uncharted is great.

3.McMJ3 is better than you.

4.EB games needs to go to hell.


PS: Don't think I'm going to start a blogging rampage and blog this frequently, it's just a phase:P

lawl zappey zappey powerz make puny ants go boom boom.


I finished inFAMOUS today. It was fun:D

Score: 9.5


I bought FFVII off the psn store. It's pretty dated, but I'm having fun with it anyway.

Score: Undecided


I'm 14 hours into it. A very peacful, fun JRPG.

Score: 9.0

Yeah, so very short blog:P I'm too lazy to write a really long one right now:twisted: I may eventually post a longer blog with my thoughts on these games, because they're all worthy of being discussed on my blog:lol:

P.S. Time to be evilllllllll!!!