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I'm fed up with Black Ops

As the title suggests, I am getting fed up with one of the best games of 2010.. Now this is not because I have played it to much, or that I am so bad online. It's just the over all game play is so repetitive year in and year out. The run and gunners are beginning to ruin the game for everyone elses pleasure. And I dont think I am the only person that is falling out with the game.

On the first few weeks of release there would be an average of 10,000,000 players online, now the norm is roughly 500,000 on at most peak times.

Treyarch have done rather well adding in some of there own idea's such as the currency system and the file share, but that is about it. Its the same game, just with different maps and weapons.

I am seriously considering trading in my copy for the latest Battlefield game as it tends to be more popular with the hardcore gamers. However I dont have any friends online who play it, they are more keen on Call of Duty and Fifa 11.

Dont get me wrong though, it is an amazing night when all your mates are online and you are having a laugh with them whilst attempting "Team Work" and battling against others from across the globe.

Recently Call of Duty - Modern Warfare III has been announced and I am not the slightest bit hyped or excited for it. I normally am just it feels that Black Ops has just been released, which it has.

Again Modern Warfare III is sceduled for a November release date, which is going to be a tough month as many great games from all seperate gengres and coming out then. There is Mass Effect 3 and The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim.. For me to be greatly honest, in the four years I have been following the Call of Duty series, this is the first year it will not be on the top of my wishlist. As I am a huge Elder Scrolls Fan, guess which one I will be queing up for at midnight?

None the less, I shall probably be getting Modern Warfare III anyway, as in contrast, it is the gaming equlivant of Facebook. If you don't have it, you will be a social Outcast..

If anyone else is feeling the same way I am, or the complete opposite, please comment and share your thoughts.

Cheers Guys....


Passed my driving test

Well, just passed my test there on Friday. It is honestly the best feeling in the world.. And now it wont be as cold when I need to travel around the Country :)

Currently Sitting In Class

Yup, as the title says I am currently sitting in my 2D Animation class in College.. Studying Computer Game Development but as the year has just began we are still learning the basics.. YAWN! Me and a few of the guys are playing Minecraft. Quite a basic game but is good fun to annoy one another by destroying each others creations.

Hope you guys are having more fun than me


Call of Duty - Black Ops

Yesterday I pre ordered Call of Duty Blacks Ops Hardend edition from Gamestation in Glasgow. I am so excited for this game, I hope it is an improvment from MW2.. Also, my girlfriend is getting me it for an early xmas pressie.... YELDY!

Back to Reality

Thats it done and dusted.. Back to college now.. After a 2 month summer holiday, I hate the feeling when you are back in class and you now realize that you did nothing over your break to remember it by..

I'm Leaving...

Yes, Tomorrow I am leaving to Dublin to fly to Sweden For the Sweden - Scotland game. I cant wait for my first tartan army away trip. Hopfully I will be able to remember it :)

Xbox 360 Elite Slimeline 250Gb Failure

I gladfully qued up for the midnight launch for the new 360 and was over the moon when I got my copy in my hand. However not even 24 hours out of the box it has informed my by a glowing red light on the power cable that it already has a internal failure! This is apsolute shocking Microsoft! I have never been so raging at a company! "Oh this is the first step into the next generation of gaming." OHH IT BETTER NOT BE! Or I will return to my humble Game Boy.


After witnessing live the new Xbox Slim announce at E3 I promised myself that I was going to get it as soon as possible. So i was at my local gaming store in Glasgow and they were offering me a good deal to trade in my console. So yesterday I traded it in, and man, was I emotional. My girlfriend even came with me to see this event.. In Scotland the new console doesnt come out till Friday and I am queing up to get it.. I cant wait. However when I got home yesterday I was in the mood to play Modern Warfare 2 however just noticed the naked space next to my TV where my baby once layed. So I have fished out my classic Super Nintendo to keep my head above water until Friday. I will be honest though, that my gaming quality and experience has rather decreased since then.

360 Slim

I was honestly not expecting to witness the launch of the nw 360 on E3. I no it is only the slim but it has bult in WI-FI and a standard 250Gb hard drive. It is honestly about time Microsoft added WI-FI in their consoles as default because, I mean, even the Nintendo Wii has it..

However I do feel sorry for my mate today. Last week he just went out an spent £200 on the Xbox 360 Elite... Bad timing my friend... Mohahahahaha