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You wanna see some wierd videos?

You wanna see these videos?

Jewish boy doing soulja boy,Kosher boy (jewish soulja boy),Kosher boy v.s. Soulja boy,Crank that souja boy spongebob,Spongebob in china?

Go to youtube then look these up they will crack you up!

Im back part 2!

Hey guys im back again!I've been gone long because my computer was broke.Stupid people at best buy kept it for like a extra week.Guess what?(bad news) i bought gutair hero III at best buy for the PC.Well i downloaded it and guess what?(you do not have a big enough video card please refur to the system's reqirements)That sucks huh!Well i guess i got to return bogus huh!Well i got 2 get going see ya l8r!!!!!


I'cant belive i haven't been on in soooooooooo long!I have been so busy!Man how is everybody doing?Ill be on more!Belive me!

4 day vacation!

Hey guys sorry for not being on soooooooooo long.I have some time off from school,idk why but i get 2 extra days off.All ive been doing is watching nick and being on a sweet gaming site:

I'm bongodude if you want to see me.So see ya for now

Game u gotta get

Hello all people!How is everyone doing?I've been busy playing an awsome video game.Burnout 3.The game is sooooo fun.The Burnout world tour is sooooooo fun.The only things you do is crash,race,crash,and crash!If your at at video games look under the used section (because it's an old game) and get it.It's worth $5 $10 $15 $20 i payed $10 for it.You win fast cars,and HEAVY cars like fire trucks,semis,and every other car.Mak sure u get it it is The Best game ever.I made up a song

Burnout 3 is the best game ever,best game ever.All you do is crash,crash crash crashing.All you hear is crashing crashing crashing ever (laughing)