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It is quite amusing that Origin links to this exact review on their official facebook page - with a big header picture that of course shows off a score of 9.5! :D

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The score has been cut from the 9.5 (based on pre-release with few players and no server problems) to 4 (based on the current experience). The reviewer says it is not a comparable gaming experience at all!

I applaud this way of reviewing a game - way too many reviews are based on perfect conditions that (when it comes to online games) do not match the real world experience.


Quotes from the updated review:

Since the official release of SimCity I have repeatedly tried to replicate the experiences I had reviewing the game with pre-release code on EA's development servers, and repeatedly I have not been able to.

Given this currently horrendous state of both accessibility and playability, and acknowledging the fact that even the drastic changes EA has made to the game in its attempts to address them haven't worked, it is hard to continue to recommend SimCity.




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Here's an honest review based on the first 72 hours of (potential) playing time:

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It depends - if you like this experience it might be:

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Wow - a game announced in 2004 and hyped to be *the* system seller for PS3 will come out four years after the launch of PS3...

I highly doubt we will ever see GT5 as a complete standalone game. GT5 prologue with an upgrade here and there for the next three years is probably all that we will get.

Two of my friends bought a PS3 specifically to play GT5. I bet they are overjoyed now...

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So i did some reading, and apprently it merely reduces the failure rate?


What planet are you living on?

No piece of electronic equipment in the human history has ever been 100% flawless. In a batch of 100 DVD-players there will be failures. In a batch of 100 PS3 there will be failures. In a batch of 100 Wii's there will be failures. In a batch of 100 mobile phones there will be failures.... And so on.

Of course the change to a new chip won't make the 360 some magic machine that suddenly avoids having failures at all.


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Saints Row is a great game - it improved on almost everything in previous GTA games.

Luckily GTA4 has borrowed a lot of these improvements, making GTA4 the best one of this type of game so far. All other GTA's though are faaar behind SR.

I'm looking forward to SR2 a lot - I will definately buy it on the release day!

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Below 5% is still pretty bad, most electronics hover around 1%thrones

Not at all. The average failure rate for consumer electronics is around 15% during each items first 2-3 years. Anything less than 10% failure rate over a three year period is actually very good.

That said, I don't think any current 360-owners will buy a new one 'just in case' if their current one works well. I know I won't (have had mine since December 2005 without any problems), and if something for a strange reason should happen MS will send me a new one for free. So why on earth should I buy a new one?!?

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what if we took a gym and started putting video games in it, that kinda wouldn't make sense would it?mmirza23

It sure would make me visit the gym more often. Cause it's usually dead boring, so it takes a lot for me to go even though I sponsor my local gym with more than 60 bucks every single month just to be a member...

Wii-Fit is a great idea - I think it will sell in huge quantities. And it will probably deliver very good training compared to doing nothing. Which is the point; getting the couch potatoes up from the couch. It is of course not going to be a replacement for a fully featured gym, but that is not what it is aiming to be either.