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New Things.

Hello! Hello! Im back to gamespot with many new things! im another year older 15 to be exact! Im excited, have a girlfriend, and a "life", but I still blog alot so have no fear! Im happy to be back, and have lot's of opinions now so be sure we are going to have alot of rants and cool things going on now. To be more specific I have started a blog especially for game reviews now called TheNurk. It's all just random game/nerd news. SO if your interested give it some love..thats all for now, love ya.

Lover Not A Hater & Game News

Im a lover not a hater. Please don't treat me like a hater. Yeah I know I rant and curse a lot on my blog, but I just have to stress that im not a hateful person, And I never will be. To prove this check out my main blog at Hopefully I can find a way to prove to you people that I don't hate as much as I seem to. I would also like to point out how much Halo & Skyrim suck. If there's anything I hate It's Skyrim, and every Halo game. So I guess you got me there. There are things I hate after all. check out my neo-political blog at Thanks for reading.

Rank On GameSpot?

I think it's not bad It's just silly I guess, I mean it doesn't really mean anything to normal people right? Does it? Better question, does it to you! And besides who the **** name's these ranks anyways? I think it's Stupid and "journeymen" is a horrible name for a rank of a website profile. thanks for reading.

Newt Gingrich

What the **** is going on with newt Gingrich? He's a ****ing retard all he does is **** and complain, and he wants to be ****ing president?! like are you freaking serious?! If he becomes president my mom says we're moving to England! first of all why the **** is he even running for the presidency?! He's older then the goddamn universe He's so old Jesus Christ said he was a grandpapa! I rant because i can not because i have to if you don't like me don't mother ****ing comment! and in a few weeks if i gain success im moving my blog to WordPress. Thanks for reading you ungratful trolls and to all my nice readers thanks it's ok to comment please and thankyou.

Arrow To The Knee Nonsense.

Ok look everywhere I go I keep hearing all this **** about "Arrow's to the knee" To be honest anyone who says that obviously plays far to much skyrim or what ever game that un-endingly retarded statment comes from. Seriously why the hell do people say it? I know for a fact that im not the only one that hates when people say that! Like holy **** what on earth compels you to defect society and say stupid **** like that. one of the worst uses was ; I was peeing in the shower until i took an arrow to the knee. also, if RayWilliamJohnson Hadn't mentioned it on his YouTube channel we most likely wouldn't have this problem. Im so sick of people saying it that I stoped playing Skyrim all togeather. the funnyest part of that statment is that i don't own an X-Box 360 and I haven't played skyrim even in my life. After this Arrow to The Knee **** Came out Im done talking about skyrim all togeather.

World Of Warcraft.

I cant really judge to much, I play ; I just think using Chuck Norris as a spokesperson will only attract younger, dumber players that just will not do anything right and **** up the entire game. Now I don't want 30year old internet trolls to start playing 24/7 but I at least want a resonably smart crowed and/or a damn challange on the game! Im a level 85 player So there arn't many players that attack me but I just think its stupid that blizzard feels the need to get younger players that don't know what to do and can't learn how. In my full and honest opinion i think that blizzard should spend less time trying to promote Chuck Norris and more time getting 10year old players better at the game.