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Dungeon Defenders -- Mass effect 3 -- anno 2070 sick

hello :cool:

Dungeon Defenders is good RPG game I hve it I play it I like it

ok byeee :o

just kidding :D

who saw Mass effect 3 it looks like a good game

otherwise anno 2070 sick I didnt like it at all its like .......... nevermind just bad game.

see you :cool:

Batman Arkham City - SRTT

hello :cool:

I just finished (Batman Arkham City) and it has really good story and great visual I loved it .

but it has some problems (like when I got in 17% my save are gone :( :roll::question::!: :| :shock: :cry: )

yhea they did they just gone like I dident even play this game I was really angry of the game :evil:

but after few days I start it over again and completed it . ;) ...........

and just cant quit saints row the third it is best game ever :D

and I am looking forword to get level 10 on Gamespot to upload videos I am now lev 8 (90%) :roll:


Hi friends

Hello everyone

I cant wait to buy :D




So I must wait to finish my exames first then:? I will buy them

so how are you doing friends? ;)

just droped by to say hi and go back to my study :(

ok byeeeeeeeeee :roll:

HEllo long time right

Well first I want to say to my friends HELLOOOO:)

And then ,, I was studying alot i didn't even have time .

So now I am playing CODMW3 ,Saints Row 3 , Lord of the ring war of the north ...........

I just want say hi I am back And write to you soon :cool: :D ;) :P

Hello :]

:D now it is 6:33 in the morning and yesterday I have been to Games shop and I bought (HARD REST) and (PES 2012) 8) so I am playing them all day after school :P see you friends later I have to go to school :(

Hellloo Friends , Bored , MEAT BOY , English Course , Movies

Hello every one I am just dropping by to say that yesterday I went to buy some new games , but I didn't find anything new in the Store for PC they saied to me that harry potter 8 is the last game in the stores , and I have played Harry potter 8 from month and a half that is not good because I feel bored all the time . I am waiting for november so bad .:(

Today I have played Saints row 2 again I am just bored :|

But :) I have bought MEAT BOY and this game is so hard and cool , I have finshed the first chapter and a half of the second chapter in 1 hour

last but not least the english course its from 12 pm to 2 pm , And I have learnd new words ex. Martydom.

Well I thing I have to go and watch Fast five so Later ;)

Battlefield 3 Vs Call of duty MV3

Battlefieled 3 is going to the strogestmilitplayergame. :D

CAll of duty MV3is going to be the most action game. 8)

How will be in the top ? That is the question that everyone is asking. :question:

How will win ? That is the question that people are wondering about. :!:

the answer is :arrow:




unknown:? :roll::|

you decide . how will win and how will lose ;) :twisted:

Saints Row The Third

It's not going to be the game of century its gong to be the game of eternity. :D It has the best cars ,Cool weapons , Hot girls , special cheats codes its going to put GTA down to the floor. And we can pay two players in co-op and over 12 players in Multiplayers. I thinks every one is going to buy it as soon as it is released . From MaxFolten hope you like it Released Data : 15/11/2011