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It's been a while since my last blog, i've been doing bada t school, but at least is the begining of the semester, i can pass my exams the next months, i've had some headaches thinking about my career, aparently i'll be an industrial engineer or 'll study computer science, and work for the CFE, PEMEX or go to another city for working.

I've haven't played a decent videogame for months since my PS2 got broken, and i don't have any intention to buy a new one and maybe i won't get a ps3, for some reason i began to dislike video games :S, i've been playing tetris on linux so many hours >_> or Papá Patata :S oh and the puzzle bubble port "Frozen bubble" and that has kept me a little occupied... is like playing Boost a move with penguins. :|

Happy vacations to anyone, i hope you're doing well and sorry if i haven't commented in your blogs. :)

This one is for you Gourguzz. I see you love dogs amiga. :)



Hey i'm back again, my PC is working again and i installed Ubuntu because i'm tired of windows and i wanted to try something new V_V so i'm learining how to use Linux, is a little complex sometimes but more stable...

Anyway, i'll be posting again in your blogs and the roadrunner united union. I hope you are ok. I began my semester this month and i need to choose a carreer because i'll finish the highschool in 4 or 5 months and i don't know what to because most of the Universities in this city suck since the politic ruined the education a few years ago and the few good schools left are a very expensive, so this will be a hard choice for me. u.u

No more to say, see you later, i'm going to buy some cookies. Have a great day. :)

Hmmm exams.

Tomorrow my finals begin :S i got a 0 out of 100 in my guitar class because i never went to my classes, tomorrow i'll have a math exam "probabilidad y estadística" i hate that class :| and i need at least 36 out of 100, so that will be an easy exam, i'm going to eb a teacher today, i have to teach the entire semester to my friend Valeria in only one or two hours :|:|:|because she needs 96 out of 100 to be approved :roll:

In other news, i need to go this saturday to a military base to recruit myself to the military service, but thank God, i got a black ball and i won't have to do the service, :D:D:D:D:D i'll just bring some papers to the "base aerea" and i'll be fine the entire year. :D

Well wish me good luck in my exams, i hope you are ok, i haven't been posting so much because this site bores me :)
Have a good day everyone.

It's still 23.

Hey, today is 23, It's my birthday, i was busy so i forgot to post a new blog, i haven't been so active in GS.

Tomorrow is Christmas, so, i hope you enjoy your day.
But now: Happy Birthday to me. :D

That's all, short blog right??
I don't know what else to say. Thank God for a new year of my life.

Have you seen this video????

Hey look at this, is very funny.:D

Tell me what you think.:)

I hope everyone is ok, i'm doing well at school, so i've been busy lately. Have a good day everyone.:):)


Hi, it's been a week since my last blog, this has been a hard week, i'm very busy with school, i've got some exams, yesterday i had my Algebra exam, we had 2.5 hrs to finish the exam and that wasn't enough time, it's one of the hardest exams i've had.:?:?:?
Gamespot is dying, nothing to do, nothing to say, even system wars is dead, It looks like everyone is tired of GS or is very busy with work or school, Sorry i haven't commented in your blogs recently. Post here and i'll try to check your blogs later. Have a good Weekend.:):):):)

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Well, it's friday, it was a hard week, exams, school, etc, i usually go to sleep at 12:00 am and wake up at 5:30 am to go to school, i'm vey tired, i had my literature exam today, it was about those entertaining greek tragedies, and my entire school was punished because we made a complete disaster at the "descanso", so the administration of the institute established the "toque de queda" and now, we can't get out of the classrooms, we can't go to the bathroom or go to eat some food, we can't go to the papeleria or to the administration to ask for some documents and they are suspending a lot of students. Oh, and that's just the begining, they are considering other punishments for us and they said that we will lose a lot of privileges:|, if you ask me, i really don't care.:)
I haven't been online so much, only on my msn to talk with my classroom friends about the horrible and boring homeworks that we've had. My mother is back, she went to Tabasco to take care of my little cousins and my aunt cuz they were sick.

Lately, i've noticed that Gamespot has been extremely boring these past days, i hope it gets better because i'm getting tired of it.
Nothing more to say, have a good day.:):D:)

(No blog title).

Good afternoon everyone, my exam was ok, it was easy but as i said, i didn't studied so i got some error in the answers, i really don't care since the exam value is only 12 points... yeah only 12:|.

Jesus, since i "lost" my GF my life has been really boring, i used to spend my time or even my entire day with her, now i spend my time listening to music or reading the Anti-PS3 news that Gamespot use to post, hell, if you want, tell me about you, i'll be happy to read that, at least i'll have something to do with my time, i hope you're doing well and thanks for reading my blog.

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yeah, remembering the old Riiiiiiiiiidge raaacer incident.


Hi everyone, my PC still having a bug, but at least i can get connected to the MSN messenger again, so i'm happy, i'll have to format it later.
I'm going to school now, i have a math exam and i didn't studied :P, i'll study on the school, don't worry, i'll be ok:wink:
In other news, i guess my friend pepe was banned for insulting a fanboy in his blog, poor pepe, you'll be missed my friend:(. Also i'm lvl 22 now, lvl was horrible, but at least im' leveling up again,there is nothing more to say, see you later and have a good day.:)