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MauricetheRPGer Blog

At school

In school finally taking my first core class! Finally, I am currently taking Comptuer Graphics and Illustration. I am working towards being a game designer so this is the first step!!!!

Been busy

I sarted school today and I can tell this semester will be a busy one. So My reviews will be coming in late for the next couple of months. So far i have been playing Red Dead Redemption and its a lot of fun!

Bioshock 2

I recently beat Bioshock 2 and I had a blast with it. Now I am starting Batman Arkham Assylum and will write a review for it too.

Just beat a game

I bea GrowLanser Heritage of War today, and it wasnt too bad. The only thing i really liked about it was the music, and the music gallery you are awarded for beating the game!

New game

Earlier today I bought Bioshock 2 from best buy. I am about to start playing it and hopefully it will be jsut as good as the first Bioshock, or even better
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